Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

Farewell to the kindergarten - the first major event on the way baby. Preparations for the event takes a lot of effort, like heroes of the occasion, as well as their parents. Mothers of boys in this case easier to buy a fashionable dress, pick up accessories sbryznuli lacquered hairdo - and groom marriageable ready. Fees to the outlet girls akin to pre-wedding preparations: the whole family traveled stores evening dresses remeasure hundreds of options, select the ideal, then the case for small - shoes, jewelery, makeup, hairstyle ...

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

Moms who choose the easy way out, record the child in a beauty salon, where young professionals engaged in hair, others prefer to cope on their own. To help the first and second review of beautiful hairstyles for prom in kindergarten.

Trends of fashionable images

As 10, 30 and 50 years ago at the peak of the popularity of long hair. Popular intricate braiding, original beams and complex shapes. Every caring mother can find a scheme step by step hairstyles for prom in kindergarten. Ponytails and braids in the classic version will be removed from the face of a naughty girl annoying curls, and for its creation will require a few minutes.

Short and medium hair are collected at the back and a dense homogeneous bangs rapidly losing popularity. It is advisable to comb disobedient locks to one side or the lock pins on the forehead level. If you grow bangs climbs into his eyes, you can braid the original braid - a stylish, modern and convenient solution.

Features selecting hairstyles for girls

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

In the process of selection of fashion images for little princesses must be guided by the following rules:

  1. The installation created important psychological side, hairstyle should like little client.
  2. to find a solution must be suitable for the type of person, and to complement the selected image.
  3. accessories should match the style of dress and shoes.
  4. Children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten should be comfortable, not to pull hair. Otherwise, the baby will feel uncomfortable.
  5. From the intricate complex options should be abandoned. Agile and playful baby can turn an expensive packing in a real mess for a few minutes.
  6. The idea should be simple, but festive.

The choice of accessories - that is always fashionable to

To decorate the bulk braid or use bright-colored satin ribbons. Effective alternative can make their pearl counterparts. The original decision will be stretching the tissue of the rim on the forehead.

Particularly popular are flowers - live or artificial. In the first case, the interest is small, newly plucked buds, the second - the large petals of bright colors, attached to hair clips, rubber bands and invisible.

Regardless of the type of accessories, they must be in harmony with festive attire. This will make the image complete and unsurpassed.

Barber against his mother's hand made

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

Experienced her that assured her hair a girl to prom in kindergarten create with their own hands is quite real. It is not necessary to be a master with years of experience, enough perseverance, commitment and a detailed master class.

Surely every woman before becoming a mother, has repeatedly used the laundries and curlers, and knows how to apply the basic styling tools. Armed with an arsenal of devices and cosmetics, make a beautiful festive hairstyle is not difficult.

Can disrupt the plans diffidence and banal lack of time. In this case, the daughter of the hair is recommended to professionals - to join the cabin or cause the master on the house.

A bunch of

The optimal solution for the curls to the blades become easy to implement and stylish hairstyle beam. To give her children the mood, you can use decorative elements - flowers, hairpins with stones, stealth with crystals. Such decorations give the image of solemnity.

How to make a hairstyle to prom in kindergarten - beam? On top to collect hair in a ponytail, to achieve perfect smoothness all over the head - to pacify the sticking strands. Secure the hair taut rubber band. Part hair to separate braids, she will need later.

The bulk of the head of hair to tighten around the gum, secure the Invisibles and pins. A left strand braid braid using any liked art: classical, fishtail bundle spike. Tighten around the bundle. Plait secure pin, add decorative elements.

Air locks

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

A gentle and elegant image with lush curls give young lady of nobility. Small in size curls will not deliver discomfort, will not interfere in the process of active pastime. When creating hairstyles curls on the outlet is not suitable for curling irons and irons in kindergarten, so as not to damage the hair. An expert in using proven "antiquated" ways of getting playful curls - scraps of fabric or curlers. To create a fashionable image will need:

  • to wind hair in curlers throughout.
  • is divided into two equal halves, to align the parting.
  • A small strand of a temporal portion of the head in the circumferential braid braid, capturing with equal intervals other strand.
  • A similar procedure to carry out the remaining locks. Spit should connect at the back.
  • On-site secure connection braids bow or band. Wavy locks will fall back.

Original nodules

For moms who do not want to weave braids, hair stylists offer a simple hairstyle to prom in kindergarten. Pre-need to stock up on a couple-three dozen small bright gums and invisible. To begin the hair should be tied back into a ponytail and secure with a thin rubber band at the end. From the tail to remove the lock, thick as a finger, divided into two equal parts, tighten loosely knotted. Should get a smooth chain. At the end of the rubber band to fix it. Around the perimeter of the hair to create chains of different diameter, invisible to fix around the gum deterrent ponytail. From these chains should form a neat shishechka. As decoration to use pins and decorative flowers.

