Carlos Bacca: career, achievements and player awards

Carlos Bacca - football team of Colombia and "Milan". He plays as a striker. Carlos was born in 1986 in Colombia. Also it has Venezuelan citizenship.

Carlos Bacca: career, achievements and player awards

Careers in South America

At the age of 16 years, Carlos Bacca began to play for the youth team, "Junior F.c.". football youth team player remained until 2006, then went to the main team. Between 2006 and 2012, Buck took part in 97 matches for the "Athletics" and scored 50 goals in "Example A".

But he played for his club Colombian irregular. In 2007 and 2008 he played on loan for "Barranquilla". In just two seasons with the team from his native city, Carlos has played 46 matches and scored 26 goals. Part of the 2007/2008 season striker spent in the Venezuelan "Minervene" noted 12 goals in 29 matches.

A career in Europe

European biography of Carlos Bacca takes a count in 2012, when the forward moved to the Belgian "Brugge" 2, 5 million euros. In the championship of Belgium in Colombian affairs immediately went well. Until the end of the season striker took part in 10 matches, which could be noted by 3 goals. Season 2012/13 was the complete for Carlos as part of the Belgian giants. All Colombian out on the field in 44 meetings - 35 "Pro League", 7 in the European Cup and 2 in Belgium Cup. In these matches, Carlos scored 28 goals.

Carlos Bacca: career, achievements and player awards

The successful performance attracted the attention of a striker from the Spanish "Seville", which at that time was considered a "storm" of the Europa League. In the summer transfer window, Carlos has signed a five-year agreement with the "red-white". The amount of transfer was approximately 7 million euros. The forward contract had been prescribed compensation in the amount of 30 million euros. Forward noted several balls pocketed during friendly matches, which were held in the summer in preparation for the season. Outstanding season 2014/15 ended for Carlos Bacca double of the final of the Europa League. In 2015, FC "Milan" decided to pay prescribed in the contract Bucky 30 million euros, and football became a player of one of the most renowned clubs in the world. In his first season, Carlos started to show excellent results. Over 43 match striker Share usage in the net 20 goals rivals. In the second season of the case, Carlos did not go so well. He was able to take part only in 23 matches in the FC "Milan" and scored 10 goals.

National Team

Debut in the main team of the country in Bucky took place in 2010. It was a match against the national team of Bolivia. At the end of the first half of the meeting, Carlos scored his first goal in the national team of Colombia.

In 2014, he was the main striker sovey team at the World Championship in Brazil, as a leader and top scorer Radamel Falcao was seriously injured and was unable to help his team.

Carlos Bacca: career, achievements and player awards

Achievements and personal parameters

During his career, Carlos Bacca spent 433 match, in which he managed to score a goal 221. This means that the attacker is different balls pocketed more than in every other meeting in the middle. The greatest number of games, namely 130, Buck held in the "Junior F.c.". During the same club he scored the highest number of goals - 73.

56 fights Colombian striker spent the season 2014/15, speaking for the "Seville". This is the largest number of games conducted by Bakke for the season thereof. Highest number of goals scored was the year 2011 when Carlos in the "Athletics" scored 32 goals.

The composition of the national team of Colombia striker left the field in 38 games and was able to score 13 goals. The last time the national team Bacca scored the summer 2016, when the keeper of the US team in the America's Cup.

Carlos Bacca: career, achievements and player awards

In 2009, Carlos became the vice-champion of the Colombian championship in the "Athletics". In 2010 and 2011, with the team he succeeded twice in a row to win the gold medals of the championship. In 2012, on the basis of "Bruges" season took second place in the Belgian Championship. The "Seville" Buck was able to win two consecutive UEFA Europa League, scoring during the tournament decisive goals. The "Milan" Colombian to win another trophy. They became the Italian Super Cup.

Personal awards at the forward has 4. Three of them - the title of top scorer. In 2009, Buck scored the most goals in the Cup of Colombia in 2010 - national championship, and in the 2012/13 season - in the Championship of Belgium. Also at the end of the 2012/13 season, Carlos was the best player, "Pro League".

Most Colombians are no awards. However, this season, "Milan" conducts a very active transfer policy. Once the club came to the Chinese investors, "Rossoneri" have started to buy good players. Milan next season the team will be one of the favorites in the Europa League and the National Cup, which means that Carlos Bacca will be able to add to your collection a few more trophies.