What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

If you have back pain often, head or limb, then maybe you have problems with flexibility. What to do in this case? Imagine that your body - this is the perfect design, where there is a lot of inter-related processes. If the lymph flow is OK, good move joints like all organs are functioning. And if there's stagnation was formed, then you turn into the Tin Woodman, who froze on his own tears. So it is necessary to know what flexibility is and how it is important.

What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

defines the problem

So first of all find out what flexibility. If you speak the language of science, it is a person's ability to reach a large amplitude in the movement executed. In practice, the term is most often used when discussing mobility in the joints. Again it pops up in my head analogy with the Tin Woodman, who in his ideal state was surprisingly moving the body, but when strong emotions are always rust. However, mobility and flexibility are not interchangeable concepts. Flexibility still characterizes the general condition of the person, not the characteristics of individual joints.

What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

The first symptoms of

For a beautiful posture, smooth movement and easy gait development of flexibility is necessary because in its absence is not worth talking about a certain grace. Beauty and flexibility - it is almost synonymous. Imagine a beautiful slender girl with good growth and a harmonious figure. Thus spectacle can admire, but with the proviso that in its movements have sharpness, roughness, some discontinuity. If it is, sticking out his back wheel and sinking his head into his shoulders, the beauty somehow lost quickly, and come to the fore posture defects.

Typically, posture problems are accompanied by a whole bunch of different diseases of the back and joints. At a certain stage, they can be cured, but it is very, very annoying. Flexibility greatly increases the range of motion, allowing rationally organize the work of the muscles, while spending a minimum of effort. If you spend energy on the development of flexibility, acquires elastic joints, muscles and ligaments. You will move smoothly, reduce the risk of injury when the probability of forced sudden movements. Sport will be given to you easily, and age-related diseases will bypass. For a child naturally move a lot and a little hurt, so pain in the joints for it is the exception rather than the rule. But already in the student days begin early signs of reduced flexibility. All the matter in the frequent use of the computer and sedentary lifestyle. The body already indicates the overload that occurs due to the decrease in the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus and to reduce the thickness of the articular cartilage. It varies considerably with the spine.

What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

to prevent or cure?

Alas, more often than we draw attention to a problem only when it is clearly and loudly declares itself. This means that there are pains in the back and limbs, numb joints. Everything indicates that the muscle tone is poor, it is obvious there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue is full of slag. In your power to help your own body and minimize discomfort. Perform regular exercises for flexibility. They can be very simple, but it will give a strong relief and the burden will be removed from the back. Often drag in different directions, try to reach out your hands to toes. But do not move jerkily. Listen to your body and feel those muscles that work most actively. And now relax them and pull out completely. With such prevention can prevent degenerative disc disease, migraine, fatigue, and even the failure of the internal organs.

The nature and value of the flexibility of

We have already talked in general terms that such flexibility. This is the total mobility of the joints of the body. But it is in theory. And what, in practice, it gives this characteristic of our body? If you are flexible, you will not become a groan when bend down to pick up a fallen handkerchief. You can easily make it to the salad to the far edge of the table. You can dance the tango and the rumba. In the end, when you fall, you will be able to coordinate and to preserve the most fragile part of your body from damage. Good flexibility ensures freedom, speed and ease of performance motions. With it, you will be able to make the least effort during exercise, but to get the most effective results. But for the perfect result it requires the development of the whole organism, or the lack of flexibility of the individual parts of the body makes it difficult to coordinate the movements of the whole body.

What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

Do we need it?

If, after reading all of the above, and recognizing that such flexibility, you still need evidence of its importance, it is necessary to resort to the help of imaginative thinking. So, flexibility is needed not only circus acrobats and gymnasts, whose skills we admire and pay money for it. Flexibility is necessary for us in life. By the way, the same acrobats did not show us the wonders and magic, but only indicate to what extent we can develop the flexibility and how it can help to control your body. But not necessarily sit in everyday life on the twine or get nose to your own spine. The average person to develop enough flexibility simple but regular exercise to ensure smooth posture and removal from the spinal load.

Assess your typical day from the side. At work, at most you sit at home and once again sat down at the computer, but you think that it is rest. Not at all, your back is continuing to work hard! In the evening you go to a restaurant and continue to stay in the theater. As a result, most of the day you sat. This way of life is fraught with overweight, edema leg, vascular disease, and many other "charms". But first, your body begins to lose flexibility due to lack of movement.

In sports and in life

For athletes, the physical flexibility - this is the key to success, as the movement to be performed with a large and limiting amplitude. Cramped muscle? Trifle? Of course not! This "small change" can be worth a gold medal, a prestigious award or status. Therefore, athletes do not feel sorry for himself in training, knowing that the whole body has to work like clockwork, to perform the intended task. Strength training is carried out only after serious "warm up" the muscle, and at the end of a class should be mandatory "hitch" with a banner. A different procedure could lead to injuries of muscles and ligaments. Flexibility distinguish active and passive. Active achieved due to contraction of muscle groups and passive, based on the name, is performed by an external factor. Often passive activity gives a large amplitude. Also produce dynamic and static, as well as general and special flexibility, where the special - it's mobility in individual joints.

What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

Endurance Tests

To many people, it may seem that flexibility is very easy to develop. After all, it is not reflected in the size of the biceps, does not allow the arm to break the bricks. Good flexibility, ideally, is not evident, as the person simply moves without the slightest difficulty. However, a good workout on the "warm-up" of muscles can cause sweat, even the most powerful big man. It should start with a small rate of exercise. Before you start, remember that in the morning stretched harder than during the day and evening. And in the heat of the results are better. Accordingly, the rates will be higher, if the pre-workout you will spend 10 minutes in the sauna or hot tub.

Begin training with stretching. Can be pulled from the heart, as if you just woke up. Wave your arms, trying to describe the following correct form. Perform swings to the side, almost hugging himself. Breathe deeply, and exhale leaning forward, trying to touch the socks. Try not to bend your knees. Raise your hands and gently rewound their head. Will it hands folded in half? Each pose linger for a moment and breathe deeply. It will be useful to learn breathing technique diaphragm. At the same time you are typing on a breath the air in the stomach, as you exhale, you release it. Five minutes every day breathing this greatly relieves your spine.

To perform all the exercises you will need the strength, flexibility, endurance and great motivation. After all exercises are performed slowly and smoothly, and fast result here is not provided, but you end up with a healthy body, excellent posture and well-being.

What is flexibility: especially the development and exercise

Purpose see a faith!

The basis of exercises for flexibility went to very different movements. This flexion-extension, all kinds of slopes and turns, swings, as well as rotation. flexible methods have one common goal - to make the muscles firm and supple, and to do this, a series of stretching exercises. Often they are used for hoops, expanders and rubber bands.