Dmitry Sennikov, football player: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Dmitry Sennikov - football player, play the leading clubs in Russian football. Defender started his career in 1996 in the "Locomotive" from St. Petersburg, and he spent the last match in 2010, too, in the "Locomotive", but this time in the capital.

Dmitry Sennikov: biography

Career Russian defender started in Leningrad. Dmitry Sennikov was born in 1976. After secondary education, he entered the Institute of Water Transport Engineers, where he performed for the football team of the Institute.

Dmitry Sennikov, football player: biography, personal life, sports achievements

finish my studies and get a degree Dmitry failed. In the third year of study Sennikov received an invitation Givi Nodii and moved to the "locomotive" of St. Petersburg. At that time, the "railroad" played in the first league. Despite the fact that the choice in favor of the big football began for Dmitri Sennikova true player himself has repeatedly deplored the lack of higher education.

Early career

Coach "Locomotive" said that if Sennikov will work well in training, he can become a quality player. The defender did not disappoint his mentor and showed good results throughout the season.

As part of the St. Petersburg "Locomotive" Dmitry Sennikov spent two seasons. During that time he took part in 76 matches (36 in the first season and 40 in the second). In the 76 matches played, Dmitry scored 9 goals, which is considered a good indicator for the defender.

Strong performance in the "railroad" made football a higher division clubs pay attention to Sennikova. He got a couple of good suggestions. In 1998, Dmitry rejected the proposal of the St. Petersburg "Zenith" and opted for CSKA Moscow.

Dmitry Sennikov, football player: biography, personal life, sports achievements

In the "army" Sennikov faced serious competition. Almost every match he remained on the bench. Club results might not please any fans of any football team. The atmosphere between the players became heated. CSKA held the 14th place in the standings. It made Sennikova think about changing the club.

Summer footballer moved to Yaroslavl "Shinnik" after CSKA coach Paul Sadyrin was fired. About Yaroslavl club in Sennikova still have good memories, but in 1999, the defender left the camp of the club from Yaroslavl, and became a player, "Rubin", the head coach who was appointed Sadyrin.

also, not all was well in the Kazan club. "Rubin" took off from the Cup of Russia, and in the championship ranked only seventh place. Sennikov participated in 41 combat, which could stand scored goals 10 times. In Kazan defender again did not stay, and it was announced before the season 2000/01, Dmitry Sennikov - footballer "Locomotive".

"Locomotive" Football Club

As part of the Moscow team Sennikov spent 10 seasons. It was the best period of his football life. Football career peak fell on the period from 2002 to 2005. During this time he has played more than 25 games each season. During this period the defender was summoned to the national team of the Russian Federation, as part of which he spent 26 matches between 2002 and 2005.

Dmitry Sennikov, football player: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Since 2006, the football player's career went into decline. He began to spend less matches. Season 2009/10 was the last defender of his career. In the course of the season Sennikov only once entered the field in the "Locomotive". In this football biography Dmitry Sennikova ended. In November 2010, the footballer officially announced the end of his career, but two weeks later retracted his words. Tie with soccer defender caused injury. In his interview with the footballer he said that in the future would like to return to the Moscow club as an assistant coach. Also a former football player does not exclude the possibility that in the near future he have a desire to become the head coach of one of the Russian teams.

Personal indices

Professional career Dmitry Sennikova has 15 seasons, ten of which spent defender "Locomotive" in Moscow. Total Dmitry took part in 324 games and 20 goals forgotten.

Dmitry Sennikov, football player: biography, personal life, sports achievements

From 2000 to the end of his career Sennikov defended the colors of "railroad", for which the played 191 match and marked with five goals scored. His first goal in the gate rivals he sent as part of the St. Petersburg "Locomotive" in his debut season. Recently, a goal was held in 2008. Over the past two years as a professional footballer career Dmitri had only 10 fights.

The most productive for Sennikova began the season, held in Kazan, "Ruby". During the year, Dmitry scored 10 goals, which is a very good indicator for the player's role. In addition, this season he played 41 matches - also the best figure in the gaming career.


Dmitry Sennikov is a two-time champion of Russia on football. Both titles were produced with the Moscow "Locomotive". Sennikov first championship won in 2002, and two years later was added, and the second in his piggy bank.

Also, with the "railroad" Dmitry twice in second place in the Russian championship and twice third. In 2000 and 2000, "Loco" won the silver medal of the Russian Championship, and in 2005 and 2006 - the bronze.

Championship in 2002 allowed the "Locomotives" to take part in the match for the "Super Bowl of Russia" in 2003. The duel of "Loco" won, and Sennikov could put another trophy on my shelf. In 2005, he was with the club was able to repeat this achievement. Also in 2005, the team was able to win the CIS Cup, winning 2-1 in the final match of the Azerbaijani football club "Neftchi".

Dmitry Sennikov, football player: biography, personal life, sports achievements

three times with the "locomotive" Sennikov won the Cup of Russia: in 1999/2000, 2000/01 and 2006/07. Cup, won in 2007, was the last trophy in Dmitry Sennikova career.

Dmitry Sennikov: personal life

We can not say that the personal life of Dmitry Sennikova going well. He and his wife Anna at the end of February 2009 had a son, a couple named Maxim. In the early summer of 2013 the marriage broke up.

After a while a football player began a relationship with the former wife of the Russian player Artem Mikhalkov - Daria. The pair met briefly. In 2015, at one of the festivals in Sochi, former footballer reporters saw with model Anastasia Napalkova. Itself Daria said that their relationship was not serious. Sennikov said that still continues to maintain contact with Daria.

In one of his interviews said Dimitri, I did not find love yet. The girl, in which the company was noticed in Sochi at the festival, is only his good friend.