Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

Lose weight by the summer, the holiday, according to a doctor's appointment ... Reasons for weight loss may be enough. Shtudiruya literature, numerous diets and programs, you begin to understand that everything in a different way. You can opt for a couple of weeks on bread and sweets, and even spend a month eating only eggs and oranges, but what will happen then? No new eating behavior have not been worked out. Habits that will help to fix the result, did not appear.

Moreover, exhausted body begins with double energy demand of food and slow metabolism, are not able to cope with such volume, it is the main cause of weight regain. Is there no way out? Of course there is: you have to follow the advice of professional nutritionists. The optimal solution for weight loss - split meals. Reviews dieters say that this is the only way to not give up favorite foods, easy walk-in guests and at the same time slowly lose the hated kilograms.

Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

Small portions - and more ...

By studying the treatises devoted to weight loss, quite often you can find recommendation to eat frequently but in small portions. But few people know that this is enough to get rid of excess weight. That is to infringe your diet is not required. At first glance it seems weird, but it's true. There is everything, including bread and sweets, enables us to split meals for losing weight. Reviews slimming stress that the first days transferred quite difficult. After the meal is already beginning to look at his watch and wait, when you can put yourself another slice. However, it takes a little time, and you realize that even at a party, at a dinner party, you can not eat more than the usual serving. To pause.

The frequency of the power and rhythm of life

What is the number of meals requires split meals for weight loss? Reviews dieters who share their experiences, suggest that you have to go on a six-power. That is, at regular intervals, about 2 hours, you can come back to the table. Of course, this condition is difficult to be a working person. It's just a new way of life that allows you to lose between 1 and 1.5 kg per week.

Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

methods of scientific platform

Nutritionists, talking about weight loss, it is always based on the physiology, that is, the proven facts that are quite stubborn. Scientists say that in long breaks between meals, the body produces a special hormone. It is called ghrelin and is produced directly gastric mucosa. The higher the concentration becomes, the stronger the feeling of hunger. That's what the doctors say, when told about the harm of the hunger strike.

The more you mistreat your body, the more suffering hormones. As a result, your biological essence comes to the conclusion that the going gets tough. To save yourself the body slows down the metabolism to a minimum. You eat a little, rarely and spend less. In addition, always want to sleep, and the head does not work. Very different works split meals for losing weight. Reviews slimming confirm that no weakness and lack of power in this mode, they do not experience, and strong hunger too. Food enters the stomach is often a hormone just do not have time to be produced. Moreover, frequent portions of food provoke accelerated metabolism, which means getting rid of toxins is the most effective.

Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

Two approaches

Of course, every nutritionist his view of the proper weight loss. It can therefore be interpreted differently and split meals for losing weight. Reviews Experts note that the fundamental difference between them. However, we are all different, so maybe you will stop only on one of them. The first approach is very attractive, but difficult in terms of implementation. In this case, we propose to eat every time you feel hungry. But as soon as feel the saturation, you need to stop immediately. Even if a few minutes later pulled back to the kitchen - please. The main thing - do not overeat.

The overweight person usually experiences a problem with self-regulation at the table, otherwise this problem would not have arisen. Most often, such a system will require more and a food diary, scales and a calculator to the end of the day to take stock, to calculate eaten and calories. Then a couple of weeks you will come to the optimal menu. It is therefore proposed another option. In this case, the meal is offered split into 5-6 times. This three full meals and snacks as well. It is this version and received the greatest popularity among those who practice the split meals for losing weight. Reviews say that you will not be hungry during the day, and therefore eat less, and you will not starve.

"A small amount" - this is how much?

This is a good question, because everyone sees it differently. But today we are interested in is not a common definition, and that is the system itself, called split meals for losing weight. Photos, reviews losing weight that we give will be the proof of its effectiveness. So what is a "small portion". Some nutritionists suggest just put as much as usual, and then remove exactly half. This does not apply to those who have a standard serving size is equal to the pot. Half of the usual dishes - this is exactly what we were looking for. Nutritionists recommend just buy a small spoon and a plate. They even modest piece will look very impressive. During the meal, do not get distracted and do not rush. Eating slowly is required and chewing food thoroughly. Saturation occurs much faster and you get more pleasure.

Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

The principle of "cup"

This section is specifically for those who are now not fully understand what constitutes this diet. Split meals for weight loss, which feedback is very impressive at first glance seems complicated. In fact, you need to turn again to the physiology. Displacement female stomach is 250 ml and the male 300 ml. That is, it is the amount of glass tumbler and cup respectively. Consequently, more than the norm it should not clog.

Amount of food equal to approximately 250 ml is digested for 2 h. From this follows the basic rules of fractional food for weight loss. Reviews emphasize that this measurement is very easy and intuitive. So, what are the rules follow from this:

  • You can have absolutely everything, but within a single cup;
  • The evening meal is also not forbidden. The main thing is that the latter was no later than 1.5 hours before bedtime.
  • Snacks between meals are not allowed. If you are suffering from hunger, it is possible to drink a fruit compote or tea with milk.
  • And now the good news, the liquid in this volume is not considered. This can be tea, juice, low-fat broth.
  • The main meal + dessert + bread should not exceed the limits of the glass. With measurements have initially tricky. To do this, pour into a glass of water and transfer the contents into a bowl. Now leave a mark. It is the amount of food and can be taken at once. Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

And again about the hungry throes

It is clear that chicken soup and beef stew - it are two different things. Below we will discuss the menu. Reviews, split meals for weight loss, called for by everyone, regardless of age and tastes. So let's try to understand the method a little deeper. So, after the first portion to be finished off, had the idea to throw all of this venture. Get together with the spirit and note 2:00.

They go for a long time, therefore, prefer to use some kind of work. To make it easier to drink flavored tea. Next meal to remember. This will be an incredibly delicious meal. Try not to swallow all at once, and rasprobovat as follows.

The second day brings discoveries

The most difficult period is over, and you'll realize it's for breakfast, continuing to practice fractional, proper diet for weight loss. Reviews fully confirm that the next morning you get up from the table, not so hungry. The intervals between meals do not seem so scary, but on the third day of serving and did become fully satisfy. Just two days is required to fully get used to the new regime, and this is not an isolated case. Most people wrote about similar achievements.

Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

The first results of

Three days later you have to get used to the new diet and feel like a fish in water. No hungry fainting, but until and changes too quickly. Nutritionists warn that the fat is easy and it is difficult to notice a decrease in the balance, so it's best to use tape. But she did not hurry to rejoice. Most people said that small changes noticed after two weeks that immediately include in their reviews. The results of fractional power for weight loss at this stage is not too impressive, a couple of centimeters in the hips or waist, one that melts faster. About a month later, you can already expect that lose 2-3 centimeters and the waist and hips.

Connect Sports

If until now you were a passive lifestyle, then try to start walking in the evening, to go to the country or to enroll in a sports hall. And do not give up on the old diet. With such innovations of the last month will be achieved in a record two weeks. Now we can spend checkweighing, in the red should be 3-4 kg. About 6 months in the same spirit, without overloading yourself workouts and without giving up favorite foods, you can lose 6-7 kg, and a couple of sizes in volume. At the same time about pains in the stomach, you can forget forever. At the same time at a party, and at the festive table can not vymeryat nothing, and eat as much as you like. That's just more than 200 ml will not fit.

Split meals for weight loss: slimming reviews and photos Results

caloric intake

We should not forget that the total energy value of food consumed per day should not exceed 1600-1800 kcal. Lower the bar too is not necessary, our goal is to lose weight, but do not get sick. But it is not recommended to consume more than 2,000 calories a day. Be sure the diet must include protein products. They retain a feeling of satiety for a long time and inhibit the production of ghrelin.

If we consider the diet detail, the breakfast is better to make a dense and carbohydrate. Yes, we will not original, it is porridge. Leave for lunch soups and main dishes, and for dinner steamed vegetables or meat. Between them, there are still three snacks. Vegetable soups and cereals, fruits, cheese, all of these useful products can diversify your diet. But the principles of healthy eating should not be forgotten. Chocolate and potato chips may also have a place in your diet, but you can not use them constantly.

The results and feedback

So, why do people seem attractive split meals for weight loss? Reviews, results, photos, we managed to find all the evidence that the system works and stick to it is not difficult. You do not need to make any adjustments to diet, just reduce the dose by half. In this case, the feeling of hunger is completely absent. In a short time, and you already begin to forget about the need for the next meal. The resulting effect will stay with you for years to come. Furthermore, this method is recommended by physicians and has no contraindications. Even diabetics can use it.