Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

Stas Lindover - known Russian bodybuilder who for a long time shows beginners how to most effectively engage in fitness. This athlete became the owner of a large number of awards in bodybuilding.

sports path Start

Stas Lindover born March 21, 1972 in Leningrad. As a child, the parents took him to various sports clubs. In the 4th grade Stas became ill with angina, and after the disease has given complication. At an early age, doctors diagnosed his heart disease and joint disease. Doctors strictly forbidden Lindoveru sports.

Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

Despite all the restrictions, in Grade 6, he went to the section of the javelin. He failed to achieve great success in the sport, and soon he did abandoned this hobby. It is in series javelin Stas Lindover began familiarize with weights. In high school, the athlete had been well developed physically. In the latter class of Stanislav began to think about bodybuilding career.

career Start

After high school, Stas Lindover entered the University of ways and messages. Education, he combined with regular training in the gym. After graduating, Lindover did not work in their specialty. He was more attracted to a regular exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle. Since 1999, he began working administrator gym. The results shown in the classroom, it is estimated modestly. He trained under the supervision of a more experienced coach, despite the fact that he had already at that time had an instructor diploma from the College of Bodybuilding and Fitness Ben Weider.

Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

His career athlete began in 2006. He began to pursue enhanced individual training under the supervision of Andrew Pugachev, who at the time was a popular athlete. Lindover Stanislav at his first tournament took last place in the category up to 100 kg. This failure only athlete motivated to work harder on in the hall, parallel combining lessons with a trainer. Not a year has passed since the first competition and the athlete has again participated in the tournament in the category of up to 100 kilograms. This time Lindover Stanislav was the fifth.

Continued career

Bodybuilding Stas Lindover loved so that more could not imagine myself in any other sport. In 2008, the athlete has performed adequately in regional tournaments. But serious injury halted his speech. The diagnosis of "complete defeat of the radial nerve," it would seem, should finish his only career start. However, the athlete, despite serious health problems, once again continued the intensive hours of training. This leads to the fact that he won the 2011 European Championship.

Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

in 2014 for Lindovera was particularly successful. He became the first in the Russian bodybuilding championship, and also won the Cup of St. Petersburg in bodybuilding and fitness. Since 2015, this athlete is mainly engaged in individual workouts. Among his students are winners of prestigious competitions. His wife, Margarita Kirichuk also deals with Stanislav.

The training program

Lindover engaged in the gym 5-6 days a week. Each session lasts from 2 to 5 hours. In training, he pays attention only to a certain muscle group. Stas Lindovera training divided into cycles. For example, one class it performs lifterskie class, and the other is working slow muscle fibers. Lindover recommends changing the order of exercises or even choose similar to pump a certain muscle group. Much attention is paid athlete this press of a bar in a supine position.

Power on the advice of Stas Lindovera

Everyone knows that for the successful growth of muscles need proper nutrition an athlete. This time focused on a bodybuilder, Stas Lindover. Power, in which the body lacks nutrients, leads to a lack of results, and in some cases to health problems. Lindover claims that the athlete must necessarily consume per day from two to two and a half grams of protein per kilogram of weight. This is because protein is important for muscle growth.

Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

It is also important part of the amino acid compounds in a variety of processes. One should know that the human body is able to absorb the protein consumption is only a certain amount. Lindover negatively speaks about fast food and other junk food. Such food only increases the number on the scale. There is fat, which after the escape is not so easy.

The number of daily meals

Stas Lindover daily exercises for 3-4 full meals, as well as 2 times uses the protein in the form of sports nutrition. Carbohydrates, which are contained in the mess, the athlete eats for breakfast and lunch. At dinner, he prefers meat, fish, vegetables or chicken. The main component of the diet are Lindovera proteins. And when too many of them, the athlete one day leave without proteins favoring complex carbohydrates. Despite the large number of different supplements that he delivers specialized company, the diet of an athlete is very small.

Periods of the best muscle growth

All athletes have long known that muscle recruitment needs training stress. This should also be accompanied by proper nutrition. It is important to know that the athletes for muscle growth requires more effort, because the body and muscle mass they are stable. At such times, you need to use more sophisticated methods. For beginners in this respect easier. Virtually any program in the first six months will give effective results. And then it will be necessary to radically change the system of training.

Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

Employment strategies for beginners who have excess weight

Primarily engaged in is to determine exactly what caused his fullness. There are problems in the internal organs or other diseases. In such cases, the program of activities necessary to prepare, taking into account the recommendation of doctors. If the disease is caused by the usual overeating, then add aerobic exercise enough. Seriously need to think about your diet to athletes having a slow metabolism. Many coaches recommend athletes initially carry food and training aimed at fat burning, and after that - the increase in mass. Lindover argues that these two processes can be combined, if it is determined properly with the amount of carbohydrates. The main thing is that the norm does not lead to fat deposits.

Stas Lindover (bodybuilding): biography, workout. Stanislav Lindover

Stas Lindover, whose biography has developed very well, could not become an athlete, if not for his desire and strong character. Despite all the difficulties in his way, he won first place in the most prestigious championships in bodybuilding.