Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

Breaking into New in 2017, mirror gold manicure stayed with us, and its popularity is growing every day. He suggests the use of different textures and patterns, combined with any nail color and seems to have become a classic nail decoration. Golden manicure is the ideal frame for small masterpieces.

Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

It should detail the idea to combine it with black, white and red. All these shades are classics and are often chosen for the solemn occasion.

Manicure black and gold

Saucy black manicure with gold service jacket looks very impressive. Such a design is easy to pick up accessories: black leather handbag or clutch, black shoes. Just one ring, so that the hands look elegant and well-groomed.

Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

Black and gold manicure can be done in several ways. You can do it with the black gel polish, and lip print with gold foil. Instead foil masters often use a mirror dust.

Do not forget about the fine glitter, which is applied to a fan brush. They performed a golden Ombre. The lip on the edge of the nail plate in these cases a dark-gold, but gradually turns into a deep black color.

Manicure red with gold

Red lacquer - a classic. He combined with many tones, suitable for almost any occasion. When making a gold accent in this design, it emphasizes the festive mood. The red color is cool and warm, as well as gold. Cool shades are more suitable light, untanned handles. Warm same color - dark-skinned beauties.

Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

In the photo example of the cool red color and gold casting. It is this version of the well conceals regrown gel varnish.

You can put gold accents, using nail-craquelure. He cracks on drying, forming a golden spots. Remember the rules applying crack nail: for fine mesh cracks Apply the product with a thin layer, for large - thick.

Sandy lacquer give a matte surface, but if desired, it can be covered by a great top. There are lakes in which a transparent manner, but there are particles shaped foil. They are more or less large, of various shapes. There are also funds with tiny particles of Shimmer. Thus lacquer coated one or two nail.

White gold - tenderness and dignity

Manicure White gold is often chosen for wedding celebrations. But it looks good in the office or on vacation. It goes well with jeans and a white pullover. It is relevant both in summer and winter.

Such designs do on a white substrate, that is the main color - white. On a gold and white patterns rustic look. Here are a few design options running on a white background:


  • In the middle of the nail is a thin strip of gold cross. It is better to perform the technique of casting - so get the effect of a gold ring, worn on each nail.
  • vertically, from the cuticle to the free edge of the center of the nail is held gold stripe. You can do two or three thin or thicker one. Suitable gold lacquer. If it is not sufficiently tight, it is applied under the yellow paint in order to get a nice thick gold stripe.
Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas
  • Using the tape, you can design "Lightning". All nails after covering white gel varnish is glued stencil cut from masking tape. Next, gold is applied motif any way: it is possible to use a mirror dust, gel varnish or conventional lacquer.

Gold stamping

Palette gold coating covers the gamut from copper to silver citrate shades. Therefore, choose the right tone of the gold will not be difficult. Fashionable print patterns on your nails - stamping - replaced the drawings. This design has lots of advantages: all patterns are obtained are the same, then the artist will not be able to guarantee.

Variants of this design so much that eyes run fashionistas. There are large canvases for printing the pattern, and there are small images for imprinting. For example, to create the effect of Indian fabric with gold threads suit large print, completely covering the nail. This looks nice pattern on turquoise, red or dark-green background.

Stamping is well combined with gold sequins. They put the emphasis on the intersection of the pattern of thin lines. One nail (usually on the ring finger) may be completely covered with rhinestones. In the center put a vertical strip of large stones, and along the ridges - from small.

There are different forms of stones: squares, diamonds, sticks, rings, gears, stars, crescents drop ... just not count. Each girl will choose something different when creating a golden manicure.

The Golden Mirror

Perhaps this is the most effective option. Is performed on a black background (so small mirror powder reflection creates better visibility) and mimics the metal surface. When choosing a powder, it is important to check what shade it gives gold.

Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

Golden manicure, photos of which is presented above, is made on a black substrate. Some nails completely through the looking glass, and on the other flaunts gold stamping. Nails on the middle finger to the lunar service jacket covered with a frosted top, on top of which depicts the golden circles of different sizes.

On one finger you can see a very interesting nail design. On brown background made of gold casting. And the nail, with the effect of scales performed in the technique of "knit manicure".

Interesting ideas for golden manicure

Now a lot of design options. Stylish is the so-called "striped manicure". To obtain flat figures do disguise masking tape.

Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

The photo presents an original design for the nails without the free edge. However, this did not prevent to create to-date in this year's design.

He performed on a white background with the use of gel varnish. After polymerization, the white paste strips, masking and preserving it. A total of three glued on each nail: in the cuticle on the upper edge and in the center.

Then nail is coated with black lacquer gel and polymerized. Then, half of each mask black stripes. Perform mirror vtirku and again polymerized. Read the masking cover and top. Another idea - to use different textures of gold. One nail to make a mirror (the ring), and the other - with a shiny gold top, the third - with a matte. On the two remaining fingers can make moon manicure or jacket with a mirror.

How to make a fashionable design yourself?

Now many people are addicted to the creation of the design with the help of adhesive tape. On sale is a special thin strip of colored foil. She adhesive, it lacks a long time. Designs formed with it, characterized by smooth lines. Even a novice with enough accuracy to cope with them easily.

Fashionable gold manicure: photos and ideas

The tape features in different ways. The photo used her disguise nail corners diagonally. By golden background after drying the coating adhered tape is then applied and dried polish contrast.

Important in this design - not remove the tape ahead of time not to get ragged, sloppy margin. Try to make this option. Golden highlights will accompany you all day, lifting the mood. And friends will think that you have visited the fashion nail wizard.