Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

The idea of ​​the French manicure - this is a godsend for those who enjoy universal solutions. French would be appropriate and at work, and on a romantic date, and a walk with your friends, and even at an informal party. But if you love bold decisions and vivid images, try to experiment with colors and patterns. There are many ideas to help you to "refresh" a favorite with French manicure.

Driving performance of the classic jacket

The idea of ​​the French manicure is simple: using the varnish to imitate the natural appearance of the nail. To manually perform this registration, you need to perform a series of sequential steps:

  • The first step is bring the nails in order: cut burrs, move cuticles, shape the plate and lightly abrade it.
  • Apply nail base coat. It is desirable that it had a leveling effect.
  • When the base is completely dry, cover the nail lacquer base color, which will be as close to natural.
  • After drying the basics paste stencil slightly retreated from the outer edge of the nail.
  • White lacquered cover the edge of the nail plate.
  • After a couple of minutes, remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry.
  • Apply top coat to protect the nail polish and shine.

Ripe watermelon

In the height of summer Give your marigolds bit juicy and bright colors. For example, turn them into slices of ripe watermelon. How do you like this idea of ​​the French manicure? It is executed as follows:

  • Cover the nail base means or white lacquer on which color will look more lush.
  • On a small piece of sponge, apply a little bit of red and white lacquer, slightly blurred boundaries, to get a smooth transition. Attach the sponge to the nail, gently push the gradient imprinted.
  • With the help of a cotton swab soaked in acetone, quickly remove the nail that hit the skin around the marigolds.
  • With a toothpick or thin brush dipped in black lacquer, paint the bones of watermelon on the part of the nail, where the concentrated red.
  • Wait until the foundation of how to dry, then glue stencils for a French manicure and carefully paint over the nail edge of the green lacquer. This is an imitation of watermelon rind.
  • In conclusion, apply a layer of clear lacquer.
Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

polka-dot dress

The idea is not for the French manicure - "polka-dot dress"? This is a great option for those who want to refresh the image and place your nails in accordance with their wardrobe. This is done as follows:

  • Apply a nail base coat, and when it is completely dry - the main color, close to the corporal.
  • Attach the stencil round, departing from the edge of the nail, and cover the space with red paint, or any other that complements your dress color.
  • With DOTS, or put down an ordinary toothpick white dots at the edge of the nail, simulating material with polka dots.
  • thin brush soak in the lacquer black color and separate the flesh from the edge of the nail varnish. Put flyspecked (knot) and draw a neat little bow.
  • Apply a fixative. Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

The double jacket as an option fashionable nail ideas

French manicure can be quite interesting and bright. For example, if it is a double. Make it quite easy:

  • Put on the nail plate leveling base and the main natural shade. If you want to manicure was even more striking, use lacquer with Shimmer.
  • On the nail glue two stencil. The distance therebetween should be equal to the width of the labels. The same should be indented from the edge.
  • On the edge of the nail, apply gentle turquoise nail polish, and between the stencils - pink. It may also be other colors at your discretion.
  • The final step is the application of the diamond coating.
Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

Naughty dragonfly

The idea of ​​the French manicure with a pattern should be as concise, to maintain the basic concept. Delicate tiny dragonfly will be a great decor for your marigolds.

  • In order to implement original ideas of the French manicure gel would be the best material for the job. So the first thing put on nails primer and dry it under the lamp.
  • The next step will be the nail polish shade of beige. It can be glossy or Shimmer. Again place the fingers under the lamp, and then remove the adherent layer.
  • The edges of the nail polish to paint the bright blue or turquoise. Again dry under the lamp and remove the sticky layer.
  • Now proceed to draw dragonflies on the ring finger. Two large black dots - this is the body of the insect, and several small - tail. On each side pririsuyte two small wings.
  • Apply a top coat and dry it under the lamp.
  • With the help of special glue attach two crystals, which are the eyes of a dragonfly.
Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

Manicure for a princess

If you are looking for fashionable ideas of the French manicure, create a design with which you will feel like a princess. This can be done as follows:

  • Apply a nail leveling the foundation, and over it - paint the sky-blue color.
  • Now cover plate means with small sequins.
  • When all the layers are well dry out, stick the stencil and paint nail edge gold lacquer. Now, with the help of a thin brush to pririsuyte golden triangles strip to simulate crown.
  • to the top of the triangles paste large round sequins or small crystals.
  • to consolidate the results transparent varnish.
Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

Chocolate ice cream

There are enough interesting ideas of the French manicure on short nails. Why not turn them into a refreshing chocolate ice cream? This can be done as follows:

  • Give your nails a square or round shape and cover them with a layer of leveling base. Be sure to wait until completely dry.
  • Pick varnish dark brown hue that best would be similar to chocolate, and cover their nails. It is better to apply two coats, to avoid gaps.
  • receded from the edge of the nail, glue and paint stencil tip white lacquer or coating colors of warm milk. In principle, you can do without labels, because in this manicure do not need a perfectly flat line.
  • In the same light varnish pririsuyte asymmetrical drops that simulate ice melting.
  • Secure result clearcoat layer or the diamond coating.
Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

The luxurious black and gold manicure

There are many design ideas of the French manicure. But if you can not find something specific, stop for a classic combination of black and gold. This design looks strictly and solemnly, and feminine. Here's how to do it:

  • Bring nails in order slightly abrade the plate and apply a base coat, which aligns the remaining defects.
  • Cover nails dense layer of matte black paint and wait for it to dry completely.
  • After making a small indentation on the edge of the nail, stick the stencil and paint the tip of the gold-colored varnish.
  • For a more interesting effect, you can use another method. Cover the tip of the nail with transparent varnish and lower it into the container with gold sequins.
  • Fixer applied do not need to, because it will eliminate the matte black lacquer.
Fashionable idea of ​​the French manicure: Recommendations and description

What should always be at hand

If you like to experiment with the design of marigold, you should always be a certain set of resources and tools that will facilitate the work with lacquer. Thus, before performing a decorative French manicure, make sure that you have the following on hand:

  • The capacity for caring baths. No matter what design you choose for your nails, hands should look well groomed. It is impossible to remove burrs and to tidy up the cuticle, when the skin is not steamed.
  • A complete set of nail accessories. It scissors, nail files of varying degrees of abrasiveness, tweezers and so on.
  • Tools for coloring the nail. Not always brushes that are attached to the nail cap, convenient and quality. Therefore, you must have a set of brushes of varying thickness and stiffness.
  • Set varnishes. It is not only the colored coating. It is also important to have in the arsenal of basic and finishing tool.
  • A set of stencils. Not everyone can draw from the hand beautifully striped jacket, stickers and therefore must be present in your set. They can be not only round but also triangular, wavy - what you want.
  • décor. Rhinestones, sequins, bulonki, foil and much more - all this will come in handy if you want to give your manicure some original notes.
  • Accessory. This cotton pads, ear sticks, toothpicks and many other things that can be useful in the process.
  • Nail polish remover. Even if you have a good "hand stuffed" in the decoration of the nail, it does not guarantee the lack of errors. You should always have on hand acetone to quickly correct mistakes.


French manicure - this is not so boring as it might seem at first glance. There are no restrictions if you fancy developed. In our paper we present numerous ideas of the French manicure. Gel lacquer or varnish the usual, you can transform your nails for a romantic date or a fun party. To do this, it is sometimes enough to the most minor details.