Gary Medel: career and achievements Player

Gary Medel - Chile football team and the Italian club "Inter". It acts as a midfielder. In he received the nickname "Bulldog" during the 2014 World Cup.

Club career

Medel for 8 years, played for the Chilean football club "Universidad" at the youth level. In 2005, he signed with the team first professional contract and defended its colors until 2009. During this time, Gary Medel participated in 80 games and scored 12 goals. The first goal of his professional career footballer sent to the opponent's gate in 2007.

Gary Medel: career and achievements Player

Seasons 2009/10 and 2010/11 Gary spent in the Argentine "Boca Huniuors". In two years, the Chilean has participated in 48 games and 7 marked a goal. After the player wanted to try his hand at European football. Among all the proposals Gary Medel focused on the Spanish "Seville". The contract with the club has signed midfielder in 2011. As part of the Spanish team Chilean footballer played 78 matches and scored 8 goals.

However linger Gary Medel did not want to. In 2013, he decided to try himself in British football. New Chilean team was the Welsh "Cardiff City". The club paid "Seville" for the transition Medel about 13 million euros. In one season the player had a T-shirt "Cardiff" 35 matches, but failed to score a single goal. Just before the start of the season 2014/15's defensive midfielder was sold in the "Inter" for 8 million euros. During the early summer of 2017 in the media often appeared rumors regarding a possible move to the Chilean "CSKA". If such a transfer Gary Medel CSKA held, CSKA will have to pay the Italian club about 12 million euros. In "Inter" midfielder has played 91 matches and scored 1 goal.

A career in the national team

In 2007, Gary made his debut in the Chilean junior team. During the year he entered the field in 18 matches. In the same season, the midfielder played the first match in the national team. In 2008 he held Medel debut in the national team under 23 years.

Gary Medel: career and achievements Player

In the main team of Chile Gary has played 101 match and marked 7 goals scored. He was a key player in the national team during important tournaments.


Gary Medel is a double winner of the America's Cup. He first picked up the trophy in 2015. At the end of the Chilean national team resisted the Argentines. Regular time ended in a goalless draw. Two extra-inning also failed to reveal the winner. In a series of post-match penalty kick Chileans were more precisely their opponents. However, Medel to a point did not come.

A year later, the team of Chile once again became the owner of the America's Cup. The second rally in a row rival team Gary Medel has become Argentina's national team. Again, no regulation time, overtime or two is not possible to determine the strongest team. In the penalty shootout 4 Chileans did the exact impact, but the Argentines - 2.

Gary Medel: career and achievements Player

In 2008 player was voted player of the year and the best defender in Chile. A year later, Medel included in the symbolic team of South America.

July 2, 2017 Gary Medel of Chile in the national team won the silver medal Confederations Cup, which took place on the territory of Russia. In the final match the Chileans lost to the Germans with the score 1: 0.

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