Jeans "Gloria Jeans": customer reviews

Surely everyone wants to purchase their clothing was of high quality and inexpensive cost. It is believed that these products can be found exclusively in the katabatic shops and boutiques of second hand category. However, there are other outlets that offer some pretty decent stuff, but still at an affordable price. It is in this place is the store "Gloria Jeans". Reviews of the operation of the retail network and the quality of the clothes can be bought here, we will consider further.


A few details about the network

"Gloria Jeans" is considered one of the leaders in the segment of the so-called fast fashion (Fast fashion). The range is updated several times in a single season. This retailer is known not only to the people of Russia and neighboring Ukraine and other lovers of fashion in the former Soviet space. firms have representative offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Istanbul.

By the way, many buyers of the brand is associated with a store where you can buy brand-name and high-quality jeans, "Gloria Jeans". Reviews on this company provide an opportunity to appreciate the huge range of the brand and a large number of representative offices in various regions and cities of Russia.


Brief historical and contemporary realities of the trading network

The company "Gloria Jeans" or as it is often referred to as "DG" was created in 1988. From this point on it's been a long time. A small organization has evolved into a large network with lots of branches and representative offices. It specializes in producing and selling low-cost items, both those for adults and children.

The range also has shoes and accessories "Gloria Jeans". Reviews of clothing and other goods produced under this brand, show the high quality of products. It is believed that they practically do not change their appearance in the wash, and very worthy suffer the test of time. However, this view not everyone agrees.

Why is the popularity of the brand?

Unlike many other similar organizations that prefer to do bulk purchasing ready-made collections, experts "Gloria" create their own designs from scratch. Above them painstakingly work a variety of specialists and experts in the field of fashion.

According to official information, "Gloria Jeans" (reviews of the company to fully confirm this information) carefully studies each collection. a large design team working on its development. Taken as a basis the idea of ​​popular European, American and Asian fashion representative. According to preliminary data, the creative team of "Gloria Jeans" has today more than 15 000 people.

So what attracts TM users, "Gloria Jeans"? Customer Reviews unanimously speak of acceptable pricing and good quality products. Many people often buy things here, as in the company's stores you can find everything you need for yourself and your children.


What products are available from stores?

"Gloria Jeans" has always been famous for its large and constantly updated assortment. And this applies not only clothes, but also shoes and accessories. At an affordable price in the company's offices to buy things easy for sleeping, casual and outdoor clothing, shoes for all occasions and even hats. Among the wide assortment of the company can be found:

  • clothing for outdoor activities;
  • women's and men's shirts;
  • jackets and jumpers;
  • women's and children's dresses;
  • overalls;
  • leggings;
  • T-shirts and tank tops;
  • swimsuits and other things.

very popular here are, of course, jeans, "Gloria Jeans". Women, men or children - does not matter. In retail stores, you can see the most that either there is a diverse range of pants of any length, size and color.


User reviews of women's jeans

Going shopping in the store "Gloria Jeans", many women are willing to buy quality and cheap stuff. In fact, their expectations are not always justified. As some of them, originally bought a beautiful and bright jeans that after the first wash, at first, lost the original form (visually stretched), and secondly, have lost their brightness and color.

Some also say that after the first wash specially created designer creases on their trousers or straightened completely disappeared. Many women customers also pay attention to the problem of an uneven cut. According to them, the side seam on one leg consistently skewed and moves down to the middle of the legs.

However, there are also very positive reviews, according to which, the best shops, where you can find branded stuff is inexpensive, does not find.

At what age children designed the company's products?

According to the stories of many users, most of the products of the company, including children's jeans, "Gloria Jeans" (of which reviews can be found in this article), broken down into three groups. The first category includes models for babies from birth to one year. The second group includes products for children under the age of five years. And the third - from 5 to 12 years. Furthermore, this breakdown by groups refers not only to girls but also to boys.

As parents of newborn children argue in the "Gloria Jeans" they regularly buy body, diapers and clothing from different collections. Many of them like not just a presentable appearance of selected models, but also the implementation of existing standards at tailoring for infants.

