Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

Today, pale and exhausted facial skin does not please anyone, so this lack of girls used to fix decorative cosmetics. Bronzers for the face - the best means by which you can create a beautiful skin tone, give a person a healthy appearance and hide all the imperfections. This product makes it possible to avoid unpleasant consequences after long-term exposure to the sun and prevents early skin aging.

Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

Bronzer Face

It would seem, to save face cute girl in the summer time can neither expensive means. But in fact, many manufacturers produce on sale at affordable prices with quality products that help to always look fresh and bright.

Modern bronzers for the face are in the form of sticks and powders. Some are distinguished by shimmering particles, others give a matte effect. How stick and powder bronzer applied to the most prominent part of the face, that is, those that are faster roasting in the sun exposure. This tool has gained popularity and earned the respect of a lot of girls, not only because of the possibilities mentioned above, but also because skulpturiruyuschey function. Knowing that such a bronzer, and having certain skills in its application, it is possible to emphasize the cheekbones, a little narrow nose and give the face a more ideal shape. Because of this, each girl will look elegant at any time and even more to attract the opposite sex.

bronzer for tanning

When the opportunity came to go to the solarium, the girls are trying to find the most suitable cream for him. The ideal embodiment will agent with bronzers. Thanks to it stunning effect will be noticeable after the first application. For tanning bronzer is a combination of natural and synthetic components that make up the various tanning. Someone can become an attractive "chocolate" only for a week, and someone is trying to achieve at least some effect all summer, but all in vain. People who have an idea of ​​what a bronzer, do not face such problems. This tool was invented in order to help more girls get the desired tan, reducing the time of exposure to UV rays on the skin.

The main advantages of a cream with bronzers:

  • time savings;
  • no need to visit a solarium very often;
  • finished Sun shade can be selected independently;
  • rich tan will be received much faster;
  • tone, resulting in the end, is guaranteed to be darker and more saturated than the natural, which is especially important for people who are not amenable to sunburn;
  • the effect is noticeable after the first application.

In addition to the advantages of this tool has some drawbacks. Among them:

  • distributing the cream evenly on the skin is too light, there is a risk to leave spots and streaks on the face;
  • cream can easily stain your clothes.

The resulting effect can be enjoyed for 5-7 days, after which the cream will begin to be washed off, leaving behind only real tone tan. To choose the means to be careful, always paying attention to the composition, manufacturer and expiration date.

Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

Differences from bronzer

Bronzers for the face is often confused with a bronzer, but experienced people know exactly what it is absolutely different things. To avoid mistakes when buying the right tools, you should know that:

  • in the bronzer contains an artificial compound called dihydroxyacetone;
  • Only natural pigments are present in the composition of bronzer.

In spite of the unusual and frightening name, dihydroxyacetone does not bear any harm to health, as it turns out it is made from sugar cane.


To date, bronzers for the face produce quite a lot of manufacturers, so customers are not so easy to make a choice. Visiting any shop of decorative cosmetics, you will notice a lot of products on the shelves, where each tool in its own good.

Experts presented the best bronzers that will appeal to all girls. Among them:

  1. Loreal Poudre Duo Glam Bronze (700 RUR). Pearlescent product gives the face a natural sun shade and creates a magnificent effect radiant skin. It is characterized by a compact packaging and beloved by all powdery texture.
  2. Essence Sun Club (500 rubles). Powdery bronzer with matting effect is Budget means perfectly suitable owners of fatty skin type. He eliminates excess shine, hides all the imperfections and evens out skin texture. Compared with other matting agents the bronzer does not dry the skin, does not cause the appearance of pimples and does not clog pores.
  3. BeYo (600 rubles). Good bronzer in stick form convenient to use, and ideal for girls with dry skin type. Reviews of bronzers have only positive, because it really gives the skin a smooth golden brown.
Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection


Bronzer is a lifesaver for people who are not satisfied with the natural tone of the face, but to spoil the skin sunburn does not want. Those who regularly visit a solarium in the winter and is actively sunbathing on the beach in summer, it is possible to do without this tool, but everyone knows that the ultraviolet rays can dry the skin and accelerate the aging process. For this reason, experts recommend the use of cosmetics, creating an even golden tan without damage.

Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

In order to achieve the desired result, you need to know how to apply bronzer for the face. It can do makeup in the salon, but this service will require financial outlay. Therefore, you can perform all the home properly and independently, adhering to the instructions.


Beginners do not know how to use bronzers for the face, so often suffer from an incorrect application of funds for the skin. A few simple rules will help to fulfill all right and not to damage the skin face:

  • The first thing you need to cleanse your face of excess sebum and various contaminants.
  • To remedy laid down perfectly, it is necessary to apply the tonal foundation in front of him, which aligns the tone.
  • Do not apply bronzer all over your face, as it is used only in certain areas (forehead, cheekbones, nose).
  • Apply the product you need in a circular motion, starting from the forehead and moving to the cheeks.
  • In the final stage can be a little walk on the chin means.
Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

The correct application of

Now it's time to learn how to apply bronzer for the face in the correct order, taking into account the shape of the face. To do this, you need to consider some tricks:

  • For the oval face you want to use a dark bronzer, putting it on the center of the forehead and in the middle of the chin, and the skin around the eyes should be treated as a proofreader light shade.
  • Owners elongated face is recommended to allocate funds hairline, as well as the lower part of the chin.
  • A round face is the most difficult, as it bronzer should be applied diagonal lines along the cheeks, then on the cheeks and in the direction from the forehead to the temples.
  • Adjust the square face, you can use drawing tools on the bottom of the cheekbones, along the nose and along the hairline.

After application to the skin, all the lines should be gently feather to eventually get a natural makeup.

Common Errors

Most people make mistakes in the selection of shades. Because of this, as a result of their face looks unnatural and not as attractive as we would like. Owners pale skin is recommended to choose gold tones, but in any case is not bright brown.

Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

Often girls cause means so that it lays down stripes. This is because they use a bronzer, do not prepare in advance the skin.

What can replace the

Although bronzer is not as too expensive, yet it can purchase is not every fashionista. If you do not have enough money to buy, should not be upset, because this facility can be easily replaced with a mixture of the components present in each house.

For the perfect home bronzer need to take the cocoa powder and any starch in equal amounts and then thoroughly mix them. The result will be obtained a dark-colored powder. It will be easy to lay down on the skin and perfectly matt her. This tool will suit absolutely all the girls, whatever your skin type they may possess. When applying be sure to consider the type of person, as described above.


Modern bronzers designed for the correction of facial, have a lot of feedback. In most cases, people leave only positive comments, because of significant shortcomings in these funds is almost impossible to find.

Really high quality bronzers are not only able to give the face a stunning color and make it smoother, but also to restore its water-lipid balance, if present in the composition of moisturizing ingredients.

Bronzers for the face: what it is, how to apply, selection

Many of the girls who did not miss a single fashion trend and trends in the field of make-up, has long been appreciated by all the possibilities of such a wonderful assistant as bronzer. Today it is available in almost all the girls Beautician, so to doubt its effectiveness budding fashionistas do not have to.