Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations

Women of all ages want to look fashionable, attractive, impressive. Shops and fashion magazines are filled with clothing just in case, but how to choose the model that would be appropriate and beneficial to emphasize the dignity? The question is not easy, especially if you are not already a young girl, beautiful in any dress. We will tell you about what styles of dresses for women 50 years old suitable for different occasions and how to choose the right model.

Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations

Style after 50

Fashion today is quite democratic, and women are given a large range of models for different situations. But skipping certain age limit, the ladies begin to doubt: and if I can afford it and if I do go?

Fashion designers create special styles of dress for women 50 years and older. Stylists say that age does not stop to dress fashionably, but an adult woman should remember that some things can make it funny. After 50 woman should already be familiar with its strengths and weaknesses and be able to competently make their way. Thus it is necessary to abandon the radical small, even if the legs - is a matter of pride. Wardrobe in this age is based on the basic, classic, restrained things like shape, as in color and texture. By the selection of clothing must be approached more carefully than in the youth, should avoid too bold experiments. However, do not be like the old ladies and dress up in a black and gray dull things.

Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations

Rules of good dresses

In the wardrobe of the ladies 50 have to be dresses. The main requirements that apply to the choice of clothes - cut. It must match the type of figure. The perfect dress can not have a large neck and causing cuts. The right style of dress for women after 50 years can be characterized by the word "elegant". Almost all the ladies are slightly form-fitting dresses or straight cut model. The right choice - it is not a cheap thing. Today, the tissue does not necessarily have to be entirely natural. Modern good quality synthetics has excellent properties, and even high fashion couturiers are increasingly offering clothing made of new materials. But these dresses are not cheap. So you should buy fewer things but better quality.

The perfect dress should sit well, but this does not mean that it should ultimately encircle the body. It's a must try. It would be nice to take a photo with multiple angles and look at ourselves.

Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations

Fashion after 50

Modern trends should not be excluded from the life of adult women. Fashionable styles of dresses for women 50 years of offering solid brands and fashion houses. Among the most relevant models of dresses with flared skirt medium length and midi models with crew neck, geometric tailoring, dress-shirt. Never out of fashion dresses, wallets, direct model.

Having crossed a certain age limit, the ladies should remember that they should not seek to be constantly at the cutting edge of fashion. Individual style must always prevail over the current trends. However, in the colors, decor, textures and accessories fashion trends should be observed. After 50 should forget about childish dresses in shades of acid, or with lots of frills and ribbons, also better to abandon unisex outfits.

Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations


The dress and body type

Figure flaws can be hidden by choosing the right clothes. With age, many women want to look slimmer. Optimal styles of dresses for larger women 50 years linked to underscore the merits. For example, women with type figure "pear" should detract from the magnificent hips and emphasize the breasts. This can be done with a flared skirt with a high waist models. Ladies like "hourglass" can accentuate your waist with the help of dresses, sheath. They also come fitted silhouette and dresses with graphic designs that accentuate the curves of the body.

Women such as "apple" is necessary to create the illusion of a waist and pull silhouette. This is facilitated by the model with vertical seams, maxi length dresses, trapeze, and wide belts, create the appearance of a thin waist.

Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations

Summer version

The hot weather has a selection of light, revealing clothing. However, the ladies of respectable age should not get involved and be too daring outfits. Current styles of summer dresses for women 50 years are based on light flying fabrics: chiffon, batiste, marlevki. Hands, even if they are in good shape, it is best to cover at least the wing-sleeved or loose ruffles.

Look beautiful long flying skirts, which are now in the trend. In summer you can pay attention to the fabric with a floral print, but it is better to choose medium and large drawing. Fabrics in small flowers look a bit retro, and this can make unnecessary referring to the age. Summer - the time of white, middle-aged ladies need to carefully choose the shade, so as not to harm the complexion. Impressive look white and beige dress in military style linen.

Styles of dresses for women 50 years: interesting ideas, models and stylists recommendations

Evening out

Dress - the perfect choice for festive and ceremonial occasions. In the evening, every woman wants to look particularly impressive, and in this case you should carefully approach the choice of attire. Styles evening dresses for women 50 years often have a length of the floor, this is the most advantageous option. If the case does not involve a full evening dress, you can stay at the Midi model, but not small. The fabric for the dress is best to choose a monochromatic, and the model - without superfluous decoration, especially in the form of crystals or glass beads. Although summer can afford to dress with fashionable floral print. Caution should be taken to the dresses of shiny fabric, it has a treacherous ability to complete even a slim figure. In the evening would be appropriate model with the smell, with a high waist or Basques, depending on the type of figure of a woman. Fitting styles of dresses for women 50 years - a real find. Hide some figure flaws help draped over the shoulders of lace cape or bolero contrast fitted jacket. Evening gown does not have to be black, elegant and aristocratic look dresses in the colors of precious stones: sapphire, emerald, ruby.

Recommendations and ideas stylists

Professional advice to help the ladies navigate the fashion trends. But it is also necessary to listen to their arguments when choosing clothes, when we get a certain age limit. Discussing the styles of dresses for women 50 years old, stylists recommend:

  • give up the clothes from cheap synthetics and all of the dresses from the economy class shops;
  • forget about the mini, cleavage, too tight clothes;
  • should buy quality clothes for everyday wear classic style, it is always possible to add urgency in using shoes and accessories;
  • do not get hung up on one color, even black, it is better to have in the wardrobe of some dresses of different colors;
  • need to choose the dress that suits the type of figure and tsvetotipu, not something that is in fashion.