Ink "blacker than black" Maybelline: features, descriptions and reviews

It is impossible to make without the use of ink. It will emphasize the length of the curve and volume of eyelashes, it all adds favorably emphasize the beauty of the eyes incision, if necessary. Especially needed mascara girl with blond eyelashes that without makeup completely invisible. There just is not brands! Manufacturers offer a lengthening, separating, create volume and bending. How to choose among such a variety. Black mascara "blacker than black" from "Maybelline" is a success and is one of the top sellers. What is so remarkable this product?


And you know what the company "Maybelline" produced the very first ink staining of eyelashes? It was in 1913, when Terry L. Williams, a chemist from France, taken aback by his position not very attractive sister. Young girl worried about her nondescript appearance: she was pale, and so could not marry - a man it is simply not interested. Brother chemical combined Vaseline and coal dust - this composition went well on the eyelashes, emphasizes their length, and most importantly - eyes. As a result, his young sister was able to achieve reciprocity, the object of adoration and married him.

A little later, Terry L. Williams was engaged in manufacture of mascara and your company named in honor of his sister, whose name was Mabel, hence the name "Maybelline."

Of course, the movie star once drew attention to makeup and began to use it. After the release of films with the actress, the dye ink, the product has literally become snapped up on the fly! By the end of the twenties of the past century every fashionista was "armed" black mascara.


Mascara "black ink"

Familiar to us mascara with internal dispenser and brush for painting of cilia appeared only in 1960, and it was the first ink, which was not afraid of moisture, ie, water-resistant. The company "Maybelline" fell in love with all the women, and the manufacturer tried to meet the demands of consumers constantly pleasing novelties. Thus, in the early seventies, the legendary mascara was released for the first time "blacker than black". It was a real breakthrough in the manufacture of cosmetics and beat all sales records - it bought up at a speed of thing every fifteen seconds! Now it is no less popular mascara, but still it has a worthy competitor: mascara "L'Oreal" (black), entitled "The Other Side of the Moon: black black night." But, as it turned out, the company did not compete, they have long pooled their industrial power. In 1996, the brand "Maybelline New York" became the property of the corporation, "L'Oreal USA."


Six reasons why you should choose it "Maybelline"

Brand produced many types of mascara, and among them not only the classic black but also colored mascara. But the classic is always a winner, and is more popular. Why is a huge range to choose exactly ink "blacker than black"? There are several reasons:

  • ultracherny color accentuate the beauty of any shade of eye;
  • lengthen the lashes;
  • will give an expressive bend and volume;
  • provide an eye on the background of bright make-up;
  • in the evening eyelashes will appear blacker;
  • no woman to lashes blacker blacks will not go unnoticed.

of the carcass quality is checked for many years, and it is not worse, on the contrary, improved technology like millions of girls!

However, the ink "blacker than black" should be used with extreme caution skinned blondes. This color is able to attract all the attention on himself, emphasizing the pallor.



Mascara has several features that distinguish it among the cosmetics range from other brands. It combines the easy application, shaping and bending amount of elongation ultranasyschenny color. With this product, you do not have to choose between volume and length, or use several carcasses. Ink "blacker than black" to avoid repeated application, as already first layer stains the eyelashes in a very dark color, makes them longer, and makeup looks natural.

mascara brush at the base expands. Brush can reach the most short cilia, which grow in the corners of the eyes, and is perfect to paint over them.

Ink applied easily, does not form lumps does not flow and does not touch the eyelashes smeared with age. Your eyelashes will look perfect throughout the day and evening. Mascara not osypletsya not stick together eyelashes, will not leave unsightly dark circles under the eyes.

Worth noting and striking design of the tube, which is ultrachernaya mascara. Packing stylish, bright pink color with a bright green lid. The stylish design is sure to impress the women of bright, trendy, positive. If you are, then the ink will decorate your beautician.

So how much does this miracle mascara? You will be surprised, because it is quite an attractive and affordable price. On Web sites, online stores and can be purchased at a price from 200 to 300 rubles!


How to apply mascara on "Maybelline"?

The companies have their own stylists and makeup artists. It was their recommendation on staining cilia, we have decided to place in this publication. Black Mascara "Maybelline" not for worldly people, it requires a measured drawing. Begin painting with the little cilia located in the inner corner of the eye, slowly moved to the other. Movement of the brush should be smooth so that it accurately ink evenly distributed.

As to the second layer - it personally yours. If you are aiming to create maximum length and volume, you can, after drying the first layer and the second cause.


"Meybelin" - black mascara: reviews

In the web there are a great many comments, it is dedicated to the carcass "blacker than black". Many people write that for the past several years, choose this mascara, and her desire does not appear to be replaced. There are testimonials from those who have only tried mascara "Maybelline. Black ink." Almost all were satisfied with the result. Women admire the high quality, and it is said that for such a low price did not expect such an effect. Many are advised to change their expensive mascara to this, as it will save you money and eyelash dyeing result is simply stunning!