Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

Most nutritionists agree on a common opinion that the optimal time for a quick weight loss - 14 days. That is why people are looking for an effective diet for 2 weeks to get rid of the hated kilograms and centimeters. After this time, the human body has time to recover from the stress that was caused by food restriction, and to reorganize under new diet.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

To date, the most effective diet for 2 weeks can not be found, because there are plenty of them. Each diet for his own good, but it is necessary to pick up with all the features of the organism.

General recommendations

Before you begin to comply with an effective diet for 2 weeks, you need to learn some of the rules that will soon achieve the desired result. These items in any case can not be ignored, because they are really important in the weight loss business.

It is believed that after 6 pm you can not eat. First and foremost it is worth considering that the working man is not easy to do without dinner. You can catch a bite at work in the afternoon, but a full dinner often remains in doubt. In addition, you need to remember that it is much more harm brings a meal right before bedtime. Therefore it is necessary to observe the difference in 3 hours between the last meal and sleep at night.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

What you should not eat in the evening

To get a positive result after an effective diet for 2 weeks, should be removed from the diet certain foods. Before going to bed is not recommended to eat vegetables, because they increase the level of insulin in the blood, causing the pancreas to work all night. All this affects the metabolism, which will simply be broken, and the feeling of hunger, that person will experience all the time.

What can you eat before bedtime

During an effective diet for 2 weeks allowed to eat low-calorie foods in the evening, when the body is difficult to endure hunger in the early days. The best option is a glass of plain water, drunk half an hour before bedtime. But if hunger still prevails, it is permissible to drink a cup of yogurt or skim milk, mixed with 50 g of cottage cheese. But do this drink is permitted only in the first days of the diet, as long as the body gets used to a diet overhaul.

The best diet

Below are the most common and effective weight loss diet for 2 weeks. Among them, each person will be able to find the most suitable option and to achieve the ideal figure in a short period of time.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

An effective and satisfying version of

Follow the rules of effective diet for 2 weeks, and minus 10 kg is guaranteed to leave. This option is perfect for girls who after a series of events with horror realized that can not fit into their favorite jeans. For them it is a real disaster, so most are ready to pull yourself together and start to adjust your own body.

The diet is quite simple, it does not require special training. There is no limit in the amount of servings, because every girl should own to identify herself when she be satisfied with food.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

At breakfast you want to eat foods rich in carbohydrates. Buckwheat, oatmeal, pasta, rice, wheat - all that can be safely consumed in the morning. The main thing - remember that carbohydrates can not interfere with a protein food. That is, any cereal or pasta you should not be combined with milk or butter. In addition, the usual morning coffee with milk will have to be replaced with black coffee or green tea. For dessert, it is best to eat fruit, but not a banana. In the first half of the day you need to eat twice. The spacing between them must be 3 hr. 20-30 minutes before each meal is required to drink a glass of clean water without gas, this applies to all receptions throughout the day.

After 3 hours after lunch to be lunch. This meal consists of non-starchy vegetables, cooked in any way (boiled, steamed, baked, moist, but in any case not pickled). At lunch you can eat all kinds of cabbage, parsley, turnips, celery, lettuce, zucchini, squash, carrots.

Forgotten but incredibly useful vegetables - turnips. For lunch a salad of grated fresh turnip greens and spices will be an indispensable dish. In addition, this side dish you can cook any meat, but without the fat. It can be baked in foil or broth for a couple. Season the meat dish can be orange or lemon juice.

Before dinner, be sure to do a little snack. As between the other meals, between afternoon tea and dinner should go 3:00. You can take any kind of food, but only in monovide. That is, if you want to eat porridge, that is, it only needs without adding any other products, if the meat, only meat, and so on. To the menu did not seem boring, fruit can be eaten not only fresh, but also baked.

For dinner, you need to eat any light protein foods, except meat. You can take fish, seafood, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, beans or lentils. The main thing - remember that a day is required to alternate intake of fish and dairy products.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

Milk Marathon

Milk variant can be attributed to the most effective diet for 2 weeks. 10 kg will leave very simple, if you follow all the rules. Its basis are dairy products, fermented milk but experts agree more because they are able to lead normal microflora in the intestines. The essence of the diet is that it is divided into different caloric days. In the first two days is required to drink and eat kefir liter of 4 slices of bread (50 grams each). The food should be divided into 4 doses. These days are the most critical, but thanks to them all the rest of the time will not have to constantly feel hungry.

On the third day of the following menu:

  • breakfast - a cup of coffee with sugar and 50 grams of dried a bit of black bread;
  • lunch - soup in any amount, and 100 grams of lean meat;
  • dinner - a glass of buttermilk, sour milk or skim milk.

The fourth and fifth day should eat this:

  • Breakfast and dinner - are the same as in the third day;
  • lunch - a couple of boiled eggs, 100 grams of cheese and grilled meat, a slice (40-50 g) of dried black bread and a glass of kefir.

Lunch consists of a sufficient number of products in these three days. Nutritionists recommend not to use them all in one sitting, and stretch the whole reception time of food. The most favorable option - the first portion to eat at 12 pm, and the second - after 3-4 hours.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

On the sixth day of this food:

  • Breakfast - orange and apple;
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, in any amount, and 50 grams of bread;
  • dinner - as well as breakfast.

On the seventh day the menu is constructed in such a way:

  • breakfast - a couple of apples;
  • during the day should eat vegetable salads in any quantity, but without oil and mayonnaise;
  • dinner - a cup of ground coffee.

the entire seven-day cycle is repeated the second week. For the first time, will significantly decrease the volume of the waist, and near the end of grease starts to come away with the arms and thighs.

Protein diet

This diet is effective for 2 weeks, but unsafe. Her diet is very simple - it is necessary to leave the only protein foods (lean meat, eggs, fish), as well as a side dish to add fresh herbs and vegetables. The remaining food products are banned.

Effective diet for 2 weeks. How to lose weight right?

The amount of food is not limited. A man can decide what products, when and how much to eat. It is only important to divide them into six receptions and do not forget to drink daily on 2 liters of clean water.

Sticking to this diet is not recommended for people who have heart problems, as any monopitanie can quickly aggravate. If you want to throw a few extra pounds, it is best to consult a doctor who will make a personalized menu for a couple of weeks.

Comments about effective diet for 2 weeks, there are only positive. People claim that it helps to get rid of 5-10 kg, at the same time getting more beautiful and slender waist.

How to be following the diet

After any effective diet for 2 weeks is needed right out of it. During this time will have time to shrink the stomach wall, so to return to the previous volumes of the reception portions not worth it. Nutritionists strongly recommend not to go beyond the 1800-2000 calories per day in order to stably keep the achieved weight, not increase it.