Portuguese footballer Raul Meireles

Raul Meireles - a Portuguese footballer who today is not associated with one of the clubs in a professional contract. He was 34 years old, so it is likely that as soon as he announced his retirement. As for his position on the field, then Raul Meireles - central midfielder, which is characterized by its versatility: it can play as close to the attack on the position of attacking midfielder, and closer to the defense on the midfielder.

Early career

Raul Meireles was born March 17, 1983 in the Portuguese city of Porto, where he started playing football. Already at the age of seven he joined the club's youth academy "Boavista" from his native city, where he spent all his youth, until in 2001 he was offered a professional contract with the club. Naturally, he agreed, but a place in the starting lineup for it has not yet been. The club saw the talent Meireles has therefore decided to send it out. As a result, in professional sports, he made his debut in 2001 in the club "Aves", speaking in the Second League. In the first season he spent 18 games, while the second - 26 matches. In the second season, he also marked his first goal in his career.

When he returned in 2003 to his native club, Raul Meireles left the field 29 times, becoming quite an important member of the team. However, the leadership failed to persuade to extend the contract of the pupil, as appeared on the horizon is one of the strongest clubs in the "Port" of the country, which has offered a serious contract midfielder.

Move to the "Port"

Portuguese footballer Raul Meireles

Raul Meireles - a player who opened and flourished it in the "Port". You can also say that the majority of his career he spent in this club. In his first season he played only 15 games, but gradually began to make its way to the foundation. In the second season, the number of matches had increased to 22, and they added two scored goals. Since 2006, Meireles was the player of the basic structure and helped his club win four consecutive championships in Portugal. He also won three Portuguese Cups and became one of the most famous players in the "Port" of his time. He played for the club 198 matches, scoring twenty goals. It was only in 2010, when he was 27 years old, Meireles, who spent in the "Port" for seven years, went on increasing.

Moving to England

In summer 2010, the English "Liverpool" has paid 13 million euros for something to get the Portuguese midfielder. For Liverpool, he spent only one season, coming on the field 41 times and noted the five goals. Naturally, it attracted the attention of other clubs and could not resist when he made the offer "Chelsea", one of the strongest clubs in England. "Liverpool" has received compensation in the amount of 14 million euros, for a total of one million more than the club paid a year earlier.

The game of "Chelsea"

The "Chelsea" Meireles also spent only one year, but it turned out to be incredibly productive. Footballer appeared on the field 48 times, marked by six goals, with the club won the FA Cup and the Champions League, the most prestigious club tournament in the world. However, it was already clear that English football does not suit him. Therefore, in 2012 for 10 million euros, he moved to the Turkish "Fenerbahce".

Sunset career in Turkey

Portuguese footballer Raul Meireles

In the "Fenerbahce" 29-year-old Portuguese immediately became a player base, and in his first season played 33 games, scoring three goals. The next two seasons were successful for him, but in the fourth, and last season he began to appear on the field much less. This was the reason why the agreement between the club and the player has not been extended. In the summer of 2016 Meireles, having played 105 matches and scored eight goals, left the "Fenerbahce", but so far have not found a new club.

appearances in the national team

Portuguese footballer Raul Meireles

We can not say that Meireles is the star of the first magnitude, but in the national team he always remained one of the key midfield players. He made his debut in the Portuguese squad in November 2006 in a qualifying match against Kazakhstan, and only went to the European Championship in 2008, but was not there player base. In the first game he came on eight minutes, the second spent on the bench and only the last two began in the starting lineup.

His first goal for the national team, he scored just at this tournament, and in the same game, which came on eight minutes. It was a goal against the Turkish national team, who fans will remember for a long time. At the world championships in 2010, Raul has been a regular player base, he played all four matches, and in the match against North Korea scored a goal and gave an assist.

European Championship 2012 and World Cup in 2014 were the last for the football tournament with the national team. His last match was a meeting with the US team at the CHM14. Total midfielder spent 76 games for the national team and scored ten goals. Unfortunately, he did not wait a little, because two years later in 2016 the Portuguese national team won the European Championship, but without Meireles.


Portuguese footballer Raul Meireles

Finally it is worth to tell little about the personal life of a football player Raul Meireles. Portuguese wife Yvonne met with him for a long time. They met when Raul was still playing in the "Boavista", together with his cousin Yvonne. Since then, they never parted. One hobby that most divided between Yvonne and Raul Meireles - tattoos. A man considered to be one of the most tattooed players in the world and his wife is not behind him. The couple have a daughter, whom they named Lara.