Pool "Amber" (Strogino): description, services, where

Swimming - one of the most enjoyable sports. Few will refuse to swim in the cool, clear water after a hard day's work, combining with the pleasure and benefit. In addition, aquatic exercise is not inferior to kardiozanyatiyam efficiency in the gym, and about the same calories.

Unlike other sports, aimed at developing specific muscle groups, exercises in water, harmoniously developing the whole body, while improving endurance, improving immunity and providing a positive effect on all body systems. One of the places where the inhabitants of Moscow can exercise this beautiful sport - swimming pool "Amber" in Strogino. On it will be discussed below.

About Sports Center


"Amber" - a sports complex in the north-west of Moscow (Strogino) world level. When its construction builders have applied innovative engineering solutions. For example, use the ribbon glazing, so most of the day sports complex does not need light, as the sun shines. Or wooden farm on the site of the ceiling, through which improves the microclimate in the room and breathe easier.

What is inside the

A sports complex with a swimming pool "Amber" in Strogino covers an area of ​​34,000 square meters. His erected using Scandinavian and Canadian technology. On the territory of the sports center are:

  • two ice arenas: large and training;
  • two swimming pools;
  • universal gym;
  • Stadium;
  • the hotel for 22 places;
  • gym choreography;
  • a fitness room;
  • room for athletes;
  • recovery center;
  • Press Center;
  • points of public catering;
  • parking. Pool

On the basis of the sports center are 4 sports schools, the heads of which are honored Russian athletes. This school of figure skating, synchronized swimming school hockey school and training center for mini-football.

On the "Amber" in Strogino pool

two swimming pools located in the sports complex, large and small.

The large pool has 8 tracks of 25 meters, the depth of which reaches 2 8 meters. Here we set professional starter cabinets, electronic scoreboard and bleachers for 300 people. In this basin are swimming lessons for children and adults, competitions, training, group and individual training.

Small pool has the following dimensions: 16 * 9 meters, a depth of up to 0, 9 meters. It is equipped with: a waterfall, geyser, children's slide, there are two hot tubs. In this basin are classes for children, both individual and group. There is also train adults, the initial stages of training.


In both bowls of water is treated with the help of modern technology, it is used several methods: ozonation, mechanical filtration and chlorination. Engage in water only if you have help from a therapist, it is associated with a large cross in the pool.

pool Schedule "Amber" in Strogino

In the basins sports center, the following types of training:

  • massive swimming;
  • water aerobics;
  • class sailing school;
  • class in synchronized swimming;
  • Children's workout "Funky Fish";
  • group programs for pregnant women;
  • grudnichkovoe swimming;
  • baby swimming.

Group exercise lasts 45 minutes, each section has its own schedule of sessions. Pool "Amber" in Strogino recommends to specify the call time and cost of training.



The cost of a single visit starts from 300 rubles, depending on the time of day. For retirees provides a preferential rate: 200 rubles for one session. Participants of the Great Patriotic War are free to engage in the pool. children's tickets at prices starting from 150 rubles.

Students, war veterans and citizens exposed to radiation at Chernobyl involved a discount of 50%.

Group lessons in the program "Mother and baby" costs 1350 rubles. "Family" ticket (adult and child) will cost 550 rubles, and school for pregnant cost 700 rubles per visit.

The "Amber" pool in Strogino there is a possibility to buy a subscription for a few classes at a lower price.

Where is


Find a sports complex at: street Marshal Katukova, 26. The nearest metro station - "Strogino", "Schukinskaya", "Myakinino".

Opening hours: every day from 8.00 to 23.00.


The sports complex is popular with residents and visitors alike. Every day it is visited by hundreds of people. Reviewed the pool, "Amber" in Strogino generally good. Visitors noted the following advantages:

  • convenient location;
  • a good infrastructure;
  • a beautiful and stylish look;
  • convenient schedule of classes;
  • Modern, clean locker rooms and showers;
  • the opportunity to engage with qualified teachers;
  • purity;
  • friendly staff.

There are some visitors who noted shortcomings in the work of the sports complex:

  1. Many significant disadvantage is the small parking lot, it is impossible to find a parking place.
  2. It is also noted that there are cases of theft of things from the lockers.
  3. Not all teachers are treated with care and attention to dealing with.