Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback

Manicured hands - a sign of a real woman. Whatever chores around the house, she always wants to have a neat little fingers with a perfect manicure. That it was made at the proper level, you must have special tools. One of them is a pusher for manicure. With the help of nail treatment faster and more efficient will take place. The article will help to find out what exactly use this tool, which species it is and how to work with it.

The intended use

Pusher Manicure and cuticle trimmer - synonyms. Often, one name is replaced with another.

To keep the arms in a neat condition, must be treated periodically with nails, especially to remove cuticles, formed in the wells of nail plates. Manicure, regardless of whether it is done independently or master, requires the use of certain tools.

What is a pusher? A special tool equipped with one, usually two working surfaces. They are located on opposite sides of the rod. Each of the surfaces has a specific shape and function.

Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback

One side of the pusher is at the end of a tiny blade. With it gently pulls back the cuticle, which is the main purpose of the tool. Another pusher function - removal of a thin layer of skin, which is also called pterygium. It grows on the nail plate, preventing the penetration of nutrients deep into the root. Timely removal of pterygium avoids the appearance of burrs. A further application of the blade is the preparation of natural nails before escalating. The second side can take many forms. Basically it is their appearance resembles a small hatchet. Sharpened edge is used to purify the free edge of the nail from contamination. If the metal has a special thread, the pusher is also used as a nail file. Her under force to remove ingrown skin and calluses.

Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback


Pusher Manicure is of several types:

  • One-way - a tool has only one working surface. A great option is if the so-called ax is already available. Some manicure sets, these two tools are separate.
  • Talk - pusher more conventional design, with two working surfaces. It saves space due to its compact size.
  • With rubber tip - a tool that is the most secure, but because it is often used by novices. The probability of such a pusher cause injury is minimal.
  • For pedicure - for manicure and pedicure differ greatly, therefore, tools for both procedures have their own characteristics. The main difference is that the blade pusher to process toenails wider.

How do I choose the

Manicure, like any cosmetic procedure should be carried out only with quality tools. Otherwise, the risk of dangerous infections increases. In order to avoid such consequences, we must know how to choose the pusher.

The most important criterion is the material goods. only medical grade stainless steel to be selected! The stores can also be found pusher for manicure, made of wood or plastic. However, they are not very popular, as are short-lived and quickly break. The next thing you need to pay attention - sharpening tool. It is better if it is done manually. In such a case, pusher will be pretty sharp to cut unnecessary little effort. If sharpening is done poorly, then the tool will tear the skin, leaving small tails of which are formed and burrs. Too sharp pusher will deliver a lot of problems, because it leaves the cuts.

Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback

selected tool should be comfortable. It should hold it in your hand to see how good he is at it. During operation, you should not distract discomfort that significantly affects the quality of the result. On the handle of the metal pusher making special notches that prevent the tool from slipping out of hand.

The shape of the blade is adjusted individually. If the girl chooses her for himself, then it is sufficient to look at their own nail plate. Almond-shape does not fit a square blade. Universal option - oval pusher.

Determine whether the pusher is suitable, it is possible in the following way: it is enough to hold them in the palm. If any discomfort is not present, the tool can be bought.

The use of

To manicure was perfect, you need to understand how to use the pusher to the cuticle.

Before the start of the cuticle treatments must be treated with special oil. Thus keratinized skin will be softer and will move over the shoulder blade easily.

Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback

Sheer cuticle shifted gently soft movements across the width of the nail plate. It uses a flat blade pusher. This procedure must be repeated on all fingers. If you are around the nail has keratinized skin or a hangnail, then they are cut nail clippers. Do not rush, it is important to work carefully, applying tool as close to the skin, but not touching the living areas.

It is impossible to push the cuticles from the top down. This traumatic nail plate. The inclination angle should be 45 °.

If under the fingernail or on the sides still have any pollution, they can be removed with a pointed end of the pusher.

Disinfection Instrument

It is important to not only know how to use a pusher, but keep it clean. It should be placed in a special compartment manicure set case or in a box with other instruments.

After each use, pusher should be disinfected. Making it obligatory, even if they only use you. The tool, which has accumulated on the surface of microbes - the worst enemy of any open sores, cuts or scratches.

Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback

The metal pusher Manicure can be disinfected using a variety of ways: to process an antiseptic solution, boiled, sterilized by ultraviolet rays.

Plastic tools can not be boiled. To clear their surfaces, wipe enough it with alcohol or other disinfectant solution.


Not knowing what the pusher, women use more simplified its kind - an orange stick. But as a tool it is not so practical. Many refer to her safety, but properly selected pusher of metal not only will protect the nails, but will do the job much better.


Among the buyers reviews can be traced to one important trend - all who are truly interested in an instrument and nail health, give preference to the metal pusher. Girls say that he is not only an indispensable tool in the process of processing, but also lasts for years. In spite of the prejudices about the quality, women acquire pusher mainly on the Internet. Thus, they get a quality product, saving time and money.


Our hands - one of the riches that requires careful treatment and care.

Pusher Manicure: description, types, usage and feedback

The true woman can not be a fan of bright paint or long nails, but keep your fingers in order - it is almost a duty. Quality manicure tools can help in this.