Folding bike "Strid": overview, features and reviews

Strida company emerged in 2002. The range of products specifically designed for urban travel. This article will describe the bikes "Strid", features and range of products.

A feature of this vehicle is considered to be the A-shaped frame. Brake system in most cases, disk-type. They are characterized by the use of different steering columns. Particularly in the cost model does not differ among themselves. The average cost of 50 thousand. Rub.

Strida SD2 Model Overview

This small folding bike "Strid" shows its benefits immediately. It has a brake disc type. Use the "Avid" series pads. Grips deserve special attention. It was found only two pieces "Bond" series. The pedals are made of plastic. Integrated seat tube. Its diameter of 2 to 3 cm. Saddle with integrated spacer. The cassettes are installed type "C970". Purchase this bike can be on the market for 54 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

Reviews bike

This bike "Strid" received a good response from customers. This model is in demand. It is often used for commuting. It should be noted the fact that the wheels of small diameter, so ride on this bike on a rough surface is quite inconvenient. The brake system is secure, so it can be relied upon. The seat can easily customize yourself, which is an advantage. The steering column is also easily adjusted. Cassettes break is rare, but still there are complaints to them. It should be noted that the teeth sprockets wear out fairly quickly, and the carriage may be unforeseen problems.

Model Strida SD3

This bike "Strid" is A-shaped. The brake system, as expected, the disc type. Pads set a series of "Cod". Very rarely wear. Gibbs provided such as "Bond." There is a seat tube on two supports. Sprocket 2 has a thickness of 1 mm. This version has a bicycle rokringi. Tensioner not. Buy this bike can be 48 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

What can you say about the model "Strid SD3"

This bike "Strid" received positive reviews. This model has the advantages of a large number of products. It should be noted first of all its compactness. Folding bike easy to transport too. In addition, we must also note that it weighs quite a bit. The left column wide. Manage described in Metropolitan Area transport conditions can move. This folding city bike Strida uses comfortable saddle, it is possible to adjust its height. Rokringi used in the two flanges. Feedback from users is necessary to notice that he wears slowly. Cons finds none of the buyers. Shifters are flat, so they are not designed for heavy load, and the only significant drawback. It is therefore undesirable to overload the bike.

Bike Strida SD 5

Reviewing folding bicycle "Strid" reviews about which you can read below, I must say that it is different in that it has no protection for the stars. Used chain tensioner series of "Herbs". Rokringi completely standard. No switch. Cassettes class "S920". Wide carriage. Due to this, it can withstand different loads. The saddle is located on a solid Shifters. Its diameter is 3 cm, thickness - 2 mm. A frame-shaped. Steering column series "Pris". Special attention from consumers deserve braking system. She set the disk type. Pads used class "Code". Clearances plastic. Buy this modification can be for 50 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

Reviews bike

Many believe that this bike is perfect for urban travel. The carriage of the bicycle models rather quality. The asterisk is deleted rarely. The quality of the tape should be noted as an additional advantage. It is set flat type. Due to this, the coin does not erase it. The presence of the tensioner - an additional advantage. Take care of this bike is pretty easy. Grips can be cleaned, if necessary. The seat is also easy to remove.

Description Bike Strida EVO 5.2

This compact bike Strida (the price for it is written below) has a plastic fans. Used rotors with a locking nut. This model has a dual cassette. Thus it differs from other transport models. This part of the flat type. Tensioner not. Rokringi there are two flanges. The switch is standard, so it's nothing special. Shifters are installed with a rope, so they are quite compact. Saddle supplied with a spacer. Deserves special attention the steering column. It is wide, it can be adjusted in height. Pedal contact type, they are rubber pads. Worth the bicycle 51 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

Reviews "Strid EVO 5.2"

All the advantages of this transport, as well as any other bike "Strid" review of models is presented in this article are more than obvious. The seat is not erased. It is of good quality. If you fully trust the consumer, during the trip it felt good control over the data transport. Rokringi wide. Sprocket wear is quite rare, as it is durable.

Reliable frame deserved praise individual words. It is made in the factory of aluminum, so even a person with a large mass can sustain with ease. Pad series "Avid". Due to its durability, this model is popular folding bicycle.

