Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

Biography Martin Fourcade - is the story of the life of one of the most successful biathletes of today. He is a five-time Olympic champion who has set this indicator is an absolute record among all the athletes who participated in winter and summer Olympic Games. 11 times he was world champion seven times won the overall World Cup. Starting win at the World Cup in 2012, he still nobody gives her palm.

Childhood and adolescence

Biography of Martin Fourcade need to start from the time of his birth. He was born in 1988 in the small French town of Sulfur. In the biography of Martin Fourcade national interests of many of his fans, because he apparently does not look like a Frenchman. And indeed, he Catalan, as he said in an interview in 2015. The city where he was born, is only 200 kilometers from Catalunya, so there are a lot of people from this Spanish region.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

In the biography of Martin Fourcade parents played a big role, especially his father. In the past he has been a swimming coach and childhood began to instill his sons love for the sport. The elder brother Martin - Simon - also a biathlete and multiple world champion. The youngest brother - Brice - works as an instructor at a ski resort. Mom hero of this article by profession doctor-therapist.

The first victory

The first victory in the biography of Martin Fourcade took place at the 2010 Winter Olympics, which were held in Vancouver, Canada. Then the hero of this article was a young, little-known athlete.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

At the Olympics there was a more successful of all mass-start for him. After the fourth firing line in the lead Gurayt Slovak and Russian Ustyugov, who passed all frontiers without a miss. Behind them came in 15 seconds Austrian Zuma, one penalty and another 10 seconds - Fourcade, who had by that time already miss three times. Last lap proved to be an outstanding Martin: Fourcade overtaken and Zuma, and Hur won the silver medal. The victory went to Ustyugov.

The triumph at the World Cup

In the biography of Martin Fourcade already have outstanding achievements. He became the first biathlete in the world that has managed to win seven World Cups, with Streak. It all began in 2012. Throughout the season Fourcade won eight races, was second three times, and three more times to come to the finish line third. In the fight for the victory in the overall resistance to it has provided the Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen, but Fourcade won three of the last four races, winning the first of his World Cup career.

Biography biathlete Martin Fourcade is admirable. In 2013, he again was ahead of Svendsen, but this time not on the 65 and 421 points. In 2014, the situation at the top of biathlon Olympian preserved: Fourcade - first, Svendsen - second.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

In 2015, the second place went to Russian Anton Shipulin, losing the hero of this article 64 points. In 2016, the second was another Norwegian - Johannes Be, but Fourcade remained always the first. Record result for himself, he has demonstrated in the season 2016/2017 years, gaining 1322 points. Fourcade won 14 victories in the World Cup, was second three times, five times - the third. A total of four races of the season, he did not get into the top three. His worst result was 8th place in the sprint in Oberhof, Germany. In the season 2017/2018's Fourcade won for the seventh time in a row with 89 points beating Baie.

The Olympics in Sochi

Great athlete Fourcade admitted after the Olympics in Sochi in 2014. Although the sprint race he has not worked. He made a mistake and come to the finish line in sixth. But in the pursuit race, he quickly played the 12-second gap from the Norwegian Bjoerndalen, winning the first Olympic gold medal of his career.

In the individual race at 20 kilometers Fourcade again summed up the shooting on the first shooting range, but even this minute penalty did not prevent him to win for the second time in a row. Will not allow any slip Lesser German, he walked for 12 seconds.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

Dramatic formed mass start to Martin. He missed at the first turn, continue to shoot without errors, trying to catch up with his eternal rival Svendsen, close all 20 targets. He did it on the last meters of the race, but the photo finish gave the gold to the Norwegian, and Martin was left with silver.

In the relay Fourcade ran fourth. He missed twice in the maturation and could not improve and so unimportant to his team (8 in total).

Olympics in Pyeongchang

It seemed that the Frenchman will not be possible at the Olympic Games in South Korea to perform better, but he did it.

At first, everything was worse. In the sprint, Martin missed three times in prone, having come to finish eighth. True, the gap from the leader was not critical - only 22 seconds. In pursuit biathlon showed their best qualities. Starting from the standard slip already at the first shooting range, and the rest went without mistakes, having won a third gold medal of his career.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

In the individual race Fourcade was one of the main contenders for another victory, but made just two misses on the last turn to finish line only came in 5th place.

In the mass start almost completely repeat last year's history: the winner was determined by photo finish. At this time, the same time demonstrated the Austrian Simon Fourcade and Shemp. Centimeters this time were on the side of the Frenchman.

Fifth gold medal Martin won the mixed relay. French girls took the lead from the first lap. Fourcade was running last, failing to ensure that their national team win.


In the biography of Martin Fourcade his many fans are interested in the personal life. For more than ten years of his associate relationship with the French Helene. However, the sportsman prefers not to dwell on his private life. Therefore, the girl knows very little.

This article describes the successful biathlete of his biography. Photo Martin Fourcade and his wife presented below. They are trying to hold together all the free time. The journalists managed to find out that Helen taught at school.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

In the autumn of 2015 the couple had a daughter Manon. To do this, they specifically went to Norway, where they spent all summer in anticipation of the firstborn.

In early 2017 it became known that Ellen pregnant with her second child. In March, Martin daughter Ines. Initially, he wanted to take part in labor, but it would have had to miss the ending of biathlon season. The couple decided that Martin can go for new victories.


Frankly about himself, about his career, desires and mistakes Fourcade told in his autobiography, "My dream of gold and snow," which was published in late 2017.

Biography Martin Fourcade, biathlete: personal life, photos

In this work he wrote in detail how to come to this success, about their lives, relationships with other biathletes, as well as the attitude to doping - drugs whose use is permitted in biathlon. The book was published in five languages, including Russian.