"Cieza" - hair color: reviews of professionals, composition and palette

Almost every woman has resorted to hair coloring. In the market of the cosmetic industry is quite a large variety of coloring agents, it tonics and coloring shampoos, and hair dyes. If a girl decides to change the color curls long and fundamentally, it selects the paint. Increasingly popular with the ladies enjoyed "Cieza" (hair dye). Reviews of professionals and ordinary women, coloring hair at home, confirm that the means of quality, and it can be completely trusted. Today we look at the palette provided by the manufacturer, and reviews about specific product lines, "Cieza".

Choice of colors

As we have already mentioned, the choice of colors in the cosmetic industry is quite large, and you can try dozens of manufacturers trying to find its perfect remedy. Especially hard for women, do not go to beauty salons for hair coloring, and newcomers, for the first time confronted with the home painting. So the fair half of mankind will come to the aid is "Cieza" (hair dye). Reviews of the facility say that this paint is almost perfect. Use it simply, color is always beyond that specified on the package. Such comments justify paint the slogan "Professional tool designed for non-professionals." Manufacturer since it introduced a product, because select the desired shade easily without the help of a professional to use it at home easily. To all this is attached an added bonus - an acceptable price. Buy paint will be much cheaper than the use of salon services.


Many women first heard about paint "Cieza" interested her more knowing that the product is manufactured in Germany famous brand Schwarzkopf & Henkel. The company more than a hundred years, and during that time she has devoted to the development and creation of new, more useful and high-quality cosmetics. The brand specializes in making it usable and safe cosmetics, for its creation using the most natural ingredients and a minimum of chemicals. The company's products have a variety of means to care for children, sensitive and thin skin. Goods are completely safe and the most concerned about the health of consumers. The same applies to paint "Cieza", which became the pride of the company.


For all women, without exception suitable hair dye "Cieza", reviews of her support manufacturer's declaration. The company says that the product is perfectly paints and does not hurt, even very dry hair, split ends, or too greasy curls. The composition of the paint is aimed at improving, not on additional negative impact. As a means laid great result plus coloring hair recovery. After the hair treatments are not only not damaged and restored, but also protected from further adverse effects. It explained this effect by the fact that the composition has a lot of useful components, such as aloe vera, vitamins, wheat proteins.

The palette is represented in more than thirty tints, and all of them are sold in retail stores. After coloring your hair will look healthier, shinier, become obedient. Also, do not worry about the outcome. Reviews of Hair Dye "Cieza" say that the tone is obtained that way, which is expected. Many positive comments directed toward the means consistency. They write that the paint is thick, creamy, it is easy to apply, and it does not spread beyond the time of exposure. Hair stained evenly, and if you do not accidentally get dirty with paint, then she does not get on skin.

The series paints

Divided into four line hair dye "Cieza". Palette, reviews of which only the positive, not so rich, but it is presented with all the necessary nuances and women, painted in classic colors, easy to pick up your tone. So, what lots of rich color?

  • The base line;
  • "Color Mixing";
  • "Oleo intense";
  • "Glos Sensei".

I would like to talk about each separately, in more detail.

Basic Series

These paints have been developed for high-quality home-staining. After the procedure, the hair become saturated color that lasts a long time, and washed out evenly, almost imperceptibly, and a healthy shine manicured curls. To achieve this effect was due to the new technology. Coloring particles penetrate into the deepest layers of the hair and permanently fixed there, they are able to paint even gray hair.

Despite the fact that there is a part of ammonia, hair dye does not dry. This does not happen because of the presence in the composition of keratin complex, which protects the structure of the entire length. There is also a provitamin complex, it smoothes and nourishes hair. That is why the hair for a long time retain the shine and smoothness.

The series includes 29 tones, and for greater convenience of its customers still divided into four lines: bright, red, chestnut and dark. The same classification given to all series.


The company has developed unique brighteners, and now even the dark-haired women can become blondes without the help of professional artists. These funds are not only perfectly clarified strands without the effect of yellowing, but smooth them. To neutralize the straw color in the package attached to the clarifier balm with blue pigments. In the line there are three means:

  • Strong clarifier is designed for non darkest shades of light brown and chestnut. The result is a warm color.
  • Intense able to remove completely and chestnut brown pigment lighten hair for seven colors. Result - cold.
  • Ultra - the most powerful clarifier. He completely eliminates all the darkest pigments, brightening hair eight colors, too cold results.

Hair Dye "Cieza Oleo Intense": reviews

This means, as well as other in "Cieza", it was developed in cooperation with professional hairdressers and colorists. Hair Dye "Cieza Oleo", reviews of which are all positive, is based on natural oils. After coloring the hair incredible shine, and this fact is confirmed by multiple comments girls staining "Oleo Intense". They write that such brilliance could not give any one, even the most expensive paint. That's why most women stopped their choice on this series.

Despite the fact that the hair dye "Cieza" without ammonia (reviews on this occasion is also available) staining result is amazing. Color is stored for a long time, as evidenced by numerous comments in the network. How is it? The thing is that as a fixative colors stand oil. They penetrate deep into the rod firmly settle there, seal all the exits of colored pigments and restore the structure at the same time! Do not forget that the oil nourishes, moisturizes, protects and revitalizes hair.

The series is divided into four lines: light colors, dark red and brown. The most popular is hair dye "Cieza" blond. Reviews girls on the light tones of admiration. Write that before after coloring the hair broke Sears and faded as light shades of the most harmful due to the presence of ammonia and an oxidizing agent. Now the blonde can be painted in your favorite colors and treat the hair at the same time! And all this thanks to the oil-based "Cieza Oleo Intense". This series is distinguished by its unsurpassed natural hues. Whichever color you choose, after dyeing hair will not look unnatural. Beautiful tone, "soft", and women feedback about this very positive. Write that after staining the flicker is generated on the hair: on bright colors - platinum sparkle, and brown and black - pearl.

Hair Dye "Cieza Sense": reviews

This is an interesting development of the brand. One of the agents is ammonia-free hair dye "Cieza Gloss". Responses about it told that even in the absence of ammonia, the color lasts for two months. Write that washed out from the hair paint slowly and evenly, does not appear unsightly "bald spots" in color. What is remarkable this tool? The thing is that he choose a woman with damaged hair, split ends for a reason. This series is designed for the lamination of hair effect. Specially designed formula allows coloring pigment gently penetrate the hair shaft and firmly to gain a foothold there. The effect is achieved by laminating the sealing components. The manufacturer claims that the split ends becomes 50% less, and the same number of hair less break. What about this woman write?

Comments have both positive and neutral. Someone wrote that there is an effect of lamination, someone did not notice. But all say that the paint itself is very good. Series as well as the rest, is divided into four lines: brown tones, black, red and blonde.

"Color Mixing"

Previously, in order to achieve beautiful iridescence on the hair, had to use the services of a colorist, who professionally select and mix two shades, adding a fashionable color of the base. Now you can color and independently with the help of hair dye "Cieza Mixing Color". Series line features four shades: reds, dark, blond and brown. Many of the girls tried to remedy themselves and leave only positive feedback.