Boats "Riviera": models, features, manufacturer, reviews

Among the unique boat "Riviera" have a stable popularity in the domestic market. This is largely due to the wide range of models, as well as the optimal combination of indices of price and quality. It manufactures ship company in Ufa under the title "Master of boats." Material for the manufacture of high-quality polymers are produced in Germany. Structural features distinguish considered floating means.



Boats "Riviera" is available in several versions, which differ in color, additional features and sizes. Among the most popular models are the following items:

  • Variation 3200C.
  • Model 2900CK.
  • Modifications and 3600CK 3800CK.
  • 3200 NDND 4000 NDND.

Next, consider the characteristics and features of the example of one of the most popular variations under the symbol 3200.


Domestic PVC Boat "Riviera 3200" plan has the following technical parameters:

  • The material for manufacturing - five layer polymeric element "Heyteks" brand (Heytex).
  • The main types of colors - black, white and green color scheme.
  • carrying capacity index - 500 kg.
  • passenger capacity - three people.
  • weight of the swimming facilities is 43 kg.
  • Length / Width - 3, 2/1, 53 meters.
  • Inflatable balloons in diameter -. 43 cm

The ship fast to assemble and easy to transport.


Structural features and equipment

"Riviera" boat include a construction of three air cylinders, which are responsible for the buoyancy of the apparatus. Also included is an inflatable keel built transom collapsible bottom of plywood bottom ceiling (four parts). Passenger seat - rigid type.

Standard equipment includes the following elements:

  • the boat itself.
  • pump-action pump.
  • A pair of oars.
  • Two seats.
  • Slano five parts.
  • Repair kit.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Two pieces of stringers.

Upon request, for an additional fee, the ship can be equipped with additional elements (life jacket, soft bedding, chair inflatable type, anchor cat).

Engines and tents

Boats with motor "Riviera" can be equipped with several types of mounted powertrains. The criteria for their selection are the following tips:

  1. power plant capacity is desirable to choose up to 15 horse power. This will provide an opportunity to ensure optimal movement of water in compliance with the safety and efficiency of the engine.
  2. If there is a dilemma between four- and two-stroke unit, the second option is preferable because of its light weight and easy to transport.
  3. Selecting the motor power, consider that one horsepower is calculated on 30 kg of weight, so you should calculate how much you plan to transport passengers, not forgetting the weight of the equipment.
  4. Domestic motors cheaper American and Japanese counterparts, but have a shorter life work.

In addition, the boats "Riviera" can be fitted with bow or the parking awning. The first option is mounted directly in the bow of the vessel, protect people from the weather and spray. Parking model can reliably protect the swimming facilities against dust and water, providing a good indicator of the transport and storage of the product.

Directional indicators

Considered vessel PVC has good resistance to the water surface, the boat is very difficult to overturn. This component is achieved through the use of bulk storage tanks and inflatable elastic sheathing on the underside.

Draft rubber boat is relatively small, it allows to operate the swimming facilities at the shallowest parts of the river or other body of water. The disadvantages compared to solid-body counterparts, refers weak dynamics and handling. the level of comfort on this ship also leaves much to be desired.

It is worth noting that the boat "Riviera", which is shown above characteristics, is equipped with two transport bag. The first vessel is located, foot pump, oars, seats, repair kit and stringers. The second bag placed prefabricated a nine (thickness) Slano gathering of four parts.


assembly Recommendations

This process is carried out in stages, as follows:

  1. To build you need to choose a flat area.
  2. Then, a layout of the paddles by means of their fixing and connection.
  3. Paddles are placed parallel to each other on-site assembly.
  4. Top propeller elements fit PVC boat and straightened.
  5. The opening for the pump, a pump of the pump hose is inserted and fixed circular rotation.
  6. Inflatable Boat "Riviera" and then pumped about 1/3 volume.
  7. It will take place at the bottom of Slaný, which should lie at the seams, and not on the side of the device.
  8. When placing Slaný smooth side to the bottom, are interconnected by means of four fastening section of aluminum.
  9. In the special socket mounted stringers.
  10. Cylinders pump up to the desired volume.

In the final stage of the assembly put the symmetrical seat, remove the protective caps on the sides, the grooves are placed paddles. Rubber swimming apparatus ready for operation, its outboard motor equipped with suitable power, if necessary.


Boats "Riviera": reviews

Most of the owners speak of an inflatable boat "Riviera" very positive. Consumers say good looks and reasonable cost. Other users pleases good stability, build speed and convenience in the transport of this modification. A wide range of outboard engines allows you to choose a power plant, depending on the intended use of the boat and the average weight of the transported cargo on it.

They come across as a negative character reviews. Owners complain about the poor maneuverability of the vessel and its poor handling. It is worth noting that the purchase of an inflatable boat "with hands", can be fraught with negative consequences, particularly in the case of incorrect operation the previous owner. So before you buy, check the integrity of joints and the absence of strain basic elements. It is best to order a kit from the company-producer, it will give some assurance that you will not palm off fake or poor-quality goods.


If you need PVC boat, pay attention to the "Riviera" from Ufa manufacturers. It combines a number of advantages, namely:

  1. has a good stability and good handling characteristics.
  2. Excellent complete set that includes everything you need, and the ability to use a variety of additional equipment.
  3. reasonable price, compared with foreign and many domestic counterparts of identical class.


Domestic PVC inflatable boats "Riviera" - is one of the most popular lines from the Ufa company "Master of boats." The range can be found with the possibility of vessel mounting various motors mounted, samples deadrise bottom and the bottom of the low pressure.