From what to wear men's brogues?

Men's brogues are choosing more and more young people. It is comfortable and fashionable shoes, which can be accentuated her chosen style. But what they should wear? And what to do absolutely not worth it? Try to understand.

What brogues?

Before you understand what to wear men's brogues, you need to understand that this is a type of shoe. At its core, it's derby shoes with wings and perforation. And today, almost every kind of shoes with holes may have the name "brogues". It could be oxfords and derbies, and Lofer.

From what to wear men's brogues?

We can say that brogues - a rough shoes. They also only have perforations. If you select certain features of this shoe, that they include:

  • small heel;
  • brogirovanie (special perforation);
  • lacy patterns;
  • presence of the backdrop and the sock.

These shoes can be classical or American model. In the first case, the wings end in the middle of the shoe, and in the second they walk to heel.

It is best to look at these shoes double sole. But today, many designers have made men's brogues in various styles and models and do not pay much attention at this point.

The History of

In this shoe has an interesting history of creation. Brogues were invented in Ireland. Previously, they wore a small number of people - farmers. The thing is that they have spent much time in the swamps, and as a result of their shoes wet. So they decided to make holes in the shoes. Because of this, all the water flowed, and shoes dry quickly in the sun.

After some time, they began to wear brogues and foresters. After that, these shoes have paid attention and the highest representatives of the elite. Especially noticeable was when they put on the Prince of Wales.

From what to wear men's brogues?

It is interesting that these shoes as opposed to the other had a high lacing. And also it is distinguished for its delicate toe.

At some point, this kind of shoes began to wear golfers. Today brogues can wear every person, regardless of gender. And these shoes for a long time considered to be a decorative element. And now she put a lot of people under the Scottish costume.

Today you can see a photo of male Brog different types and colors. And now, few people realize the purpose for which they were originally invented.

Who can wear these shoes?

Shoes, brogues are a universal type of footwear, they can be worn by both men and women. They are unisex models, but generally considered a male elite footwear.

From what to wear men's brogues?

Many models of men's shoes, brogues, you can see the representatives of the various brands. And their creators are constantly striving to surprise customers by offering them new options.

From what to wear men's brogues?

Such shoes can be put together with:

  • different trousers;
  • shorts;
  • tweeds and wool.

It should be noted that the pants under a shoe should not be too narrow. Otherwise, the leg will look too big. It is best to choose pants with hems.

For strict suit suit dark-colored brogues with a small amount of decorative elements. But in general, the presence of a perforation in these shoes hints at their informal style. Therefore, before buying them for important meetings, you need to think about.

From what to wear men's brogues?

Under these shoes you can wear almost any shirt and jacket street style. That is why they are very popular among young people. These shoes overcame more beautiful and more impressive than any other, and it can be worn with different clothing. Also, you can wear brogues for parks, pullovers and sweaters. The main thing - to choose a quality model, and then using these shoes can beautify your wardrobe.

Colors Brougham

The most popular are the colors of this shoe:

  • white;
  • Black;
  • brown.

They can be put on virtually every type of clothing. And here is bright and colorful brogues worn need to be careful. If they are to pick up the wrong clothes, you can look ridiculous or absurd. In addition, wear a shoe for a business meeting just will not work.

If we talk about the compatibility of the color of shoes and boots, the white suit almost every outfit. Men's black brogues need to wear a cotton trousers. A brown shoes will be combined with wool, corduroy and denim.

From what to wear men's brogues?

You can also meet and bright shoes, brogues. They can be blue, red, green and other colors. But when they are buying do not forget to think about their compatibility with the clothes.

when selecting Brougham Tips

By choosing a shoe should be treated responsibly. The following guidelines can help in this.

When choosing shoes, you need to take into account the season for which it was purchased. For summer is better to prefer shoes or light milky. But for the autumn dark suit brogues. Brown shoe versatile for any time of year.

It must be remembered that such a thing as men's brogues, attracts special attention. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up a dress of laconic colors.

In addition, we should not forget the material from which made these shoes. This may be a suede, leather or ekokozha. For each type of clothing will suit your style, and this should be taken into account when choosing. Buy such shoes can be both via the Internet and in specialty stores. You can buy classic models, and unusual trends. Especially it is important to experiment lovers.

When choosing different accessories also need to consider the color of the shoes. In this case, other shades and colors in the image of man should not be more than two.


Men's shoes, brogues definitely will not leave anyone indifferent. They are unique and inimitable. You can wear them with just about any clothing. And if a man wants to be stylish and unusual, it should draw attention to the fact that it can combine the various options.

Previously these shoes wore the working class. But over time, things have changed, and it drew the attention of representatives of the higher elite.

It is important to remember that these shoes requires special care. Behind it is necessary to constantly monitor, and then just not be a problem.

Every man should pay attention to such shoes, and buy at least one pair. And if possible, it is better to buy several pairs in different colors.