Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples

Beetle Stanislav A. was not only one of the pillars of the Russian school of figure skating. He was a successful figure skater, an innovator and a great coach. He managed to raise a whole generation of brilliant athletes. That he was able to grow from an outsider champion.

The object of ridicule

Stanislav Zhuk was born in Ulyanovsk in 1935. According to his relatives, the boy was very good. At the same time it was felt that he was very temperamental and energetic.

However, his appearance was more than unsightly, so peers mocked him. Accordingly, the prerequisites for participation in professional sport at that time did not exist.

Meanwhile, his family moved to Leningrad. In the northern capital the young man, in spite of everything, decided to enroll in college physical education. Also, to improve their health, jogging on Stanislav Zhuk ice. Figure skating of youthful enthusiasm gradually grew into the business of life.

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples


Future athlete focused on the pairs figure skating. He sincerely believed that this sport has great potential for further improvement. In this case, at the time pair skating was considered technically primitive. But modern dance on the ice is more complex discipline than a sport, which is a fancy way Beetle.

Despite this, an aspiring athlete was going to change the outlook of your favorite sport spiteful critics to demonstrate how the enormous potential hidden in it.

And skater began to realize its bold plan. His mates was Nina Bakusheva. By the way, after some time, Stanislav and Nina got married.

By and large, for those times of the duo it was a real discovery. These rooms present an extremely complex elements. Initially, many of these innovations embraced by more than a negative. Especially that the pair Oleg Protopopov and Lyudmila Belousova, their eternal rivals, were representatives of the "classic" pair figure skating.

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples

The first victory

In 1957 at the European Championships Stanislav Nina managed to win the silver medal. In this speech, the Beetle including executed complex element: the first time he raised his head above the outstretched hands of his wife. Unfortunately, the sports judge regarded this item as a "life-threatening". And it will not count. But the pair, as mentioned above, had to enjoy the second place of the championship.

However, a year later, these "dangerous elements" had already been recognized aerobatics. Since then, every skater wanted to repeat them on the ice.

As a result, in the period 1958-1960 gg. in European competition partners were awarded silver medals. So, in 1959, the family decided to simplify the sporting performance, but the couple repeat last year's elements Beetle, rose to the highest step of the podium. In 1960, the duo Stanislas and Nina could not take "gold" once again. At this time, sports referees said that their pair is artistic is not enough ...

Frankly, unlike in Europe, in the USSR, the situation has changed for the better. Experts can not agree that the idea of ​​the revolutionary innovator. And, as a fact, Nina and Stanislav four times became champions of the Soviet Union.

Decades later, the world's leading professional figure skating believe that at the moment there are about 20 items, which were invented and designed precisely Stanislav Alekseevich Zhuk.

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples

Laboratory experiments

When Stanislav Zhuk turned 26, he broke up with the sportsman's career and concentrated on coaching. As a mentor, he continued to experiment and "undermine the foundations of the" conservative sport. And CSKA ice pad in the Soviet capital, where a donkey innovator, has become altogether a kind of experimental laboratory.

First Trust, which started Beetle, were his former rivals - the duo Protopopov and Belousov. And over time, the referees gave them the "gold". In parallel, the Beetle started coaching and his sister Tatiana. Couple Tatyana Zhuk and Alexander Gavrilov rightfully won the title of Champion of the USSR. When the duo broke up, the coach was able to find a partner - Alexander Gorelik. Incidentally, this athlete was considered unpromising. However, the tandem began to climb to the pedestal. To the highest level of achievements, they could not reach, but the silver medals they always won.

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples

"Singles" - Sergei and Elena Chetverukhin Vodorezova

Coach innovator always thought that in the world of big-time sports is impossible does not exist. So, in 1968 he began to study with "single skater 'Sergei Chetverukhin. And not without success. As a result, Sergei Chetverukhin became the first skater in his discharge in the USSR, which was able to win prizes at the European and world championships and at the Olympic Games in Sapporo.

In addition, women's figure skating in singles until some time was considered quite hopeless, and "non-Soviet" view. But then the experimenter Beetle did not agree with this postulate. And so he began to engage with the young "odinochnits" Elena Vodorezova. She could with enviable ease to perform the most complex elements. As a result, in 1977 it became the owner of a prize at the European Championships.

It is possible to Vodorezova achieved and "gold" at the Olympics. But, alas, a serious illness broke her brilliant career.

A figure skating coach continued to work with other wards and parallel trying to solve all the issues related to the treatment of their skater. He was able to put her on her feet. She became the winner of the world championship of the sample st 1983. Unfortunately, the relapse of the disease finally "bury" her career.

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples

Epoch Rodnina

Stanislav Zhuk really had the ability to bring up the big winners of the pupils. A number of coaches give up their wards, not seeing them any prospects. And the experimenter did not think so. Irina Rodnina - one of those students. Rodnina grew sickly girl. Parents brought her to the rink with a view to improve. As a result of Stanislav Zhuk has once again done the impossible, as the athlete has not only become invincible champion, but a true legend of figure skating. But all in order.

