Diet "Minus 10 kg in 10 days' menus, reviews

A lot of people in the modern world has ever thought about their weight, but mostly about his excess. The thing is that our life is going at an accelerated pace and forcing many to eat on the go or even skip meals. As a consequence, incorrect and poor nutrition becomes a cause of the extra kilos and other problems associated with them. Specifically to each person was able to normalize your weight, nutritionists all countries annually develop a varied diet, which can help to leave overweight.


The following article will try to understand some of these diets, that with the right approach will relieve losing weight from 10 kg in 10 days.

Lose weight properly and without harm to the body

To begin with, before going on a diet, everyone should be clearly understood that the body in fasting days will have hard times. Term diet with the minimum number of calories consumed is very heavy, to sustain their way of really strong man.

If you clearly decide that you have a good enough will power and be able to control himself and not allow ourselves to weakness in the food, the first thing to do is to visit a doctor. The fact is that any diet - is stressful for the internal organs, and stick to it before the menu, should consult a specialist.

If the doctor gives the go-ahead, it is already possible to think about the choice of diet that will have you on the soul.


A diet that helps to lose weight in 10 days by 10 kg, a huge amount, here are some of them:

  • protein;
  • kefir;
  • buckwheat;
  • cabbage.

The purpose of these diets is the removal of the ten-day diet of certain foods. Sweets, cereals, flour, meats, pasta, eat strictly prohibited. And as the charging potable use pure water or broth herbal teas.

Diet "10x10", or protein

This diet (10 kg for 10 days), one of the more prominent and less stringent. Its load on the body is distributed evenly and does not bring severe damage. Her diet is rich in proteins and helps to leave the weight due to fat deposits, but when choosing a protein diet should be aware that it is contraindicated in those who are overweight is very large.

Diet rules:

  • strictly prohibited eating sugary, flour, sausages, also banned alcohol, fatty dairy products, sugar, fruit, starchy vegetables.
  • Result minus 10 kg for 10 days, can be achieved only if you eat strictly five times a day.

Sample menu number 1

Day 1:

  • to breakfast served egg, boiled soft-boiled, salad of cucumber, tomato and Chinese cabbage, coffee or tea (preferably green varieties).
  • During snack - cheese (durum), lettuce.
  • Lunch - chicken breast, grilled, light salad, unsweetened tea.
  • Snack - berries, yogurt (200 g).
  • Dinner - baked under a cheese coat vegetables, salmon fillets, 200 g of yogurt.

The second day:

  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs with tomatoes and greens, yoghurt (natural), tea.
  • Snack - yogurt, any fruit.
  • Lunch - fish fillets, vegetable ragout.
  • Snack - stuffed with cheese and tomato or cucumber.
  • Dinner - Beef steak meat, vegetable salad, a cup of tea at night may be 200 ml of yogurt.

the third day:

  • The first breakfast - scrambled eggs with celery and cheese, tea (coffee).
  • The second breakfast - yogurt.
  • Lunch - fish fillets, light soup of vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack - yogurt, fruit.
  • Dinner - pork loin (grilled), cabbage steamed tea.

The next day:

  • Breakfast - berries under the dressing of yogurt, eggs (soft-boiled), and tea.
  • Snack - cottage cheese, celery leaves.
  • Lunch - fish fillet, lettuce.
  • Snack - fruit, yogurt.
  • Dinner - breast, zucchini pancakes, tea (yogurt).

Mid-menu diets:

  • At breakfast - cottage cheese with a handful of berries, coffee.
  • During snack - Caesar salad
  • At lunch - vegetable salad, fish fillets.
  • At lunch - rolls.
  • At dinner - beef steak, asparagus and cheese, and tea.

number six Day:

  • Cottage cheese with berries and coffee.
  • Chicken breast salad "Salsa".
  • Salmon, noodle soup with mushrooms.
  • Cheese, celery.
  • breast, asparagus, tea.

Day 7:

  • Omelette with tomatoes, yogurt, tea.
  • "Caesar."
  • Fish, baked vegetables.
  • Cheese.
  • Breast salad "Guacamole" tea.

