Asmir Begovic: career and achievements goalkeeper

Asmir Begovic - Bosnian football player, goalkeeper of the club "Bournemouth". He was born in 1987. In addition to the Bosnian, at Asmir have a Canadian passport. Within three years, he played for the youth national team of Canada.

Football Brief biography

Asmir Begovic in 2008, became a player of the English, "Portsmouth" and was loaned to the club, "Yeovil Town", which at that time played in "Liga 1". In the 2009/2010 season. Bosnian was again sent to a lease. First goalkeeper defended the gate "Ipswich", and then rented a goalkeeper, "Stoke City", who plays in the English Premier League.

Asmir Begovic: career and achievements goalkeeper

In winter 2010 the club from Stoke-on-Trent has decided to buy out the contract Asmir Begovic. The agreement was designed for 4, 5 years, while wages goalkeeper was approximately 720 thousand pounds a year.

As part of "potters" Begovic has become one of the best goalkeepers in the English Championship. Color "sink" Asmir defended before the season 2014/2015, and then signed a contract with London "Chelsea". "Seniors" in the summer of 2015 made the decision to let go of Petr Cech in the "Arsenal", and then began to need a new goalkeeper. And then coach of the "blue" Jose Mourinho wanted to buy a Bosniak. The amount of transfer was 8 million pounds. The agreement was signed for 4 years. Also in the "Stoke City" for rent for one year left Dutch midfielder Marco van Ginkel. The "Chelsea" Begovic took 1st room, but a place in the starting lineup is left for the Belgian Thibaut Courtois. Bosnian debut took place in the first round, when Courtois received a red card and was sent off. In mid-September Begovic was released in the starting lineup for the UEFA Champions League match against Tel Aviv "Maccabi" and finished the game without conceding a goal. At the end of the season 2016/2017 Londoners leadership announced that the Bosnian will be sold in "Bournemouth". The deal amounted to about 10 million pounds.

Personal statistics

During his career Asmir Begovic has played 242 match at club level. 190 times goalkeeper left the field in the Premier League and 10 matches he has played in European competition. In the English Premier League Bosnian she missed the 244 goals. In the 2012/2013 season in the Premier League Begovic he had 38 fights and was never replaced during the tournament.

Asmir Begovic: career and achievements goalkeeper

The colors of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina Asmir protected since 2009. For 8 years the goalkeeper spent in the national team shirt 37 bouts, three of which he played in the World Cup. The world championship Asmir Begovic missed 4 goals, and his team failed to qualify from the group. During his career Bosnian goalkeeper received 15 yellow cards at the club level, and 3 international matches. Red cards for all of the goalkeeper while playing football is not received.


Asmir Begovic is the best young player in Canada in 2007. In 2011, the goalkeeper was voted the best young player of the club "Stoke City", and two years later - the best player on the team. In 2013 and 2014 Player of the Year Begovic recognized football team, the coach and the fans.

Asmir Begovic: career and achievements goalkeeper

In the season 2016/2017 Asmir England became the champion in the "Chelsea" of the club. Begovic had only two matches, which was not enough to get medals. But the leadership of the "blue" appealed to the Football Association with a request to reduce the minimum required number of games that must hold for football medals.