Alexander Sarnavsky: Tiger success story

Alexander Sarnavsky nicknamed Tiger - one of the most popular and successful Russian mixed martial arts fighters. Regular participant of fights of the largest domestic and international tournaments. He performed under the auspices of M-1 and Bellator. As of the first half of 2017 I had 39 fights, 34 of them won. Recognized as one of the most promising European MMA fighters.

Sarnavsky Alexander and his sports career

The future fighter was born in 1989 in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 10 years later the family moved to Omsk, which was a momentous event for the young Alexander. Almost immediately after moving to my father took the boy to a section of kickboxing. The disciple became interested in the process and was soon speaking at local competitions.

Alexander Sarnavsky: Tiger success story

After winning the regional tournament was followed by a trip to a prestigious Russian competition, but alas - the doctors said the boy's parents, that of a hernia. However, later it turned out that the diagnosis was wrong, but it was too late.

Once a young Alexander Sarnavsky attended competitions in pankration. There just played Alexander Shlemenko - future professional fighter, one of the most prominent representatives of the Russian school of martial arts. Pankration boy seemed very cruel sport, but he decided to enroll in the section. The fee for the first fight was won $ 500. With this money the young man, whose parents wore before, bought a Nike running shoes, track suit and cap.

Alexander Sarnavsky: Tiger success story

Since a fighter trains in Omsk under the leadership gained world fame Alexander Shlemenko. The first defeat he suffered in 2012 by an experienced fighter Rich Clementi, got the win at the end of a split decision. This event was followed by a series of victories, which was interrupted again defeat that came from Will Brooks, future Bellator champion. Later Alexander Sarnavsky fought in different tournaments, mainly gaining victories.

Fighting Style

Just look any fight Alexander Sarnavsky to draw conclusions about his trademark manner of conducting bouts. Fighter is a pronounced generalist, gravitating to the ground. He successfully applied the technique of combat sambo (the majority was won by rear naked choke), but is not afraid to stand. Successfully protected against takedowns (as of 2017 suffered only one defeat by submission - by Marcin Held). After a fight with the famous wrestler Murad Machaevym began to pay special attention to the protection.

Alexander Sarnavsky: Tiger success story

The rack combines the techniques of kickboxing and combat sambo. In the stalls prefer to use the "triangles" and strangulation from behind. Always tries to finish fights early.

In battles

Sarnavsky Alexander, whose photos can be seen in this article, does not only fights. He is also active coaching activities. According to he a fighter, he was the most interesting thing to teach children. Inspired by the example of Sarnavsky, Shlemenko, Andrew Koreshkova and other local fighters, young representatives of mixed martial achieve spectacular success in regional competitions.