Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

Long hair, strong nails, thick eyelashes - an indispensable attribute of a healthy and beautiful girls. But nature is not always generous with their gifts. Fortunately, modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetology can create real miracles.

Classic eyelash one of them. In this post we will talk about how does this procedure, what are the benefits, how to choose a master and who should try this transformation.

Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

Every cilium cilium two ...

Mascara is able to embellish reality, and if you have the nature of good eyelashes, the brush strokes of the pair is enough to create an expressive look. But all advertising carcasses, on TV and in magazines - is a "Photoshop" or lashes. Because there is no even the most expensive and high-quality ink will not come close to the effect of lashes.

Unlike artificial eyelashes, which can be stuck on one evening, Naroscheny worn 3-5 weeks, look very organic and natural, and from cosmetics to being worn can be dispensed with.

Forms for escalating of eyelashes

Modern lashmeykery (so called master eyelash) are most commonly used for artificial synthetic fibers. The thickness of eyelashes classical capacity is 0, 5 mm, length - from 7 to 15 mm. Moreover, they still differ bending form and are identified by a letter of the English-like bend. The most popular - is a form of "C", and the most extravagant is the "L".

Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

The synthetic material to build up the most in demand. Firstly, it is determined by its cheapness, secondly, such eyelashes hypoallergenic unlike made of natural material. The latter include fur eyelashes mink and sable, or silk.

What is a classic eyelash?

Feedback from those who often uses Eyelash differ: someone like the current volume capacity 3D or 5D, someone appreciates "Hollywood volume", and for some there is nothing better than the classics. In order not to get lost in all this variety, let's see what is what.

Firstly, any technique originates from the classic building. Secondly, a lot of "D" in the title, or other interesting buzzwords - is most often a marketing ploy to raise the value of the offered service.

In any case, the capacity lashmeyker will work the same way with the customer's eyelashes, namely attach special glue artificial hairs to natural.

Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

Technique classic eyelash

So that was a miracle and eyelashes are longer, but not burdened with ink, and looked at it as much as possible of course, you should choose a classic eyelash.

The master clears eyelids from cosmetics, degreasing, and then by paper strips separates the upper and lower eyelids. Client at this time is with my eyes closed on the couch, not forbidden even to take a nap. The procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort, not counting the fact that all you need is time with his eyes closed.

Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

After that, special tweezers and eyelash separator to each client is attached the artificial hair. The procedure lasts from 1, 5 to 3 hours depending on the initial density, and ultimately to each private customer cilium be attached PU. That's why this technique is called "classical poresnichnoe eyelash." This work - quite hard work. master can unintentionally glue your eyelashes or unsuccessful pick length artificial material poor in terms of the art. It is important to contact a proven lashmeykeram that the result was worth the money and was pleased, but not disappointed in the end.

What is the length of the lashes to choose?

Master works with several types of lashes in length. In the inner corners of the eyes as it determines the hairs shorter (7-8 mm), gradually increasing length, taking the outside.

Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

If "to stick" long lashes in the inner corners, then they will look unnatural, quickly sag and broken off. The maximum length of eyelashes, too, defines the master. If you are by nature short hair, you should not rush into extremes and request authentication. This result will look ridiculous and, again, long eyelashes will quickly break off during wear.

A few words about the color of material

The most common color for lash extension - black. But if you're a bright blonde or have reddish hair, lashmeyker advise you to choose the brown hairs. You will not lose in brightness, but it will look organically.

There is also a coloring technique. If you want a bit of originality, you can ask the master of alternate black lashes with color, such as green or blue. To keep the effect of naturalness, the combination of the natural eyelashes and color should be 4 to 1.

The second version of the game in terms of the color, it is if the outer corners of the lashes of the same color, while the other internal. Such an option extension is called "zoning".

What is different from the classic eyelash 2D?

When the wizard is fastened to each of your cilium one artificial hair, this procedure is a classic building. If you want more volume, you can ask to be fixed on the eyelashes 2 (technique "2D"), 3 ( "3D") and so on. The more hair, the thicker look extended eyelashes. But thicker is not necessarily better.

What to choose - classic or volume?

What good is a classic eyelash, so it is primarily, of course. As is the case with make-up, you lengthen every eyelash, but it is not glued to the other.

The volumetric capacity heavier look, visually reducing the eye and creates a puppet effect. In addition, if the classic eyelash your Cavalier may not recognize the volume noticeably immediately, because it makes your look unnatural. Another shortcoming of excessive volume that when you remove your eyelashes, your eyes are like a "oblyseyut".

What are worn extended eyelashes?

Extended eyelashes worn an average of 3 weeks (if the skin of the eyelids is prone to fat), and more - if you wear neat, do not sleep, his face buried in the pillow, not to visit baths and saunas.

Removed the eyelashes with a special cream or paste, which is in any beauty salon or in a shop of professional cosmetics. Do not try to pull EXTENSIONS - with artificial povytaskivali you and your own lashes!

Classic eyelash: description of the technology reviews. How many stick lashes

Correction of eyelash extensions

You do not have to shoot, and to prolong the effect of another, referring to the correction technique. This procedure should, as a rule, twice cheaper than a new building and is faster.

When the correction master new sticks to your own eyelashes, which have disappeared from the artificial. If you extended eyelashes tinted ink, the correction will not work - have to remove all of the material and do the procedure again.

Are Harmful to build your own eyelashes

Capacity - is the weighting of your eyelashes artificial weight. However, they are not much affected if properly chosen length. But if the master wants to make eyelashes longer with the original short and thin, then the own hairs pooblamyvayutsya. This again suggests that the expert should be chosen carefully. To cure the victims after the removal of artificial eyelashes, for a month before going to bed rub eyelids burdock or almond oil. If you feel that capacity in any way does not hurt your lashes, you can make the correction of up to 5-6 times, then make sure to rest a month.

Do I need to build lashes? Reviews

Do I need this procedure right for you? Weigh the pros and cons. According to the reviews, you can not paint the eyes of a month or even longer, to look at any time of the day or night luxuriously languid eyes and your heart will win any gentleman.

On the other hand, the girls write that there is discomfort from escalating. It is undesirable to use of the sauna, wash off the makeup from the eyes to be very careful and only micellar water too long eyelashes are not compatible with glasses.

And besides, every fourth woman complains that her own eyelashes were affected by the increase.