Coral manicure: design options

Coral color for many years considered to be popular. Clothing of this shade is perfect for summer and winter acts accent image. Coral manicure also in demand. You need to know how to combine colors, as well as how to perform the procedure themselves.


Coral manicure gel varnish obtained feminine and romantic. The color obtained by mixing orange and pink. In nature, it has coral. There are many shades of coral, so there is a possibility of creating a manicure from beige to bright coral-tinged orange.

Coral manicure: design options

Bright nail hue can refresh outfit, cheer up. Color is ideal for owners of tanned skin. If the job done with shellac, the tone will keep for 2-3 weeks. If the skin is light, it is not a reason to abandon this varnish. It looks beautiful coral nail polish on short nails, as well as long. In this color so much charm that it is often chosen for wedding manicure.

What colors complement coral manicure?

This color is a light and unpretentious, as combined with different shades, including bright. Coral perfectly with several tones:

  • white, black;
  • yellow;
  • gray;
  • beige;
  • turquoise;
  • gold;
  • violet.
Coral manicure: design options

With these colors, you can create original coral manicure. It is necessary to experiment, creating new combinations.

The ideal shade

Coral color includes a lot of colors, from red to gentle, almost powdery. For a party perfect bright tangerine. For everyday life is the best choice bright coral. Coral manicure is suitable for many ladies, but all the same it is necessary to take into account tsvetotip:

  1. For the summer you need to choose coral pearl, pink, peach, pink, pink orange, crimson.
  2. Autumn suit light peach, red, red-orange.
  3. For winter, the best option would be a pearl-pink, hot pink, purple and pink.
  4. Spring is pearl-pink, plain pink, orange, neon pink.

Your Ideas

Looks nice single color coating. Coral shades are so optimistic that look great without decoration. Simple version of the elegant and attractive. Equally original looks coral jacket, and it can be festive and everyday. Beige foundation is ideal for everyday life. A French manicure with peach base and the gold edge is desirable to use during the holidays. They are decorated with floral and lace images.

Coral manicure: design options

Many women prefer the moon manicure. The best combination - light beige with coral. The border can be decorated with shiny varnish. Coral manicure with a pattern emphasize individual style. The image can be feminine, romantic theme. Drawings perform white, red, maroon colors. In black and brown lines are used as a contrast. Coral manicure with rhinestones is indispensable for special occasions. Sequins size may be different. It looks great gradient. related tones suitable for Ombre: beige, orange, yellow, pink. It is possible to perform craquelure when seen dark dehiscent layer under which the coating will be light.

Young ladies fit ornaments in the form of peas. This simple drawing symbolizes youth. The nails can make the strips that will make a stylish manicure. Manicure in coral shades will be perfect in the summer and in the autumn will always be in a good mood.

How to paint your nails?

Coral manicure to get a nice and neat, it needs to perform properly. Step by step, this procedure is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to carry out hygienic manicure. It is preferable to use a Japanese technique that does not need any metallic objects. After the bath and emollient cream cuticle treatment is necessary to push the orange stick. But the suit cut or European method. Nails should get a smooth, uniform in shape and polished.
  2. need to degrease the nail plate special agent.
  3. Then you need to put the foundation under a thin layer of nail polish.
  4. It is necessary to apply the color lacquer 2 thin layers. Between each staining should go 5-8 minutes.
  5. The nails should decorate the pattern or decoration.
  6. On the dry surface it is necessary to apply a fixer or a glossy finish.
Coral manicure: design options

If you want to perform any design, all you need to prepare in advance, so as not to damage the coating. It is necessary to use high-quality paints, as well as the means for their removal. Before the procedure, treatment is mandatory, as only it will be a neat manicure.


Coral manicure: design options
  1. In order to manicure was organic and aesthetic, nail shape should be square with rounded corners. A length can not be more than a few millimeters.
  2. Before applying the varnish, it is desirable to warm to shake hands and to become a means homogeneous.
  3. Brush have to soak in nail polish and wipe the excess of the rim. Marigold desirable stain with the little finger.
  4. Nail need to visually divided into 3 strips. The varnish must be applied from the middle to the free edge. Then from the cuticle to the free edge through the center. Then, the varnish is applied to the side lines.
  5. For bright manicure perfect nails need. For visual extension of the nail plate should not paint stripes on the sides near the cuticle. If there is a pattern, the varnish is applied to the side portions.

Manicure in the coral color is considered to be one of the bright and comfortable for the summer period. Nails will look tender and flavorful.