For example, on the things of this category have comfortable rivets that are easy to open and provide access to diapers. There are no irritating seams and threads sticking out. And let the section for kids up to a year are practically no jeans "Gloria Jeans" (picture size table see below), but there are a lot of different suits, trousers, shirts and tiny dresses. By the way, among the last real find several variations of denim, ideal for the younger fashionistas.


What do buyers of children's jeans?

According to a lot of customers, they sometimes buy children's jeans "Gloria Jeans". Reviews are often complemented by flattering words and photos of good and not so purchases. In particular, many customers like the company-manufacturer offers a range of denim items for children from 5 to 12 years.

Others talk about how to successfully took jeans "Gloria Jeans". Reviews about this product allow us to understand how jeanswear popular with children of different ages. For example, many mothers and grandmothers never cease to extol models with applications. According to them, the stripes are made of very high quality material and, despite numerous washings, does not lose its former appeal. It becomes clear that after some time application or patch is not peeling, not worn off and has retained its decorative elements in the best possible way.

Many store customers enjoy warmed jeans "Gloria Jeans". Reviews of such models is left exclusively in a positive way. Children in these pants are comfortable and easy to move.

There are buyers who argue that denim model company poorly satisfied with this content and quickly lose their color. In their opinion, such clothing is enough, but only for a season.

Jeans "Gloria Jeans": reviews of dimension

Some people are sure to pick up brand clothing size is difficult. In particular, certain problems cause selection of jeans for age and growth of the child. However, according to the stories of regular customers, make it very difficult, if strictly follow dimensional grid stores.

Suppose you choose jeans to her baby "Gloria Jeans". Photo models can be previewed on the official website of the company. With the help of the appropriate size of the table you can easily make a choice in favor of the right size. So, on the label of most models indicate the approximate age and growth of children, in which they are designed. For example, the word "4-5 / 110" gives us to understand that these pants are perfect for boys and girls under the age of 5 years, with a growth of 110 cm. In this case, the plate also provides additional parameters, including the hips and chest girth, and and waist. Following these reports, you are sure to pick up suitable for her baby to its size jeans "Gloria Jeans". Women's and men's jeans, by the way, are selected by analogy, that is, the first digit on the label indicates the size, and the second - growth.


Several good purchase for the selection of jeans nuances of

According to the stories of many buyers, subject to the dimensional grid brand they are easily picked up for themselves the right model. However, it is necessary to consider not only the growth and size, but also the individual characteristics. For example, some of the girls told that they can not pick up on their large calves tight jeans-pipes.

Moreover, the stores, "Gloria" still position themselves as youth boutiques. That's why big men and ladies are hard to find size. The largest size in most stores of this network - 52/54, and the smallest - 37. So, if you meet these standards, you will easily found the perfect jeans "Gloria Jeans". Men's trousers, according to all the same grid, there will be able to buy the boys with clothing sizes from 40 to 56.

A few words about the men's jeans

Jeans are available in many different variations. Here you will pick up light jeans with low waist pants with beautiful embroidery on the ankle, pockets and stylish decor, trendy holes and fringe. Here are a variety of women's jeans, "Gloria Jeans".

Men also can not boast a large assortment. Their number is usually limited to a small number of models. Mostly these are clothes for daily wear, but there are pants to create the ideal image of the business.

What customers think about prices and quality clothes?

According to some reviews, the quality of clothes, "Gloria" was ideal commercials years ago 7-8. Now it is very lame and does not always correspond to the price. According to some buyers to purchase things on the network, it makes sense only during sales. Then you can buy a lot of things, but still with a good discount. Buy the same model of the new collection, in their opinion, is expensive. For the same price you can buy better quality branded stuff, they say.


What people say about the level of service?

Level of service, according to the user may vary depending on the store. Some sellers are very active and help to choose the size of your favorite jeans. Others, on the contrary, not like in the room do not go to customers, but things do not even hang out, do not follow the price tags. In any case, the trading network receives both positive and negative reviews. To buy or not to buy products "Gloria Jeans" - the decision is yours.