Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

Alexander A. Fedorov - Russian bodybuilder. At the moment it is the most titled bodybuilder with a Russian passport. Privacy Alexander Fedorov tries not to advertise. In 2001, he married. Spouse name is Natalia.

Personal power rates Alexandra impressive: bench press - 260 kg, and bench because of the head - 110 kg. Deadlift - 355 kg. If we talk about the squat, the barbell on his chest athlete can take 280 kg, and the weight, which Alexander could take squats on his shoulders, it is 325 kilograms.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career


Alexander Fedorov was born in 1978 in Leningrad. As a child, boy engaged in competitive sports, but it was on the level of entertainment. Also, Alexander went to the section of wrestling and martial arts.

The child's father was a builder and had good results in city competitions in the mid 80s. He also traveled to tournaments that were held in the Baltic countries - namely, in Estonia and Lithuania. Just the same Anatoly Fedorov instilled in his son a love for bodybuilding. Little Sasha frequented the training and competition with his father, talked to his friends, and this was the reason that the young man wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. Bodybuilding junior Fedorov started at the age of 14 years.

Anthropometric data

Fedorov height is about 185 centimeters. The girth of the chest - one and a half meters. At a time when an athlete prepares for the competition, it weighs less than 130 kilograms, but one day before the tournament weighing indicates 137 kg. In the offseason, the scales may point to 140. The maximum number of athlete's weight was 142 kilograms.

On the impressive size and Alexander suggests the following: waist circumference is 1 meter, and hips - 82 cm. crus size is about 55 centimeters and bicep - about 60 centimeters.

Early career

Serious attention bodybuilding Alexander Fedorov started paying in 1994. Training began to be systematic in nature and already two years later, the athlete was able to participate in their debut competition at the professional level. Prior to that, he acted in the category "up to 16 years." These tournaments were staged by Vladimir Dubinin and Alexander Ushnevym to young bodybuilders were able to feel the spirit of the competition before the start their performances at senior level. Organizers said that the holding of such events allows little to reduce the difference that exists between junior tournaments and professional.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

In 1996, Fedorov won the championship of St. Petersburg, and a year later for the tournament on bodybuilding Alexander Fedorov went to Germany. The competition called "Open Championship of Germany." The trip was organized godfather Man. It was the first performance for Fedorov. After him, he became known in Germany. Up until 2006, he regularly received invitations from the organizers to take part in any competition. It was after a speech in Germany Fedorov began to call Russian Arnold.

The first career World Cup for juniors

German Open has become a springboard for Alexander Fedorov. Bodybuilding started stronger fall in love Man in himself. In 1998, the guy decided to roll up to the world championship, which took place in Spain. Alexander managed to come to the tournament in good physical shape, which affected the performances of the athlete.

Another success factor was the ability to Fedorov perebaryvat your own. After Germany, many have begun to celebrate the high level of stress in Alexandra. As a result, the Russian athlete to win the Junior World Championship. The stunning success at the start of the career of the athlete made a star, but the star disease suffer Fedorov has not started. athlete himself says that winning the early stage of his career did not change his attitude towards life and other people. Alexander repeatedly in the interview mentioned that his coach Vladimir Dubinin always said that we should be closer to the ground. This was the motto of an athlete, with whom he goes through life until now.

Career injury to

At the European Championships, which took place in 2003, Fedorov was able to win the title of absolute champion. In the same year he first took part in the Grand Prix of Russia, where he took third place. Russian forward missed Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, who are the biggest stars in the world of bodybuilding.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

Alexander Fedorov year later took part in the competition again. In 2004, he was able to climb one step higher, winning the silver medal. The victory in the competition won the Ronnie Coleman.

In 2005, as a "Russian Mr. Olympia" Fedorov was invited to the competition, "Mr. Olympia". Competitions were held in Las Vegas, USA. He became the first athlete with a Russian passport, who participated in this tournament. Fedorov managed to take 20th place.

A year later he took part in bodybuilding open category at the Grand Prix of Austria. On the Russian tournament I was able to take 10th place. In 2006, Alexander received a serious injury. He tore the tendon chest muscles. After the athlete had the surgery, he decided to announce the completion of his sporting career. Alexander Fedorov at the time was 28 years old.