Offers for owners of long hair

Grow long hair Little Princess - hard work for mothers. When shampooing the water turns into a real saga, and daily combing gives a lot of problems in the creation of children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten will not be any restrictions.

Spectacular waterfalls, intricate fanciful composition - mum have patience and free time to rein in unruly curls. Unfortunately, elaborate hairstyles rarely obtained at the first attempt, so before an important event it is important to work out 2-3 times.

The mighty scythe

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

In order to create a true masterpiece, not necessarily own the complex techniques of weaving braids. Hairstyles for prom in kindergarten can be very simple. To give the idea of ​​elegance help satin ribbons, chosen according to the color of the little princess dress.

Clean washed hair at the nape divided into two equal parts. Creates a perfectly smooth parted. The strands are tied to the tails of thin rubber bands. Above them are knitted tape width not more than 1-2 cm. Node must fall on the central portion of the decorative element to its two end have the same length on each side. Hair of the tail is divided into three equal strands, the two extreme applied tape. Plain woven braid. A second tail do likewise. At the end of the spit secured with rubber bands, which are fastened on top of the ribbons bows. To give the hair volume and splendor, the edges are stretched braid small sections of hair to the side. Mother, opened a barber's talent will be able to master the French technique of weaving braids. Such hairstyles girls to prom in kindergarten do often. They look great, and their creation, in the presence of a minimum of experience, takes no more than 15-20 minutes. A masterpiece in my mother's execution will be indistinguishable from the work of a certified master.

A small section of it is necessary to separate the forehead, to begin weaving a French braid. Walk on the right temple, keep to the left, then go right again. Must obtain a symmetrical zigzag. Part of the braids that hang down, spin clockwise at the back. I am supposed to be an analog of the flower. Stab hairpins with stones or beads. In the center of the bud to insert a live flower.

For owners of bangs

The presence of this element of the image a fundamental role in the creation of children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten does not play. In some cases, long bangs can be the basis for the original weave braids framing her forehead a little fashionista.

Hair side parting divided into two parts. Thin comb isolated from a small strand of bangs. Weave classical braid. The top strands attach additional curl of bangs, with each new round to repeat keying. If done correctly, you should get thin slim bezel. Classical weaving must end in the ear, a smooth transition to the French. Fringe, the remainder on the other hand, maintain a standard oblique, at the back to connect with the French version. At the tip structure to fix an elastic band or ribbon in tone dress.

Festive beam

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

What are the hairstyles in the kindergarten graduation are the most popular? Bunches have won sincere love of mothers due to its simplicity and elegance. Unlike the previous master class, the hair will be collected in the bow - one of the most advantageous solutions for thick long hair. To create such a simple hairstyle to prom in kindergarten strands going into a tight ponytail at the top - in the middle or slightly to one side. Stretching through the hair elastic band for the last time, it is necessary to leave the tips underneath. You should get the likeness loop. Divide the oval into two equal parts, it will create "tabs" for the future of a bow. From the tips left by a rubber band, to build a mid-bow, hair pins to fix.


Surprisingly, elegant and festive might look like the most ordinary ponytail. The main thing - to present it properly. Children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten begins with combing hair to perfect smoothness and collecting them into a tight ponytail. The result is necessary to fix an elastic band. The strand constituting 1-4 total volume hair, in braid braid around scroll gum fix invisible. The tips of the tail spin in curlers.

for hair Decoration

Original and beautiful children's hairstyle to prom in kindergarten: a review of options and recommendations

In the opinion of experts, in 2017 in the fashion naturalness and natural, so peremptory leaders in hair accessories for children at graduation are fresh flowers in the kindergarten. Will it purchased shrub roses or freshly picked wild daisies - it does not matter. An alternative may be the artificial flowers at quite realistic appearance they retain the pristine form as long as possible.

Even the most simple and modest hairstyle acquire a festive look with studs with small buds of flowers at the end. Long varieties decorate and secure bundles, short - magically transform plait - hairstyle to prom in kindergarten. Hue buds should be in harmony with the color of festive attire. Universal-lose color - white, champagne, light pink, pale blue. Emphasize youth and tender hero of the occasion will help thin rims with artificial flowers. They will be appropriate to complement the lush dresses with frills and ruffles. The hoop must be on tape and held securely in place on the back of the head. Then no small woman of fashion, nor her mother would not have to worry that the accessory will fly off at the most inopportune moment.

Ideal complement to the naughty curls will tiaras. Unsubscribe worth of massive tiaras - not only are they weighted image, but also to deliver the baby a lot of discomfort.

In the arsenal of jewelry for girls should also be satin ribbons for vpletaniya in braids, pin with rhinestones and beads, lush bows and barrettes all colors of the rainbow.