Tezenis stores in Moscow and the development strategy of the company

Tezenis - is a chain of stores, which is known for high quality lingerie and clothing for home at affordable prices. The company's success lies in the fact that all the shops are located in the most popular shopping areas of large cities. Reasonable prices, a huge range of products, the use of the professional sales techniques, excellent service and innovative franchising ensure the growth and prosperity of the brand.

Brand Story

Tezenis brand is known worldwide as a trademark, which produces underwear for men and women, as well as clothes for the house and leave. Italian brand Calzedonia is part of the holding. It was founded in 1986 in Verona, and began to spread rapidly in all the capitals of the world. Now it has more than 250 the number of lingerie shops, but a growing number of new stores opened each year.

Tezenis stores in Moscow and the development strategy of the company

Tezenis stores in Moscow were first introduced in 2004, it was the first Russian store, where the beginning of the trading activities of the company in our country.

The range Tezenis

Tezenis stores in Moscow are its customers a wide range of underwear for men and women, clothes for home, beach accessories (swimsuits, sarongs), clothing for sports and special cotton underwear. All outlets are designed in a minimalist style, professional consultants are attentive to every buyer. It is worth noting the fact that the range of products conventionally divided two sections: basic fashion and modern trends. This applies only underwear. Clothing for home (pajamas, shorts, robes, T-shirts, pants, etc.) look bright, but very cozy. A rich palette of colors and a variety of prints will not leave indifferent any buyer. And not so long ago appeared a section beachwear pleasantly pleased by the latest fashion swimwear models.

Apartments in Moscow

In Moscow Tezenis stores represented in 10 points of sale, and this number will only grow as the demand for the products of the brand is not abating, and is gaining momentum. Franchise companies planned in such a way that a businessman gets the maximum information support business development. All this contributes to the expansion of the network in all cities in Russia.

Tezenis stores in Moscow and the development strategy of the company

In order to increase the availability of goods Italian brand, customers have developed a site of sales of all the products in Russia. Shoppers online store Tezenis in Moscow and other regions have the opportunity to purchase your purchase in your favorite store, without leaving home. Constant promotions and offers turn shopping into a real pleasure!