Sandals with thick heel: review of models

Model, relevant in 70 years, returns to the podium. Today, when at the peak of popularity of the classical style of dress, sandals with thick heel - is the best choice for a true lady.

How to pick up a trendy sandals?

Sandals with thick heel: review of models

Comfort and style - the slogan of sandals on the thick heel. The main thing to consider when choosing - is their compatibility with your wardrobe. Should pay attention to the black sandals - musthave season, which can be used as an everyday shoe. In order to diversify your wardrobe, stylists advise to focus on the sandals from suede.

To fit this model of sandals?

Suitable suede sandals with thick heel almost all the fairer sex. But nevertheless it is necessary to consider some nuances. Full of girls to the choice of sandals on a high thick heel need to carefully, because the massive shoes will weight the image and add extra kilos. Full ladies better to choose a high and thin heel. Girls with a very shapely legs is also worth to be careful, since the thick heel visually lengthens the leg, so it can create the effect of an unhealthy thinness.

Actual colors, materials and details of sandals in the style of the 70s

Sandals with thick heel: review of models

suede, velvet and textiles are the favorites of designers. The color scheme of exclusively natural: milk, beige, sand colors, khaki and shades, cinnamon or coffee with milk, deep wine, sky blue and pale pink shades. Sandals can be decorated or embroidery on a heel block, cords or tapes, pastes or rivets. There is also a very elegant model among black sandals on a thick heel, which, in addition to a wide bridge on foot and a thin strap at the ankle, nothing else is not decorated. Such a model of sandals is more urgent.

Where to wear sandals steady heel?

Classical and well-matched shoes is sure to emphasize the dignity of the female image in any event. Therefore, it is recommended to wear sandals:

  • in the office. Sandals with thick heel perfectly in itself combines two main criteria office shoes. They are comfortable and presentable, color - black and beige colors.
  • On an evening stroll. The time has come when you can go outside in the beautiful sandals with heels, it does not get tired and do not damage the feet. The color palette is only at the discretion of the fashionistas - from dazzling white to bright and flashy fuchsia.
  • at the party. Patent leather sandals in the style of the seventies fit into the dress code of any celebration. You need to select them in the color of the dress or try to play on the contrast, but only very carefully, it is easy to overdo it.
  • On the beach. For many girls come in sandals on the beach is a fairly courageous act. Go to sandals steady heel at a beach party, or just take a walk on the beach promenade - is not only stylish, but also comfortable, not hot.

sandals thick heel: what to wear?

Sandals with thick heel: review of models

Sandals considered the base of footwear, so for them you can pick up a variety of outfits. For example, if the strict dress-kod, the black model with a thick heel combined with a pencil skirt and a white silk blouse will be a winning one. Such an outfit silhouette add femininity and lightness. Trouser suit with long pants to the ankle and heel sandals steady necessarily black are also a great office outfit. Images per day

Sandals with thick heel: review of models

To create a free daily attire suitable momjeans topom or with a T-shirt in white or pastel colors. Short denim or textile skirt with a blouse, or a romper suit, performed in floral prints, perfectly complement the beige sandals with thick heel and lightweight bag with chain nyudovyh shades and sunglasses will give the image of elegance.

Dresses Evening

Sandals with thick heel: review of models

For publication are perfect suede sandals with thick heels. Dress from flowing fabric with cut side and elegant bateau-neck in conjunction with suede sandals generate splash. Shift dress with gold-colored buttons in two rows, a small clutch and sandals with thin webs in black provide the perfect combination for going to a party. Fluffy dress knee-length pastel shades and patent sandals with thick heels create the perfect outfit for a hike in the solemn event. All of the above things combined are suitable only girls with a slender figure.

What kind of clothes to combine with sandals full of girls?

Everyday outfits

Often, women are faced with the fact that they can not pick up for her figure sandals with thick heels. From what to wear and how to combine colors - the main issues that interfere with making the right choice. Girls with curvaceous stylists advise to choose the best of large T-shirt in the style of minimalism, and pay much attention to the selection of shoes, because a well-matched shoes will put in the way of correct accents. Of course, sandals stable heel will cope with this task better than anyone. Example attire: blue jeans or black, yes, full of girls are allowed to wear them in combination with a solid, free T-shirt of the base color and thick heel sandals in color T-shirts.

Little trick: if you tuck the jeans, the legs will seem visually slimmer and longer. The new image can be assembled by replacing the T-shirts on the elongated shirt in small cells, as an accessory, the final image, you can wear a hat with narrow margins and make the hair on the hair.


To visit the work with a strict dress code full of girls you need to buy an ideal sitting on their trouser suit and black sandals with a heel stable. Trousers better to choose shorter flare model, they will adjust the visual proportions.

The dress for a visit to the triumph of

Little black dress, and thereto little black sandals thick heel of velvet or suede. This high fashion classic that suits the girls of all sizes. Dress to choose, with an emphasis on the waist and flowing skirt, sandals with thin webs, this model will add the image of elegance.

It is not necessary to wear expired sandals thick heel?

Sandals with thick heel: review of models

In spite of the many advantages of such shoes, there are some restrictions in wearing such an attractive model.

  • is not recommended to wear for shoes tights. It does not matter that they are from nylon beige and almost imperceptibly. Why not? Since sandals - an open shoes, and wear tights under them - a bad taste and a complete lack of taste. It is recommended to make a nice pedicure.
  • Do not wear sandals with thick heel with the upper clothing is not in season, since it is uncomfortable, awkward and not stylish. It is better to take the sandals as a second pair of shoes. If tinder sandals, do not wear them, plastered leg plaster, as it looks unsightly.

To choose sandals that will not only emphasize the femininity, but also give comfort, have to exert a lot of effort. A variety of models and colors to help the girls pick up the shoes to any outfit. The popularity and versatility combined with the beauty and convenience accentuate the image and highlight the advantages of each figure. But do not forget about accessories, which are also an integral part of any outfit.