Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

Every woman wants to associates paid attention to it. What did not come up modern designers, in order to help women stand out from the crowd!

The story of style and make up

One way to attract attention is the Gothic makeup. Let's see how this phenomenon has gone, what is its history.

In the twentieth century, among the other styles alone stood Gothic style. Usually, it is characterized by the black-colored clothing, a specific make-up in dark colors, the pursuit of death and denial of the existence of the divine.

Many individuals have rejected this subculture, of the opinion that it is not under a clear reason. A demonic appearance of so-called ready brought the older generation in terror, terrorizing.

Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

To date, this culture has not been as widespread as before. But some paraphernalia that accompanies the gothic culture fans remained and is still relevant.

Gothic makeup. What it is? What are the features?

In this article we will discuss about gothic makeup. And what is it?

The Gothic makeup is dominated by dark colors. This make-up is not suitable for any occasion, but always ensure the attention of others, in this you can be sure.

Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

The versatility of this makeup is that it is suitable for light and for dark girls. Organic look a specific make-up would be the case if you go, for example, a theme party or celebrate Halloween.

What do you need?

To do makeup in Gothic style, you need a little bit to show their artistic abilities. What are the attributes for the application you need? Firstly, you need to buy eyeliner black. If you do not like to use it, buy eyeliner. Purchase in-store makeup foundation. Remember that the cream that you buy should be much lighter than your natural skin tone. Do not forget the correctors and powder. They are also recommended for application. Take the black lipstick and the carcasses of the same color. If you do not like this color of lipstick, you can buy, for example, a dark purple, but the shade should be close to black.

The first phase of the make-up

Let's look at the Gothic make-up step by step. Much attention should be paid to the skin. First, wipe it with a cleanser and apply a rich cream. Since the amount of make-up is quite impressive, it is necessary to take care of their skin health. Cream minimizes the harmful effects of cosmetics. Especially abundantly lubricate the area around the eyes. There's skin is the most sensitive and the most in need of care and attention. After 5 minutes, remove the remnants of the cream with a tissue promakayuschimi movements.

For the Gothic style is characterized by a few unhealthy complexion, much paler than natural. To achieve this effect, use the creams. Do not forget that his shade should be slightly lighter than your skin. Apply on face and neck, tonal foundation.

Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

If your face has freckles, age spots, inflammation, pimples or deep wrinkles, also apply concealer on these sites. This makeup does not allow for such flaws and nuances on the face.

The second step

The next step is the application of powder. When choosing a color do not forget about the above recommendations.

By the way, there is one interesting trick: wishing to apply a makeup acquire a special make-up, which used actors. But if you decide to take this step, it is necessary to be extremely cautious, as a professional make-up has a very negative effect on the skin.

Step Three

Then you can do the eyebrows. First, make sure that the eyebrows have been adjusted, remove excess hair. It is better to carry out such procedures on their own at home. Now down to business. To begin, outline the contours of rough eyebrows. Imaginary line should be slightly longer and wider than the natural. Next, paint the space within the contour pencil, allocating a predetermined area.

Other colors of powder adjust the shape of the face. Get effect lapsed cheekbones, a wide brush on the center of the nose to make it more visually direct.

The fourth phase of the make-up

Now the fun part. Take the liner, preferably a liquid, and draw arrows. This is a fairly complicated procedure, because one awkward movement can spoil the whole effect. By the way, should not be applied eyeliner with closed eyes. So increases the risk of irregular or curved line.

Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

The Gothic make-up line must be immediately evident, so when drawing, go out for the corners of the eyes region. Upon request, you can draw a similar arrow on the lower eyelid. But do not overdo it with the density.

The fifth phase of the make-up

After all these manipulations can be applied in the shade. In this make-up will be a prerequisite for the use of bright shades - they will help to achieve a kind of effect. Especially good performance make this option will look, if you go to the photo shoot.

Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

Another important touch is the application of mascara. If you do not have a lush and thick eyelashes, try to stick overhead. This is a very important thing, because the eye in a makeup must draw attention in the first place.

Step Six, the final

Now we proceed to the lips. We definitely need black lipstick. Of course, you can use a maroon or dark purple tone. But the most advantageous in accordance with the style will look exactly black lipstick. So, before applying Draw a pencil outline. Then smooth gentle strokes nakraste lipstick. It is not necessary to use a gloss or brilliant gel. Dullness of your lips give the image a touch of gloom.

For every day

We did an analysis of the steps for applying make-up. But what if we need a gothic makeup on every day? The basic rules of its application remains unchanged. The only difference is that the makeup should be used in smaller quantities.

Gothic Makeup: variations and techniques involved in the home

The main thing in this makeup - highlight your eyes, draw a neat arrow line to emphasize the growth of eyelashes is not too eye-catching shadows, and then to paint lipstick. For everyday makeup is not necessary to use a thick black. It will be quite enough if you apply lipstick maroon, not much different from the natural color of the lips.

Unnatural whiteness inherent in this style, in which case it should also be minimized.

A small conclusion,

In this article, we discussed how to make an interesting and beautiful gothic makeup. This style will never lose its relevance and charm. Any girl with make-up will not leave anyone indifferent man.