"Yuniklo" shops in Moscow and Moscow region

The company Uniqlo - it's casual wear retail chain, which originated in 1949, in Japan. Its founder, Tadashi Yanai is a successful business, flourishing in countries such as Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and others. To date, Uniqlo has more than 1400 stores worldwide.

Uniqlo in Russia

"Yuniklo" shops in Moscow began to open in 2009, the same year there was the Russian network "Yuniklo Rus", there are now 15 branches in a variety of popular shopping centers of the capital and its suburbs.

During the business (more than 7 years in Russia), the company managed to win the love of customers and successfully compete with brands like Bershka, "NyuYoker", Zara, Cotton, "Mango Man", "The Snow Queen", etc. . Provided this brand of tranquility and elegance of style, without frills, as well as excellent quality.

Reasonable prices on clothing from the company Uniqlo are constantly increasing the number of regular customers, for example, jeans here will cost from 1200 rubles, t-shirt of 400 rubles, and in addition, are pleased that the shop has a large assortment -.. From outerwear to stockings.

Leading the Moscow rating

In Moscow shops "Yuniklo" can be found in the most popular shopping centers, such as the "Okhotny Ryad", where he is on the third floor and is open from 10:00 to 22:00.

It is this clothing boutique women customers appreciated by 5 points on a scale, noting the good quality stuff, great service and a diverse range of products, as well as the shop itself - a large, free, light, with pleasant and courteous staff.

Addresses of shops: the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" (32 m), "Theater" (310 m), "Revolution Square" (450 m), Str. Manege Square, Building 1, Building 2, Building 2.

The capital's fashionista shops also note "Yuniklo" in Moscow, located at the following addresses:

  • TC "European" metro "Kiev" (66 m), the area of ​​the Kiev railway station, Building 2 (22:00).
  • Shopping Center "fleet" metro "Airport" (11 m), "Polezhaevskaya" (1, 6 m), "Sorge" (1, 6 m), khodinskiy Boulevard, Building 4 (open until 22:00) .
  • TC "Atrium" (second floor), metro "Kurskaya" (150 m), "Chkalov" (160 m), Str. Earthen wall, 33, (23:00, weekends until 00:00).
  • TC "Oceania" metro "Slavic Boulevard" (350 m), "Pioneer" (11 m), "Filyevskiy park" (13 m), Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 57, possession 3.
  • TC "Metropolis" metro "Baltic" (280 m), "Vojkovskaya" (450 m), "Streshnevo" (1, 3 km), Leningrad shosse, 16, structure 4 (open until 23:00) .
  • "The Prague" (80 m), "South" (11 m), street Kirovograd, 13, letter A, Shopping Center "Columbus" (open until 22:00).

Less popular

In the second place, in the opinion fashionistas in Moscow shops "Yuniklo" metro stations:

  • "Zil" MSC (860 m), "Avtozavodskaia" (1, 1 km), "Tula" (1, 2 km), a street Avtozavodskaia, 18 (22:00).
  • "Pyatnickoe highway" (2, 7 km), "Mitino" (3, 9 km), Pyatnickoe highway, 7 km, possession of 2, TC "Joy" (22:00).
  • "Skhodnenskaya" (290 m), "Glider" (1, 3 km), "River Station" (2 1 km), Skhodnenskaya street, house 56, shopping center "Kaleidoscope", 22:00.
  • "Rostokino" (840 m), "Sviblovo" (1, 2 km), "Botanical Garden" (1, 3 km), Prospekt Mira, 211, a housing 2, a first layer (22:00), TC "Golden Babylon".

The Best in Moscow

clothing stores "Yuniklo" in Moscow, designed for consumers of all ages - a manufacturer of stylish and fashionable clothing for the whole family. If you visit at least once a boutique named network, you will remain a regular customer forever. "Yuniklo" offers a simple, inexpensive, comfortable and perfectly suitable for our Russian climate clothing. Catalogs and new collections are always pleased with pleasant colors and restrained style of the leading collections of branded manufacturers in Europe.

stores addresses "Yuniklo" in Moscow, and the most popular shopping centers of Moscow region, where you can relax with your family, look like this:

  • "Kotelniki" (2, 5 km), Zhulebino (3, 5 km), Moscow region, Kotelniki, first Pokrovsky passage, 5 SEC "Mega Belaya Dacha". Regular taxis and buses from the metro stations "Lublin", "Volzhskaya", "Kuzminki", "Kotelniki", "Bratislava".
  • The Moscow region, Khimki, TC "Mega Khimki", Leningrad highway, 23 km, opening hours: Weekdays from 10:00 to 23:00 and weekends from 10:00 until 00:00. It is easily accessible by bus and by buses from the metro station "River Station", "Glider", "Skhodnenskaya".
  • Defense, 41 km MKAD, Kaluga highway, 21 km, shopping center "Mega Teply Stan", taxi and buses from the metro station "Teply Stan", "Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard", "South-West", "Yasenevo".
  • Metro "Warsaw" (1, 3 km), "Nahimovskij prospectus" (1, 4 km) "Nagorny" (1, 4). Address: Kashirskoye Shosse, 14, shopping center "Hudson." Buses from the metro stations "Kolomna", "Nagatinskaja" (22:00).

stores Catalog "Yuniklo" in Moscow on the official website of the company, you can always see the new seasonal range of products and collections.

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