Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed "Black Mamba": biography, sports career

Roger Mayweather - professional boxer from the USA, previously played in various weight categories (2nd HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT, light and 1st welterweight average, 1-average). Roger is a world champion in the featherweight 2nd and 1st welterweight weight category (WBA c 1983 to 1984 and WBC between 1987 and 1989, respectively). Roger Mayweather (Black Mamba - nickname) has gained great popularity not only because it was once world champion, but also the fact that trained his nephew - the famous and unparalleled champion Floyd Mayweather.

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed

Roger Mayweather: biography, childhood and familiarity with boxing

Born on April 24, 1961 in Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA). Roger has two brothers who are also associated with boxing and have some sporting success. However, as we can notice, Roger Mayweather in the sport has made more than his brothers - was the world champion.

future champion childhood passed all the laws of the ghetto, somewhere on the outskirts of Michigan. Roger says that since childhood had unyielding character and desire to win. He never missed an opportunity once again to fight with their peers from the area, in order to prove its truth and power. For this he was feared and respected by the local boys. The first acquaintance with boxing took place when he was only eight years old - he put on gloves and began to box like mad. Since Roger forever linked his life to boxing.

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed

Roger Mayweather: athletic career, the first successes of

Debut on the professional stage took place in 1981, when Roger was twenty years old. Young athlete met in a duel with Puerto Rican Andrew Ruiz, who at that time were known and had a rich boxing's reputation. This fight Roger remembers by heart to this day. It is noteworthy in this game that the Black Mamba knocked out his opponent in the first round. A good application in the world of boxing from the debutant, is not it? From the first seconds of the fight, Mayweather began to attacking moves that just shocked Puerto Rican Andrew. After a series of good punches, Roger completed his battle corona side impact, and an opponent just sprawled on the platform of the ring. Sports media is very much written about the event in boxing. The world gradually began to learn the future world champion.

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed

The path to the first championship belt

After spending 13 professional fights, which ended in triumph, Roger Mayweather was the USBA champion on the version of the world lightweight title. The popularity of the Black Mamba has spread to all of America, and now Roger has appeared countless opponents who want to meet him in the ring.

One of these fights was a fight with the Puerto Rican Samuel Serrano, who in his shoulders had good statistics - 15 victories in the battle for the championship belt. It is not difficult to guess that in this meeting the winner came Roger, leaving the opponent lying on the floor. It was a clean knockout by which the American has become the new WBA lightweight champion.

Young fighter Roger could no longer be called a novice pro, so all his potential opponents change their thoughts about his candidacy for the fight. Several months later, Mayweather began to prepare for the next battles in which he was expected at first Panamanian Jorge Alvaro, and after the Chilean Benedicto Villablanku. But Roger, these boxing matches turned out to be simple and easy exercise - opponents got knocked out.

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed


The first fiasco Black Mamba

Roger Mayweather, fighting has been waiting for the whole of America, preparing for the next fight, in which he had to defend his title against compatriot Rocky Lockridge. I took this fight in February 1984. Preliminary quotes bookmakers on Mayweather was 4 to 1. However, all ended by knockout in the first round, and unfortunately, fell on the apron of the ring with the legendary boxer nicknamed Black Mamba. Crushing blow right from the Rocky Lockridge became the final chord of this fight. Roger Mayweather carried away from the ring on a stretcher.

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed

legendary boxer Roger Mayweather's disease

Many years later, after a successful sports career Black Mamba whole world learned about the tragic news - his illness. The thing is that the boxer is very weak jaw that made under considerable pressure in the matches. Many well-known professionals from the world of boxing is often faced with the illness and immediately announced the completion of his career, but Roger was not the kind of athlete. Hiding from all his fault, he still came out to the ring and conquered the whole of America. Perhaps this is the problem with the jaw sometimes does not give Roger finish the fight properly.

It should be noted that the figure was far Mayweather athletic: thin, with thin but long legs. Given all the problems of the Black Mamba, his personal trainer has developed a special boxing strategy, which causes total protection with lightning counter-attack. That is a professional boxer, world champion, almost always worked in the ring number two and kept a considerable distance. And it did not stop him to win!

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed

From a pedigree can not escape - a bit of the famous champion Floyd Mayweather

Boxer Roger Mayweather always had a certain mannerism in the ring, which is partly taken over by his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr. (son of his elder brother). However, Floyd is much faster than his uncle, then he and deserved the absolute world champion. Floda Jr. embodied in his technique all the positive qualities of the black mamba and even improved them. Apparently, Mayweather is in the blood - to be a champion!

Why Black Mamba?

The history associated with the nickname Roger, very entertaining. Once he was preparing for the next battle, and at half-time documentary looked between training sessions about the snakes, which tells about the life and characteristics of the black mamba. As it is known, this snake very aggressive and has a swift rate movements during the attack. After thinking about what was said, Roger decided to usurp the name, believing that he has a lot to do with this mysterious representative of wildlife.

A series of knockouts in which Roger visited - story fall legend

Battle with compatriot Rocky Lockridge became a transit point in his career Mayweather. After losing by knockout, he decided to go to the light weight, in order to catch up, however, and there it was waiting for failure. The next fight was with Tony Balthazar, to whom so eagerly preparing for Black Mamba.

From the first seconds of the fight, Tony Baltazar began to dominate, over and over again making a series of his crown blows. In the end, Mayweather was a fiasco. After recovering from injury, Roger decided that the need to re-enter the ring and prove the viability of sports. But all subsequent fights ended in complete failure.

Roger was in a heavy knockout of Freddie Pendleton, and then - from Chavez Julio Cesar (in the battle for the championship WBC title). The next battle took place almost two years. In March 1987, he boxed against Pernally Whitaker, but lost on points.

The last fights Black Mamba

In Mayweather's career fell on hard times - he lost almost every match and less and less to box out. In November 1987, he lost by knockout Mexican Rene Arredondo. It seemed that everything was over, and Roger is not worth dreaming about any progress in the world of boxing. But the next four games left for Mayweather.

A small rise in the career of a boxer forced to believe in themselves and decide on a rematch with Julio Cesar Chavez. In May 1989, there was a struggle in which Roger Mayweather has held as many as 10 rounds, after which voluntarily raised the white flag. Barely standing on his feet, he took a reasonable decision - surrendered. After this fight, Roger never saw championship belts. In December 1991, he fought the Colombian Rafael Pindo. It was a battle for the title of world champion in the welterweight version of the IBF, which defeated Rafael.

Roger Mayweather - American boxer nicknamed

In June 1995, on the way of the black mamba is a young Russian boxer Kostya Tsu. This fight was won by the Russian. It seemed that Roger came not to box, and defend itself.

has earned the respect of

Roger Mayweather, which constantly interfere with disease qualitatively box, still remembered around the world as the legendary fighter. He managed to conquer the sporting community and boxing entourage his strong-willed character and unique style of protection and punches. Even now, around it too much attention, because he recently coached Floyd Mayweather Jr. - the absolute world champion.