Further diet is repeated from the first day. If losing weight feels bedtime hunger, he is allowed to drink low-fat yogurt or milk (not more than a glass).


menu, to get rid of 10 kg for 10 days number 2

  • The first day: boiled eggs (five pieces).
  • The second day: one boiled fish.
  • The third day: boiled chicken breast.
  • The Fourth day: five boiled potatoes.
  • The fifth day: a pound of boiled beef.
  • The sixth day: fruit (bananas are banned).
  • The seventh day: vegetable salad with sunflower oil.
  • Eighth day: 500 grams of cheese.
  • The ninth day: a liter of yogurt (low fat content).
  • Tenth night: a decoction of rose hips.

Diet "10x10" stimulates the burning of fat, not muscle, reduces the risk of diabetes and dependence on sweets, protects against heart and vascular diseases.

Kefir diet: 10 days - 10 kg

Kefir is a key element in the diet food. On the day he should drink no less than one and a half liters. This product is not only able to give a figure slender, but also brings health benefits. It normalizes the entire digestive system, removes toxins, is a source of nutrients, well satisfies hunger and enriches the flora "beneficial" bacteria. Under the rules of the diet, each meal should be carried out in three hours.



  • For the first three days of diet only eat yogurt.
  • The next three days to eat half a kilo of apples (preferably green).
  • Further, for three days again kefir.
  • The final day of the diet the heaviest. Only allowed to drink water.

The diet is very strict, so before applying it is worth considering whether you have enough willpower to lose weight with it.

Diet on buckwheat

In this system, supply the basic product - a buckwheat. Cereal at night should pour boiling water (1: 2) and to use the next day. Buckwheat is a very useful product, a variety of vitamins, and its use is generally beneficial to the body. diet rule: drink plenty of fluids (preferably pure water).



  • Throughout the day we eat a buckwheat.
  • Just before breakfast, drink a glass of water, eat a teaspoon of honey and two slices of lemon.

This diet is monotonous and heavy, but it can help to get rid of 10 kg for 10 days and did not cause more harm to the body.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage - a product with a minimum of calories, which helps to lose weight very quickly. Diet cabbage permits, besides the main ingredient, eat chicken, fish and meat, and the amount consumed is not limited to plants. Therefore, this diet is usually easily tolerated and does not cause much hunger. Further, the rough fiber vegetable remarkably regulates the gastrointestinal tract and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Cabbage Soup Diet 10 days minus 10 kg (à la carte):

  • During breakfast, coffee or green tea (without milk and sugar).
  • During lunch: boiled chicken (fish or beef) is not more than 200 grams and cabbage salad with carrot and vegetable oil.
  • For dinner: 1/2 egg, not a large apple, a salad of fresh cabbage.

In keeping with the above diet, you can easily get rid of 10 kg for 10 days. To diversify the menu, two hours before bedtime is allowed to drink a cup of yogurt (no more than 1% fat). Coleslaw on any given day can be changed on a cabbage soup with vegetables.


The main advantage of the diet on a cabbage - the most effective weight loss, long-term results, cleansing the body of toxins.

Cons diet - decreased performance, possible occurrence of headaches, a feeling of hunger. Diet is not balanced, and requires additional intake of vitamins.

Reviews diets "10 days minus 10 kg of"

Many people above 10-day diet helped improve your fitness and find harmony. Basically slimming isolated buckwheat, kefir and protein diet. With their help, judging by the reviews, it is possible to achieve good results in a relatively short period of time and for a long time. Hunger on these diets eventually dulled, and their use is simple and does not require large expenditures.

Many say that one must not forget to go right out of the diet, to thrown the weight does not come back again. That is, after the food on the menu should gradually return to their previous diet, but it is better to abandon or minimize the consumption of unhealthy foods. For easy portability slimming diets are advised to take water treatments, often to be outdoors, to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Important: in the diet is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages.

A little bit about the shortcomings of

Among the disadvantages of the above diets slimming isolated in the first place stress on the body and the feeling of hunger, especially in the first few days. Someone pointed out that at this time begins dizziness, fatigue, problems with the digestive tract.

At the slightest sign of malaise experts strongly recommended to stop any diet for 10 days. Minus 10 kg - this is certainly a very attractive result, but to risk their own health because of this it is not necessary.


And before you go on a diet, you need to be sure that you can get to the end. After all, if you do not follow all the rules, you can not only worsen the state of health, but also to return all of the lost weight, and maybe even more pounds.