John Isner: biography tennis

John Isner is one of the most famous tennis players. American athlete acts since 2007 and has won many prestigious trophies. At one court, he met with the best racquets and often left them out of business. His crowning forehand is considered one of the strongest in the world. At the same time John phenomenally high for the growth of the sport for which he earned the nickname "Giant."

John Isner: biography tennis

Biography of athlete

John Isner was born in 1985 in North Carolina. The family had two other brothers. I enjoy tennis guy started nine years. While his peers were playing baseball or American football, John beat the ball into the wall of your garage.

After high school, he entered the University of Georgia. While continuing to play tennis. In favor of a university in junior tournaments. In 2003, for the first time taking part in a large prestigious tournament. From time to time, speaking at amateur tournaments, winning prizes. Many coaches do not believe in him, considering his height (208 cm), unsuitable for tennis.

Early career

At the age of twenty finally goes into the sport. Joined the Association of Tennis Professionals and playing in international tournaments. In the first match he played against Dick Norman. The game was quite tense. John Isner won three of the first game, but ultimately lost with a score of 6: 7.

In the same 2007 athlete selected to the international competition through the "Challenger" tournament. American takes first place and is in the ATP Cup final. Then the young tennis player drew international media attention. He could go down in history by becoming the first winner of two tournaments of this level in the first season. However, in the final he met with Andy Roddick. The opponent was very tough and managed to overcome Iznera, beating him to two games.

Despite losing, John Isner has made a huge leap in the international ranking of players.

John Isner: biography tennis

In just two weeks, he climbed to 192nd place - not bad for a beginner. Six months later, he made his debut in the singles tournament, "United jersey states Oupen". But at the initial stage of the lot chooses his most difficult opponent - Roger Federer. Legendary tennis young Iznera route with 3: 1.

Tennis: John Isner wins new tops

In February, John takes part in the prestigious tournament "Saibel Oupen" in California and goes to the quarterfinals. This allows him to enter into the hundred of the best tennis players in the world. However, this is followed by a series of setbacks. In France, he was eliminated in the first game, and then the fiasco at Wimbledon.

John Isner: biography tennis

Isner John rehabilitated in the summer. Paired with Mardi Fisch takes first place in the ATP grass tournament.

The next three years, John has shown good results in individual competitions. He takes the top places in almost all prestigious tournament with a hard coating. In August 2015 goes to the final, "Atlanta oupen EIR", where he met with Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis. John Isner easy route, completing the two sets with the score 6: 3.

In the same year he won a record for himself eleventh place in the international ranking. And next year, climbed to 54th place in the team rankings.