Alexei Popov, the commentator, "Formula 1": biography, personal life

Alexey Popov - a well-known television commentator and journalist. It is difficult to find someone who knows about racing world than he. It involves a whole era of motorsport in Russia since the beginning of Alexei's career coincided with the appearance on the screens of our country's royal race series "Formula 1".

Alexei Popov, the commentator,

Getting journalism

Alexei L. Popov was born in Moscow on July 13, 1974. Thanks to the combination of circumstances he was able to very quickly find his true vocation, which became a passion, a hobby, love and work. Since the Soviet motor racing was not popular, then there was no information about the ongoing events in it. Alexei grandfather worked in the commercial representation of the Soviet Union in Belgium. Therefore grandson sometimes visited him on vacation, where in 1988 Alexey Popov saw the first race, "Formula 1" in their lives. Despite the fact that he was not in the stadium, and just watched the television broadcast, it was enough to find their true love for life.

Passion is so captured him, What made quickly learn French, which made it possible to obtain information about the results of the races from the French newspapers.

Alexei Popov, the commentator,

Debut Alexei in the journalism field coincided with the beginning of the career of Michael Schumacher. It was in 1991 at the end of the Belgian Grand Prix, where he held the first performance of the legendary racing driver, Alex L. Popov prepared his first article for the "Sport-Express". The quality of the material editor liked it, so his work has been published regularly in the newspaper.

Getting on television career

In 1992, the "RTR" decided to start broadcasting the race "Formula 1" in Russia. Despite the fact that the channel had an excellent television commentators (G. Burkov S. Cheskidov), it was the need for first-class specialists, to understand all the intricacies. Alexei Popov has attracted attention because of its articles on the subject of motor racing, that's why he was invited as a consultant. For all was a shock of his young age. At the time of his debut as a commentator he was 17 years old.

Alexei Popov, the commentator,

1992 was very eventful for Alexey. He was invited to work in a company with the television rights to broadcast the "Formula 1" in Russia. Samipa firm located in Monaco, where he moved for permanent residence and stayed there for ten years. Alexey Popov - a commentator on French channel races of different series at that time - still managed to do a Russian newsmagazine "Chrono".

Job in Russia

On Russian television, Alex begins to work again in 1996, but fate decreed that broadcast "Formula-1" stopped in the middle of the season. They resumed in 1999 on the TV channel "TVC". Commented on their Cheskidov Sergey and Alexey Popov. "Formula 1" was not the only place of work of Alexey at that time, on the same channel broadcast "Chrono", on which he also continued to work. Sergei and Alexei came up with an interesting quiz that really inspired fans. At the end of the broadcast the next stage of the race, they asked some tricky questions. Connoisseurs ran to the post office, because it was very important to catch the first to send a telegram to the right answer.

Alexei Popov, the commentator,

Since 2000, Alex began to comment on one of the race, as Sergey Cheskidov left the project.

"Formula-1" without Popov

Since 2006, the rights to broadcast the races belong to the channel "REN TV". After working for a whole season with Alexei, the channel has not renewed his contract for a new 2007. The true causes of this event is not known. According to the management of the channel, they are not satisfied with leading financial requests. In the words of Alexei, the channel decided to choose a new TV commentator and announced casting for which he received an invitation not. One way or another, but he went to work on "Russia-2" channel. A race on the channel "REN TV" conducted by other people. As far as the move was justified, the issue is quite controversial, neither the fans nor the experts do not come to a common point of view. But in the end due to lack of funding, "Formula 1" once again changed the channel, having moved to the "sport" the channel in 2009.

The New Blood

In the 2012 season there is the staff of the update and the race start Fabrichnova comment Natalia and Alexey Popov. "Formula 1" has found a charming professional who wonderfully complemented by Alexei. Despite some doubts about the fans at the beginning of the duo, they quickly changed their point of view. Natalia has a pleasant voice and a sound and speech, in knowledge of the world of racing there and the ability to improvise.

Alexei Popov, the commentator,

From November 2015 Natalia ceases to comment on the race due to change positions and Alex again left alone, it can not be considered a disadvantage. It can equally well be paired with other leading and alone.

And early in the season 2017 fans can again hear the voice of Natalia in a duet with Alexey.

In the world of "Formula 1"

Personal life Alexey Popov hardly lit, and there's little information. It is known that he had been married twice, at the moment in divorce. First wife was French by birth, had two children in the marriage. In the second marriage there was a third child. About 20 years ago to give up alcohol.

Alexei could be called a polyglot. He speaks five languages: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English. Degree possession varies. In addition to racing, he comments biathlon and rugby matches, which also is interested. As well as leading sports news, comments on major sports tournaments. In addition, his numerous articles published in various journals.

The advantages, disadvantages and interesting facts

All fans know that Alexey Popov - a Russian voice, "Formula 1". This phrase is part of the welcome, which Alex begins each of his broadcasts. As it turned out later, these words referred to the channel, and not to the journalist.

Alexei Popov, the commentator,

Among the indisputable advantages - experience, which is owned by Alex Popov. His biography is inextricably linked with the "Formula 1" and other series of racing. And respect is his right speech and the most real emotions. Even when on the track does not boil battles, he always knows what to say.

Among the shortcomings can be identified that are not always finish up ice and changes the subject. And sometimes distracted from the events on the track, telling something exciting life of the pilots.

Exactly 25 years ago, with the Spanish Grand Prix began television career of one of the best sports commentators of our time. Consistently high ratings racing which repeatedly changed broadcast channel associated primarily with Alexei talent. His emotions, knowledge, and genuine excitement and ability to convey the holiday mood prevailing in the paddock, able to turn even the most boring car in the race interesting event, which is observed by millions of viewers.