What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?

Each exercise with a barbell at home helps to strengthen the willpower and strength of mind. Complex, which includes several effective exercises are only suitable for people who have stubborn and persistent character. If you wish to gain muscle mass or emphasize your own physique should pay attention to training, which includes exercises with a barbell, dumbbells at home. For more information about them is told in the article.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?

Often, beginners, the question arises how to perform a particular exercise with a barbell at home (photos are presented in the article). In fact, nothing complicated. For a complete workout just need a rug, bench and, in fact, Rod.

Training Schedule

Having made the decision that it is time to take up his own body, you must make a training plan. The standard program of exercises with barbell home is designed to conduct training 2-3 times a week. First of all it should be noted that it is necessary to carry out exercises in the evening, giving it approximately 45-60 minutes.

For people with a normal body, these sessions will be enough to achieve the desired result. But there are individuals who tend to be overweight, so they will have to increase the load from the first sessions. To become the owner of a chic embossed muscles, you need to deal with 4-5 times a week, as well as add in this exercise also cardio.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?


Before you perform a particular exercise with a barbell at home, you must remember the main rule:

  1. The right choice. The training process should be conducted in such a manner as to present the most difficult exercises in the middle of class, because during this period the muscles are best warmed up and ready for intensive physical work.
  2. to weights. Proper selection of burdening weight is also important. It must be done so that the last step of repeating lasted until the limit mark and a complete failure of muscles. If suddenly the final approach has become easier, it is necessary to add a load, thereby increasing the load and number of repetitions.
  3. Number. This item depends on the focus of training an athlete. If you wish to increase your own power indicator should be engaged with the bar in 4-5 sets. But if the aim of the training is weight loss, it is sufficient to be three standard approaches.


Performing any exercise with a barbell at home for women or men, should not forget about another important point. Be sure to devote time to rest and proper nutrition. You should not bring your body to a state of overtraining, because this is a big mistake, easily leading to injuries and other serious consequences.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?

In addition, there are other details that need attention:

  • should be carefully monitored phases of raising and lowering the weight;
  • for one training is permitted to work out no more than a pair of groups of muscles;
  • classes do not need to spend long hours and a half;
  • After completion of the training you need to stretch your muscles, because strength training significantly shortened muscles.

The complex barbell exercises at home

For people who do not have time and money to visit gyms, experts have developed a good exercise that you can do yourself at home.

First, choose the correct weight should be. Typically, it is selected by means of several experimental samples. Barbell exercises at home for men should be carried out with a weight of about 40 kilograms, for the girls - not more than 20 kg. Once the ideal weight is selected, you can start training. Below are terrific exercises included in the standard package.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?


Enough effective exercise with a barbell at home. The program of training, both for beginners and for more experienced athletes have to include it. It loads the muscles of the back, hips, and buttocks.

From the original standing position you must lean forward without bending your back, take the post by the upper grip and straighten your back, raise it to the hips. When performing very important to pay attention to the fact that the entire load is distributed evenly and not completely moved to the back. Lifting rods must be carried out, straining press, back and legs.


Despite the fact that the bar decided to train the hand, it can help to develop a good and leg muscles. To perform this exercise you need to put a bomb on the shoulders, feet positioned shoulder-width apart, and then descend into the squat. When a person falls, the first to go back pelvis, simulating sitting on a chair. own body weight is required to evenly distribute on both feet, and the heels do not lift off the floor.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?

From the lowest point, the hips should be positioned parallel to the floor and your knees should be a little push to the side. Back in any case can not be rounded, as in this case, to avoid injury is very difficult.

The French press

Another excellent and very familiar to all the exercise with a barbell at home - French press. He is very pleasant to men, because it is able to develop the triceps muscles, which play an important role in shaping the horseshoe-shaped triceps. This exercise can be performed from a standing position, with the neck bent on the horizontal bench or with a different formulation hands to work through different muscle system.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?

bench press on the horizontal bar

One of the basic exercises, aimed at the elaboration of the upper body (torso). It is great loads pectoral muscles, although performed quite easily.

Lying on a special bench, you must take a shell from the racks, gently lowered to the chest, and then squeeze the top and stay there for a couple of seconds. In this case should lie on the bench so that the blades were maximally reduced and accurately pressed against the surface. If there are unpleasant sensations in the shoulder joints, it is necessary to immediately lose weight, reducing with this range of motion, that is, not lower shell completely.

Bench standing

A good exercise for the deltoids. Feet need to be diluted slightly narrower than shoulder width, place a barbell on his chest and then push raise it to the top, and then, without stopping at the top, lower the back to the chest.

If there is a need to work better than the shoulder girdle, then allowed to alternate the standard bench standing with zhimom, running from behind the head.

The rise of the biceps

Isolation exercise often is included in all kinds of systems which are intended for beginners in bodybuilding. These upgrades contribute to good study of the biceps, as well as a number of the forearm muscles.

To perform should be a straight, round handle grip below the average. Bending the arm, it is necessary to raise the bar, bringing it closer to your chest, and then lower to the starting position. For this exercise, it is recommended to take a little weight, so as not to be connected to the non-target muscle.

for beginners program

Every amateur or professional, to play sports for a long time, it is able to create for themselves their own training program based on the characteristics of the organism. Beginners also do this can not, therefore, for them there is a versatile program, suitable for both men and women. It consists of the following exercises (all done in 3 sets of 12 times, the last - 3 sets of 15 times):

  • bench press;
  • squats;
  • bench standing;
  • push-ups;
  • deadlift;
  • thrust rod in the slope;
  • the curl;
  • curl and leg lifts.

In the first step exercises will be the same, but in time to this property will need to add exercise using dumbbells. It is recommended to put them after class with a bar, so that better will finalize the target muscles.

What a barbell exercise at home is most effective?

After adding new exercises and increase the operating weight there is a need to change the training schedule. Therefore it is necessary to switch to a split system - separate training, when in one day is studied a separate group of muscles. The optimal schedule is:

  • first day - delta, chest, triceps;
  • the second day - the press, back, biceps;
  • the third day - leg press, buttocks.

This method makes it possible to increase the load on some muscles, while not increasing the total load.