Initially partner Rodnina was Alexei Ulanov. The duo has already filed a hope. In 1969, the pair acted at the championship of the Soviet Union. They then won the bronze medal. After a while, in Germany, the skaters have already risen to the highest step of the podium. According to eyewitnesses, no one - sports officials, coaches or - did not believe in this duo. But coach Beetle unconditionally believed in them. Musical component of their rooms was "Kalinka". After this triumph folk song became the anthem of this victory.

A few years later the tandem Rodnina - Ulanov and won Olympic "gold".

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples


After this victory, the duo broke up Rodnina - Ulanov. The fact that the Lancers was in love with another skater. He believed his triumphal procession will continue with it. But still he took the side Rodnina. Especially after the events of the skater was in a terrible depression and seriously pondered the end of his sports career.

As a result, figure skating coach again made absolutely incredible. In just six months, he was able not only to form a new pair of Alexander Zaitsev, but also filled the whole program is extremely complex elements.

In 1973, in Bratislava pair Rodnina - Zaitsev has already made excellent. And even when, during the execution of rooms suddenly broke music, athletes continued to work in complete silence. By and large, this statement - the apogee of this world championship. The panel of judges was in extreme confusion, and eventually lowered the assessment. However, this did not prevent the tandem to become world champions. By the way, later it became clear that music has disabled one of the local staff. That's what he avenged suppression t. N. Prague Spring.

A fan of his case

In 1974, a duet Rodnina - Zaitsev left from the Beetle to T. Tarasova. Rodnina recognized that the real reason was fatigue from his former mentor.

In principle, this is understandable. Coach experimenter was a true fan of the business. He literally burned itself to the ground and, most importantly, by their pupils demanded a similar commitment. Perhaps that is why many students Stanislav Zhuk, who acknowledged that their only triumph he created, celebrated their victory already with other coaches.

And the mentor continued to try, to experiment and to expand the boundaries for what is possible in this sport. He always said that "even if all the fire is lit, but the country will give a medal." It was his motto. And last but not least, I continued to do well the same in this good endeavor. During his entire career as a coach of his disciples were the owners of about 130 medals in international competitions. At the same time more than half of them - only "gold".

Stanislav Zhuk - figure skating coach: biography, personal life, sports achievements, the famous disciples

to discredit campaign

Stanislav Zhuk has amassed enough enemies. Some blamed him for what he always breaks stereotypes in their sport, learning a completely new elements. Others could not forgive him for the fact that his team, as a rule, are the first. The latter hated his uncompromising position, and fanaticism.

As a result, in 1986, it was deployed campaign to discredit the coach. To the address of the Central Committee of the Communist Party received a letter. It Beetle was accused of "immoral behavior". Frankly, no evidence has been provided, however, he was suspended from coaching.

The benefit of the experimenter even before this had to prepare a new tandem E. Gordeeva - S. Grinkov. Incidentally, they were twice Olympic champions. However, this triumph has passed without him. On the eve of the Olympics Grinkova warned that if he was not going to get away from the Beetle, instead of games will go to serve in the army in Siberia. So great mentor, who was then almost fifty, actually lost his job.


In the mid 80's coach went to the Land of the Rising Sun with the aim to engage with Japanese skaters. But such work is far from their homeland to it very quickly bored. It was not the kind of activities and not those tasks. He returned to the Soviet Union.

After some time, sports officials invited him to the Russian national team as coach. He agreed, but quickly withdrew from this activity. The last thing he managed to create in this context - is a club of figure skating in Russia. It was in 1993. With the money the organization he was able to bring in all the collections famed currently skater Irina Slutskaya.

theoreticians and practitioners of

In the 90's Beetle was seriously engaged in the development of t. N. system coefficients complexity elements skating. Its activities are focused on the fight against biased refereeing.

As a result, he was even able to patent their work. But it has not been used in the sphere of sports, since this work provide an objective which many then was simply not needed. However, the Beetle thought that the time would come when the judging table it still will be used.

Honored coach of the USSR was right. In the late 90's coach system began to be implemented in the country. So, it "run" at any stage of the Russian Cup. However, before the full implementation of his system, he, unfortunately, did not live ...

"I'm in a cage,"

In 1998, Stanislav Zhuk (coach) back to the rink and their friends have always said that he was back in the cage. However, no one really could not understand then what it exactly does.

November 1 this year, the coach invited to a meeting with the readers of one of the advanced editions. Beetle agreed to the event. But on the way, on the stairs of the subway station, he died suddenly. Great coach was 63.

Stanislav Zhuk: personal life

Marriage Nina Bakusheva once Beetle partner, lasted for two whole decades. However, then there was a gap, and the couple officially split. According to the ex-wife, Stanislav Zhuk was an extraordinary man with a very strong character. He always tried to defend their point of view. If not for this quality, then perhaps he would not be able to achieve such brilliant success.

It really is often argued, but no one evil does not hold. That is why the former wife relationship has been very good. As well as with a daughter.

Her name is Marina. She became a dancer. Though before that, his father wanted to make her a champion.