Shampoo "Londa" - shiny and healthy hair

Shampoo "Londa" is produced by the same company, founded in Germany in the late XIX century. All cosmetic products are in high demand among professional hairdressers due to the high quality standards and a rich lineup of funds.


About cosmetics

Shampoo "Londa Professional" is not the only means of hair care series. It also presents masks, conditioners and balms, designed to solve the various problems with the hair. The main consumers are the ones who want to restore your hair after improper care or failure staining. Conventional means in this case are ineffective, so use professional cosmetics.

The advantages of funds, "Londa"

Shampoo "Londa" as the rest of the hair care brand, was originally intended only for professional use in hairdressing and beauty salons. Then there was a line for home care. The effectiveness of their equal.


An important feature of the funds, "Londa" is their composition that does not contain harsh chemical ingredients. Therefore, the hair is not subjected to additional stress and does not dehydrate. The formula feed contains substances that provide protection. Shampoo prevents rapid leaching paints, keeping the pigment in the hair structure.

Despite its leading position in the hairdressing industry, the company is not satisfied with the result achieved. It attaches great importance to research activities, which allows consumers to continuously offer innovative products.

The range of

Shampoos "Londa" designed to solve complex problems. In addition to the functions of purification, they are designed to help the hair gain a healthy appearance, eliminating the existing problems. That is why you need to pick up the goods in accordance with an aspect of their hair. To cope with this task will help the hairdresser, who will assess the condition of hair and recommend the best means of care. For damaged hair is a series of Londa Visible Repair. The main component is panthenol, well-dried and restoring corrupted frequent coloring hair. In the line, except for the shampoo, there are other means of sharing which will give the best result.

Line Color Radiance is designed for full care for colored tresses. Shampoo helps to maintain the rich color depth. This allows you to expose your hair less exposed to the dye chemicals.


The line of Londa Scalp is designed for those with oily or very dry hair, who suffer from dandruff. An interesting product is a shampoo Sensitive Scalp, intended for hair care in people with very sensitive skin.

Products from the series Curl Definer specifically designed to care for curly tresses.

An absolute hit can call Impressive Volume. Line resources for those who dream about bulk hair, but does not have it. This problem is more common among owners of fine hair. In addition to making the amount of shampoo and conditioner will restore the hair from the inside and make them shiny and beautiful.

What's not to like

Reviews of shampoos "Londa" mostly positive. But many girls guards composition, which contains a large number of chemical ingredients. In addition, quite often there are complaints about the hair addictive formula of shampoo. Excellent effect observed at the beginning of the use of cosmetics, gets worse over time. Therefore, many are advised not to use shampoo "Londa" constantly. It is better to alternate it with third-party tools.

Another disadvantage is that it does not fit all, but such cases are the exception. The fact that the shampoo does not fit, you can easily determine the deterioration of the condition of hair. They become brittle or very greasy and heavy.

What do you like

Numerous positive reviews of shampoos "Londa" due to the fact that the result can be seen almost immediately. Even severely damaged hair becomes shiny. Another advantage is the ease of combing hair. This means that they are not stretched and thinned. After using the shampoo they become docile and easy to pack. This saves time and less hair to expose the negative impact of additional resources and tools for installation.


Owners of oily hair know how many there are difficulties with them. Those who tried the shampoo "Londa" for oily hair, pointed out that they have the land and the effect lasts for several days.

Those who have used means for colored tresses of this brand, confirmed that the primordial color lasts much longer than with conventional shampoos.

Hair cosmetics "Londa" provides a complete hair care. That's why she has a lot of admirers among professionals and ordinary users.