Resuming career

In Fedorov I was out of this great sport for eight years. It ate him from within. Throughout this time he was engaged in training, and in 2014 announced that he was returning to competitive bodybuilding. Alexander Fedorov in the same 2014 took part in the competition, which took place in his hometown. In St. Petersburg, the athlete took eighth place. During 2015 bodybuilder participated in five major competitions in the open category. First, Alexander went to the United States contest, where he participated in a tournament in Orlando and New York. In the Big Apple Fedorov took seventh place, and in Florida - the third place prize.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

After the two stages of the Russian American bodybuilder returned to Europe, where he took part in the competitions, which were held in Madrid and Prague. Neither in Spain nor in the Czech Republic to get into the top ten Fedorov could not - 12 and 14 respectively. At the end of the year an athlete was invited for another tournament - in Lahti. In the Finnish town of Alexander I was again outside the top ten, finishing in 11th place. In 2016 he again went to the United States. At this time, the Grand Prix was held in Maryland under the name Baltimore. Alexander Fedorov took the 9th place in the competition.


In preparation for the tournament Fedorov rarely changes the composition of the training. The only thing that lends itself to change this tempo. He increases. Due to the fact that the athlete pays more exercise time, he begins to relax less. Even two training sessions a day, consuming almost all of their spare time. Among them Alexander should have time to relax a bit, pay attention to his wife Natalia and do a few things around the house, for example, take out the trash or go to the store.

During the preparation of the athlete performs a bench press because of the head and squats. At home his wife prepares for her husband the right music that he runs an arbitrary program. After that Fedorov returns to the room, where it again waits squats on the shoulders, chest and bench.


Proper nutrition is the basis for muscle growth, at least, as is commonly believed. In interviews Fedorov often said that trying to eat everything, except for fatty foods. Schedules food tricks he does not. Athlete's just trying to have as much as possible.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

Alexander likes to eat what his wife cooks. Himself a bodybuilder can not call myself a good cook. In an interview, Fedorov named the cooking process is one of the least favorite things in his life.

Preparing for the competition

Preparation for participation in the tournament is not only training the muscles and proper nutrition. It plays an important role the emotional state of the athlete. In preparation for the tournament Fedorov often tormented by insomnia. Especially it seemed first appearance since returning to the sport.

Preparation for the tournament, which has declared its candidacy Alexander after the resumption of a career builder, was generally one of the most difficult in the professional career of the Russian athlete. He had to start almost from scratch. Great help in the training provided muscle memory, but eight years of interruption affected very much. Already at the time of the tournament Fedorov began to realize that his muscles were very heavy. After the competition, Alexander nearly a half months is not involved in sports, and just tried to relax a little and restore the body after a grueling workout in preparation for the march.

The main thing in the life of Alexander Fedorov

Alexander is a very clear distinction between sport and personal life. He believes that the main thing in bodybuilding or any other form of sport - that's the goal. If a man has no goal, good results can not be expected from him.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

In order to become a bodybuilder, you must be gifted by nature. Fedorov believes that the athlete must follow the proportions and always try to keep them in perfect condition or close to that. bodybuilder also said that we should not only focus on one category of muscle, and needs to develop them all in proportion. However, there are times when some muscles are not so much amenable to training as the others. If we talk about the Alexander, he has very good train thigh, so he does not harp on them special attention. At the same time a bodybuilder very much focuses on the chest muscles. In humans Fedorov appreciate openness, since he is so and likes to communicate on an equal footing with everyone else. Alexander tries to do everything possible in order to be seen as a simple man, and that no one envied him.


Fedorov is the motorist. He is interested in the "Formula 1". In the athlete is also a vehicle - "BMW". And in the race, he was sick for this team.

Athlete once in a lifetime smoking cigarettes. This happened before the tournament. Alexander could not be kept because there was impossible before the race. However, after the case Fedorov never having to cigarettes.

Aleksandr Fedorov (bodybuilding): biography, personal life, sports career

Athlete Favorite movie - "Gladiator". Alexander prefers going to the cinema reading books. bodybuilder himself explains his dislike to books so that as a child he read a lot of books.