Description Strida LT 5

Bike is quite compact. The frame has a circular cross section, makes it easy to load heavy. The brake system has two flanges. The rotors are installed with the help of a spare nuts. There brake levers, which are used from the "Code" series. It is also necessary to pay special attention to Bowden. They are quite broad.

Clearances plastic, rarely erased. Handgrip 3 installed in diameter, 5 cm. Seat post was placed on the stainless steel plant. It can be changed in size, using rokringov. No chain tensioner. It should be noted that the switch is a standard, operates on the knuckles. Asterisks give 2 mm thickness. Purchase this bike can be 48 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

Reviews holders

These bikes are quite compact and so in demand in many countries. Keep in mind that for each of the models requires constant inspection. It should be noted that this model is used rokringi flat. The lever rests on a solid disc. It is difficult to bring into disrepair.

It should be mentioned that the diameter of the carriage - 2 cm. This is why is difficult to erase. Based on the responses of consumers, it must be said that, even at high speeds this bike is easy to manage. Saddle wide, column, plastic, but it can withstand heavy loads. Seat tube so easy to set up that this could even engage a child. High quality model. This folding bike should also be noted that the bottom portion thereof is thickened. Through this difficult to deform the frame.

Models "Bickerton"

Bikes from this manufacturer quite compact. They differ from the modification "Strid" in that they have different frames. Now on the market you can find a large number of modifications of this bike with open jaws. At the same time, it made the seatpost in different forms. Among the shortcomings, many buyers say too rapid wear of the cassettes. They installed a dual type. Depreciation pedals as fast. This model can be purchased for 46 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

Model "Bickerton M2"

This bike has a strong rokringi. They got a three flange. They also set the clamping ring. The switch is available, and it is of medium hardness. Shifters set series "C50". Carriages are flat, are attached to a bicycle through a bushing. Sprocket received a 2 mm thickness.

Saddle used a series of "Cross". The kit includes a spacer together. The steering column is an elongated type. The handles have plastic linings. It is the most simple and easy thanks to this, to control the bike. Seat tube 3 has a diameter of 1 cm. Handgrip set class "bank". Bowden in this model no. Clearances bicycle small size.

"Orb" Overview of models

Bicycles of the company are small. This is different from many other models. They all used A-shape. They differ in the steering column. You can find a variety of options. The rotors have two flanges.

If we talk about additional benefits, it should be noted that the braking system. Bowden used dual. There are as plastic and metal. Special attention received grips. They installed "Cram" series. Many customers have chosen this particular model series thanks to the quality sprockets. This model can be purchased for 45 thousand. Rub.

Folding bike

"Orbe 330" Model

This bike has a solid A-shaped. Metal thickness in some detail reaches 2 to 3 mm. Tensioner standard type. Rokringi set series "№C50". Switch this bike has a small rigidity, respectively, it is necessary to consider before buying. Manage this model can be in an urban environment without any difficulty. The brake system is used "Sore" series. It has an excellent smoothness.

Sleeve at this bike almost erased. Clearances are made of plastic. Unfortunately, grips can not boast of their excellent quality. Seat tube had a diameter of 2 to 4 mm. The saddle is secured through a clamping ring which is made of aluminum. Buy a bike "Orbe 330", which is similar to "Strid" can be for 50 thousand. Rub.

King Models

These bikes are currently in demand. They are compact, so they can easily compete with bicycles of "Strid". Set as the rotors 2 and 3 of the flange. Pads come in various sizes and in each model are very different. As a rule, the instance of the class "Pace". Handles are made of plastic, but it is rarely deleted. In this brand deserves special attention quality Bowden. Now on the market there are both double and triple variations. Grips are very different in their characteristics. Clearances installed plastic. Their thickness is about 2 cm. Pedals usually mounted contact type. Various steering columns, to help each customer be able to find the most suitable model. The seat is sold as a spacer, and without it. Special attention also deserves quality sleeve. It is made using a wide carriage and very rarely breaks. Qualitative model will cost 50 thousand. Rub.