Andrei Loktionov: career and achievements

Andrei Loktionov - American striker hockey club "Los Angeles Kings" and the Russian national team. Born in 1990 in the city of Voskresensk, which brought twice won the trophy.

career Start

For the first time on the ice Andrei V. Loktionov left school years. Several years later, Andrew began training in the "Spartacus" system, and in 2007 signed a contract with the "locomotive" of Yaroslavl, having played before in the course of the season for the second team of "railroad".

Andrei Loktionov: career and achievements

In 2008 Loktionov decided to declare his candidacy for the draft of the lottery of the National Hockey League. In the fifth round under the 123 peak Andrew chose club "LA Kings".

Start a career overseas

Immediately after the pick "Kings" sent Loktionova in "Winsor Spitfayrz". The Ontario Hockey League game the Russians had 51 in the regular season. Andrei Loktionov could become one of the best players on the team. On account of the forward had 66 points - 24 goals and 42 pass. According to the results of the season, "Winsor" took place in the playoffs and won. Also Loktionova team took part in the Memorial Cup. At the tournament, Andrew held 6 meetings, scored two goals and made five assists.

In the 2009/10 season Andrew was able to spend one match of the National Hockey League in the "Los Angeles Kings". The effectiveness of the actions the attacker could not be noted. The whole season striker spent in the American League, speaking for the "Manchester Monarchs".

The AHL Andrew took part in 29 matches, scored 24 points on the system "goal + pass". The Russian was able to distinguish nine throw washers, which is one of the best indicators of a hockey player for his career at the professional level. During the regular season, the team advanced to the playoffs, where Andrei scored 9 points in 16 games.

Andrei Loktionov: career and achievements

Season Loktionov later played in the National Hockey League for 19 matches, but a foothold in the first team, "King" it was not possible again, and went on to play for the striker "Manchester Monarchs". The American Hockey League Andrei played 34 match, which threw the 8 goals and was the author of 23 assists.

Winning the Stanley Cup

Season 2011/12 Andrei Loktionov met again, speaking for the two teams. At this time in the regular season the NHL for "Kings" striker spent 39 fights. a useful indicator of the hockey player was equal to -4.

The American Hockey League Andrey played in 32 matches and scored 19 points - 5 goals and 14 successful passes. According to the results of "regular" AHL "Monrks" failed to qualify for the knockout rounds. Still, the Russian citizen was destined to play in the playoffs that season. In the spring of 2012 hockey twice stepped onto the ice in the "Kings" of Los Angeles. Effective action the player could not check in, but at the end of the playoffs Club of California won the main trophy of the hockey world.

Andrei Loktionov: career and achievements

Due to the fact that Andrei Loktionov not spent a certain number of appearances for the club, his name was not engraved on the Cup. However, after a while, "Los Angeles" has decided to add the name of the Russians on the trophy.

Exchange in the "New Jersey Devils" and the transition to a "hurricane"

After the triumph in the playoffs Stanley Cup Loktionov returned to the "Manchester Monarchs". The club from the state of New Hampshire Russian played 36 matches and scored 22 points. In the course of the season Andrew was traded to the "New Jersey Devils" on the peak of the fifth round. Until the end of the season striker spent in the farm club "Albany Devils' three games and 28 games played for the first team" Devils ". The AHL Russians could not score any goal, no pass score to give. With regard to the basic structure, the National Hockey League forward threw two goals and made two assists, with a rating of -2. Season 2013/14 was the best in the career of Andrew Loktionova overseas. In the course of the regular season hockey player 48 times went to the ice in the "New Jersey" and another 20 times, speaking for the "Carolina". For "devils" Andrew was able to become an author of 4 goals and 8 assists, and the club, "Carolina Hurricanes" in which it was exchanged for Tuomo Ruutu, the Russians scored three goals and gave 7 passes. During all this time the striker had not played in the knockout matches.


At the World Cup 2014 Andrei Loktionov injured, recovering from a signed contract with Yaroslavl "Locomotive". Until the end of the season in the Continental Hockey League, Andrew went to the ice in 26 fights, with his 9 goals and giving 6 passes in the regular season. In the playoffs, hockey player, he took part in 6 games and made one pass score.

Andrei Loktionov: career and achievements

The following season was full for Loktionova. In the CHL, he has played 56 matches and scored 22 points for the "goal + pass". Indicator striker usefulness was +13. In the playoffs again failed to achieve anything of any team or a hockey player in particular - 1 pass in 5 matches and departure in the first round.

However, a year later, "Locomotives" still managed to win a medal KHL. After a successful performance in the regular season, during which Loktionov was able to score 12 goals and gave 15 passes, hockey player, took part in 15 matches in the round of the playoffs. 4 goals and 8 assists Loktionova helped "Locomotives" to win the bronze medal of the KHL. In 2017, after the end of the season Andrew was unable to agree on a new contract with "Loco" and decided to return to the NHL, having signed an agreement with the "Los Angeles Kings".


Andrei Loktionov has won the Stanley Cup, Cup J. Ross Robertson Cup and Memorial. The KHL hockey player won bronze medals. Also in the "Locomotive" the attacker was able to win the bronze medal of the Russian Championship.

Andrei Loktionov: career and achievements

At the international level Andrew also did not go unrewarded. In 2007, the junior Russian team Loktionov won gold at the World Championship among the players under the age of 18 years. A year later, the Russians took place on YUCHM 2. In the national team striker took part in the World Cup 2013, which the Russians was the sixth, and the World Cup in 2014, which ended with the victory of the Russian team.