Perfume "Ultraviolet": Description of flavor, reviews. Eau de parfum Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet

Perfume by Paco Rabanne - is always a subtle and refined fragrance, created on the basis of unusual compositions, packaged in an elegant bottle with mystical overtones, is intertwined with one of the main interests of the designer - astrology.

Who is he - Paco Rabanne?

Francisco-Rabanedo and Cuervo was born in Spain (Basque Country). After his father's death, the family moved to France, where Paco's mother got a job to a famous designer Cristobal Balenciaga.

At the age of 18 years Rabanus entered the National School of Fine Arts and tuition cooperates with the house Balenciaga, designing buttons and jewelry for him.

Paco Rabanne name became known among designers in 1966, when he presented 12 outfits created from metal and plastic. The public is shocked by the appearance on the catwalk barefoot black twelve models. After that, the audience got used and perceived crazy designer collections more relaxed. Glass, plastic, paper, artificial fur, metal, fiber holographic - everything is in the hands of the talented Paco takes on new meaning, embodying beauty.

A special word must be said about the perfume lines of the brand, where each composition is an example of elegance and refinement, hidden in an elegant bottle. Ultraviolet fragrance, which will be discussed - is a legend, and the limit of dreams of fashion house of fans over the past 10 years.

Spirits "Ultraviolet": Description of flavor, customer reviews

Oriental woody fragrance for men Ultraviolet Men was created in 1999 by Jacques Cavalieri for the fashion house Paco Rabanne. Mysterious, captivating, slightly sweet with a hint of mint flavor to each representative of a strong half of mankind is revealed in different ways. Initially, it will wrap its owner masculine atmosphere of charm and will attract attention of all the surrounding beauties.


Bouquet fragrance is Egyptian vetiver notes of ambergris, oak moss, green and blue mint. Men's perfume "Ultraviolet" is ideal for evening use. But you can wear them during the day, and the best fragrance will be revealed during the cold season.

The latter fact has been confirmed by many buyers. Strong floor noted that cold air is slightly mutes the amber and vanilla puts pepper notes. And at high temperatures, men's perfume "Ultraviolet" manifest themselves very differently: vanilla and pepper subside, and the thick amber comes forward.

Female oriental floral fragrance was developed in the same year as the previous one. Jacques Cavalier made it spicy, slightly creamy, slightly green, warm, but at the same time intense. Aroma envelops its possessor languid saturated atmosphere.

As a part of women's perfume "Ultraviolet" there are coriander, violet, amber, patchouli, Japanese osmanthus, 3 kinds of pepper (black, orange and red), as well as rose, cedar, vanilla, apricot and fresh almonds. Perfume can be safely used as a daytime fragrance, but best of all it will be revealed in the autumn-winter period.


The ladies in their comments about women's perfume "Ultraviolet" agreed on the fact that the composition turned a kind. On the one hand, the scent is bright, with another - low-key. The customer is recommended to use it only during the cooler. In this case, violet unfold without Powder and excessive languor. Also, reviews said that before buying a product you want to test, as the spirits are strictly individual. If one of the fair sex, they sound deep and mysterious, then the other can create a nauseating smell of soap. After a detailed description of the male and female perfumes is the time to talk about the price. Perfume "Ultraviolet" free retail sales is almost impossible to find. However, in some online stores coveted scent is realized. Value 30 ml vial volume averages 2500 rubles ( "for it") and 3900 ml of 50 rubles ( "For him").


Beautiful, floral, persistent and slightly spicy aroma with notes of sandalwood was developed in 2005. To create a more mysterious masterpiece by Paco Rabanne perfumers have used pink pepper and grapefruit, lily flowers, osmanthus and vanilla. Perfume is ideal for any time of day and best revealed at low temperatures.


In the same year, the male version of Ultraviolet Fluoressence For Men was released. This citrus-moist, elegant and slightly cool flavor captured the hearts of men for its spicy notes. In developing the perfumers of the composition relied on the hottest time of year, so it's best spirits unfold in the summer and warm in the spring. When creating a bouquet used oak moss, star anise, grapefruit, coriander, mint and amber.

Aurore Borealis Edition

Floral perfume with oriental notes, created in 2004, was released on a limited number of copies. Sensual and a little fresh, dry and soft, slightly languid and mysterious, it differs vanilla-wood train. Body bouquet opens gradually, and each new face is a reflection of the female character. The composition consists of Japanese osmanthus, amber, vanilla and pepper, that is exactly what the second part of the name of Aurore Borealis ( "Northern Lights"). Perfume is recommended to apply both in the daytime and in the evening. Reviews say that the best aroma will be revealed during the cool season.


Colours of Summer

Another limited edition, created in 2006. Women's perfume "Ultraviolet Color Of Summer" belong to the group of flower and fruit aromas. This fresh, sunny, slightly spicy perfume composition has a deep train and set up in a positive way his beautiful mistress. When you create a perfume used pink grapefruit, sandalwood, apricot, vanilla and osmanthus. Best of all fragrance will be played during the warm season. Reviews buyers emphasized that Colours of Summer - ideal for both day and for evening use.


Aquatic Plastic

Another creation by Jacques Cavalieri, released in 2002. Fruity-chypre perfume "Ultraviolet" are designed for both women and men. Unusual, fresh, slightly spicy and slightly warming fragrance composition with berry train will give its owner optimism and confidence. The Aquatic Plastic Ultraviolet collection contains notes of musk, red pepper, peony, raspberry, osmanthus and blackberries. Aroma perfectly revealed in the warm season in daily use.


Liquid Crystal

This sparkling fragrance with subtle hints of lemon-wood was set up in 2003. Summer composition Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Liquid Crystal, sealed in a bottle in the form of a crystal includes lemon, osmanthus, melon, violet, jasmine and amber. Perfume is desirable to use as a daily flavor, but can also be worn in the evening hours.


Men fern version was released in the same year as the female. The aroma is fresh, slightly minty, sweet, with citrus train. Like the previous version, the composition is for the hot season, but, judging by the comments of buyers, it sounds good and warm spring. In creating a bouquet of used notes of mandarin, ozone, oak moss, coriander, ambergris and of course, mint.


2 years ago, on September 8 were finally phased out the spirits by Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet. Born in 1999, at the time of the "death" Perfume was full of life and spent the last few years, showing the world an example of indomitable will.

Alas, today the aroma is almost impossible to find even in the most well-known chain stores. Ultraviolet perfume can be purchased in several retail outlets Duty Free system or small perfume shops, whose owners are passionate about this brand.

The modern version, unfortunately, far behind the issues of 1999-2003.