Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews

What are liquid tights? Many call them "salvation" to his legs. Summer heat. My feet are far from ideal? There sinyachok, and then scratch. Do not help even thin stockings. But liquid tights allow to hide these unsightly marks. Before every important event - exactly what you need.

Liquid tights - not porvosh!

So more. Liquid tights are ingenious invention Hamada Japanese Yoshimi. Initially they were called, though, "air stockings". In urban fashionistas this accessory enjoyed considerable demand.

As they went on sale? Hamad came up with a special spray, tired of hearing complaints from one of his colleagues that in pantyhose in the summer it is hot. But in Japan, it is an indispensable part of business dress code. Spray formed on the legs thin film resembling stockings after application. Cost canister originally about twelve dollars. Suffice it to twenty pairs of "air stockings".

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews

Comfort and ease

Liquid tights do not rush and do not get dirty. From nail puffs at them, of course, it never produced. They are perfectly cloaked an uneven tan, spider veins and dark spots. This tool gives the skin a wonderful shine and smoothness real "bronze" pantyhose. It contains some of them, by the way, also a lot of vitamins. For example, an extract of Palmaria - algae, improves blood circulation. It strengthens the legs and also green tea extract.

Where to buy?

Liquid tights reviews are varied. The main thing - to know where to buy them. In simple shops and departments of supermarkets do not succeed. Sellers can take to your question even bewilderment. they will recommend you, uniquely, something more solid. Of course, they are right, as they have proposed the type of goods will be more well-known alternative to liquid tights. Search for this product must be on the shelves with cosmetic sprays, creams, gels and other similar means.

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews


Keep in mind that everyone who produces liquid tights, made of three basic types. Cosmetic models are divided into light, medium tone and dark chocolate. Incidentally, there are sprays today and in beauty salons. Here you can find cheaper options. Most importantly, carefully read the instructions on the composition. While here, happens, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, not all components can be specified in the instructions.

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews

Famous brand manufacturers

One of the most popular models are liquid tights Helen gold and Easy silk. In the summary to the final product using the word "revolutionary". The same can be said about Helen gold. Designed for these funds effectively and easy leg color in breathable, uniform, transparent skin tone. It is proposed in this embodiment three color intensity. Hold it for a whole day. Washed off only soap.

The smell and visual sensations, according to consumers, the tool is a bit like some diluted foundation called "Ballet". Easy silk balloon too different "Soviet brim." Rather primitive nozzle and "highly artistic" ornament hanging from the legs, cardboard packaging - in a word, nothing remarkable. Formalized description in English. Russian language description is nested in on paper.

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews

Buyers of applying

Liquid tights reviews, as mentioned above, are different. Often - positive. However, some buyers say that the contents of the cans is not always "meet its obligations", beautifully set out in the instructions.

In particular this applies to the application. Sprays of a good "blast radius". Manufacturers usually offer a tool to put in the bath or shower. In order to apply the spray to the rear of the thighs must always stand in the bathroom as a whole. Of course, it is stained. Launder it is rather difficult. In addition, the application of funds without large individual spray is complete. They place visible spots, and therefore require additional grinding. Thus, your palm would also be "stockings".

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews


Special attention should be paid to liquid tights Sally hansen. In this case, the instruction is definitely cheating on many points. It argues that the remedy is perfectly dry. In fact it is not. The liquid aggregate state, of course, disappear. However, it remains rather dry-viscous. In one word, it creates a feeling that you applied to the leg foundation.

And not only the producer exaggerates the merits of their products. The instructions often specify that these funds are able to tone the legs. It is not true. Exactly like the fact that they do not stain clothes. Slightly overzealous with the application of the spray on your feet, you can scrub them even fifteen minutes after drying without any problems. But after a few hours of wearing seat to touch anything, visibly pale. Yes, and things are curious red stripes.

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews

Major disadvantages

Of course, tights good wipe. Both dry wipes, and wet. However, not until the end. To get rid of pigmented fat cream, even water alone will not be enough. Need soap, and walk through the legs have a couple of times. Otherwise remain light bruises. Therefore tights effect can even be spoiled by rain. Incidentally, the sponge after removing the means of permanently acquire the color of melted milk. Be prepared for this.

It looks like means foundation. That is, if not carefully smear his hands will be visible every hair and every wrinkle on the underlined folds. The structure includes a means Shimmer. In daylight it is almost imperceptible. Problems of "colored" tights liquid nature can hide. However, textural scars, rashes, dry skin, on the other hand, stand out. Good results can be achieved if a long time lubricate, shade, ie "pokoldovat" over the application of the tights. But the time and energy spent on all this, in a statement ease of application does not fit. By the way, pay attention to your liquid tights "Benefit". Reviews say that this tool is applied is much easier and faster than products of other manufacturers.

Liquid Tights: properties, application, advantages reviews


Be prepared for the fact that the first application of stockings because of the duration of the process will lead to your being late for work or school. On the back of the thighs to apply them particularly difficult. So if you are going to wear a short skirt, choose the time with the reserve.

From a distance, the skin looks nice and rosy. With this you can not argue. Gradually, however, istirayas in socks, pantyhose can be collected in stripes. Therefore, they are best used for short walks and photo shoots. Also, you need to forget about the white clothes and squat on textile furniture bright colors.

In addition, the skin throughout the day remains the smell of "Ballet". It is said that this scent is far from a hint of modernity. Much easier to be smeared with creams. The effect will be the same as the devastating effects of the bathroom - a lot less.

Price tights liquid is about one and a half thousand rubles. Enough spray for some applications.

Thus, liquid tights are the latest trend in the fashion world. Note the top models on the catwalk. Their feet are always shiny and smooth. This gloss they achieve thanks to liquid tights.

It fits the tool for women of any age. They are applied with gentle diligent nice "sit" on the legs and give them an attractive appearance. They contain a number of different components - reflective particles, bronzers and even vitamins. However, for the full effect of reliability worn pantyhose your skin should be smooth and beautiful shade of light tan. This is why in the bronzers and added. They give the desired tone the skin, turning its upper layer.

Reflective particles are the least important component. These substances can refract light, masking the skin on the feet small flaws - spider veins, freckles, small scars and bruises.

In general, this means you can safely cook your summer wardrobe. Even if your feet do not look perfect. Of course, under the usual tights you can hide any flaws. Of course, in hot weather, this option will suit not every woman. A simple tanning manifest itself only after a few hours after application. Liquid tights are a great alternative. Try it - and you'll see for yourself.