How to learn to play soccer? football rules

Football is the most popular team sport in the world, and they are attracted to people of all ages and genders. Every year there are numerous competitions both at the country level and at the level of continents or the entire world. Naturally, every boy wants to learn how to play football. Often, in the yard you can see a group of children who play ball, and this is not surprising, since this sport instills in them from an early age. Someone wants to become a professional, and win trophies, someone just playing for fun, someone who understands how useful is football for health and to develop team skills. Accordingly, every child wants to learn how to learn how to play football. To do this, it turns out, it can be quite simple. You only need to know the rules of football, as well as have an appropriate sportswear and skills acquired during the training. So, it's time to learn how to learn how to play football.

How does the training?

How to learn to play soccer? football rules

So, your child has decided to learn how to learn how to play football. Naturally, you should strongly contribute to its aspirations as football - it is primarily a health and communication. And this is the necessary components of each child's childhood, which he often can not be missed. With regard to the training process, everything is quite simple: you should not try to do something on their own, as a huge number of football academies exist in the world. Naturally, you can play for fun with your child, but this training he will receive only the relevant institution. There is a division of young players in the various age categories in which conducted the training. Some workouts are directed at improving the physical fitness of the future football player, the other - to help develop the specific skills needed to succeed in the game. If this is not just a sports club, and a full academy at some professional football club, then your child is in parallel with learning the basics of football will be able to participate in youth tournaments in their age category, which also greatly increases motivation. So, as you can see, it is very important to let your child learn how to learn how to play football. For clarity necessary to describe some of the positive effects that can have the sport to children.

The positive effects of football

How to learn to play soccer? football rules

You enroll your child in the football section, what do you expect from this cost? It turns out that football is incredibly rewarding sport. Firstly, during the game involves all muscle groups that allows the body to stay in good shape. With regard to the training process, it is the most balanced, so that your child will receive the full development of all muscles and skills. It is also very well developed endurance, because the players have to run dozens of kilometers in one hour and a half match. Second, develop a sense of balance and coordination, constantly consumes a large amount of energy, improves blood supply to organs, which reduces the risk of many diseases, including heart disease.

The mental benefits of

How to learn to play soccer? football rules

Do not think that football section for children will allow them to develop physical skills only. The fact that football is a positive effect on the mental state of the child. Firstly, he always spends time with other children, talking with them, he develops team spirit, he learns of mutual aid and so on. In addition, the football well contributes to the development of creative thinking, as the essence of the game is not only physical activity, but also in tactics and strategy. It is impossible to organize an attack on other people's doors or destroy an attack on his own goal, if you do not think through every step. Accordingly, the sport will bring your child to a great number of benefits, so it's definitely worth to learn how to learn to play good football.


How to learn to play soccer? football rules

Now that you understand the full benefits of playing football, it's time to talk directly about how to learn to play it. To do this, the child will need to understand all the skills that he has to acquire, as well as knowledge of football rules.

If we talk about the skills, the first thing we are talking about the feeling of the ball. The fact that control the football projectile at the beginning can be very difficult, so you need to learn to hold it in your legs while running, and make him fly in the right direction at the right speed for the selected trajectory. Thus, the child needs to learn to move without the ball, and with him, to give the transmission and receiving passes, intelligently processing the shell, and, of course, he should be able to hit the ball as the foot and other parts of the body such as the head.


How to learn to play soccer? football rules

Another important element - the knowledge of football rules. Without this, all skills will be meaningless and useless, because football is constantly violating the rules will be quickly dismissed. So, football - a team game in which compete with each other in the two eleven-man team for 90 minutes, ten of whom play in the field, and one stands at the gate. The aim of each team is to protect its own gate and attack the enemy's gate. Allowed to play any part of the body except the hands. And this is only the basic rule: in fact, there are dozens of them, each of which you definitely need to know to be able to continue to play football.

Some advice for beginners

It is important to understand that football - it's a contact sport, so you need to prepare for the fact that you can get hurt in the process. Tremors, bumps on his legs, and such techniques are prohibited and punished, but without them it is still not complete. So you need to work on their coordination, learn to properly grouped in the fall, as well as strengthen muscles, to protect them from damage, which are an integral part of football.