James Milner - midfielder the club "Liverpool": biography, achievements in sport

Classic British football involves active play on the wings, with a variety of sheds and shot into the opponent's penalty area. Therefore, of particular importance is the presence in the team a good winger, able to work tirelessly throughout the match. James Milner, football player of the English Premier League - the perfect example of a player. However, he is not confined to the game only on its "groove", he is able to act in this field width, showing their skills in all positions from the defender to attacker.

The first steps in football

James Milner was born in the suburbs of Leeds Wortley in 1986. Later, the boy's family moved to Hosfort. In football, he played since childhood, already impressing everybody with its potential. During the study, he managed to play in a few children's teams. In the club Rawdon James Milner even scored four goals in the final match of a tournament.

Talents of the boy is not confined to football. He was a very versatile athlete, playing cricket, played on athletics.

James Milner - midfielder the club

It is not surprising that one of the fastest players of the English Premier League repeatedly won at school competitions in the women's 100 meters.

However, James Milner, whose family wholeheartedly rooting for "Leeds United" could not get to the nursery school of one of the strongest clubs in England in those years. In 1996 he enrolled at the Academy club team. Milner's favorite player was Alan Smith, who also made his way to the home team, after going through all the steps from the Academy to the basic structure, "Leeds". James Milner has always been considered one of the best players of his generation, he has attracted to youth and youth national teams from 15 years.

Hope "Leeds United"

Talented player, who plays very well with both feet, able to close any position, did not languish for many years in the youth team, "Leeds United". His debut for the home team of the club took place in 2002, when he had not even turned full seventeen years.

Thus, James Milner, whose statistics in the adult football was discovered, became the second youngest player ever to play in the English Premier League. Shortly after scoring a goal against "Sunderland", he became the youngest player in the history of England, who established such an achievement. Less than a month as James Milner scored again, this time in the gate of one of the giants of English football, "Chelsea".

The entire football community was in awe of the talent and player performance. A short (176 cm), lightweight, midfielder had an incredible rate, furrowed his flank tirelessly throughout the match.

James Milner - midfielder the club

In the season 2003/2004 for match practice young football player is sent to the rent in the second division club "Swindon Town", for which he spent six matches.

James Milner with a childhood dream to play for "Leeds United", and perhaps he would have been one of the main players on the team for years to come. However, when the club began to shake the numerous scandals, began to leave the best players, and it all ended with the departure of the club in a lower division. Feeling desperate difficulties, the club could not refuse the offer, "Newcastle United" and ceded rights to James Milner for £ 4 million.

In the camp of "forty"

The first matches of the "Newcastle United" born in Yorkshire in 2004, played in pre-season matches in Asia, there and scored his first goal. In the Premier League he made his debut against "Middlesbrough", playing on an unfamiliar place for themselves right winger. On the question of an unusual role for himself, James Milner, the position at which the field is constantly changing, he replied that he did not care where to play.

Despite the youth football, Sir Bobby Robson, the then coach, "Newcastle United" seriously counted on him and gradually I admit to the first team. However, after his departure from the team and the appointment of Graham Sunnesa, James Milner has become less and less go on the field.

He was able to gain a good shape at the beginning of the 2005/2006 season, scoring in European competition "Dubnica", "Deportivo". However, after the purchase of Nolberto Solano his perspective on the team become even more murky. In the end, it is sent to the rent, "Aston Villa", a coach by David O'Leary, his former coach in "Leeds".

A year later he returned to the "Newcastle United", where once again the change of coach. Glenn Roeder made a bid for Milner, who has become an indispensable player for the club. Particularly striking has stood out the segment at the beginning of calendar year 2007, when the football scored a few games in a row long shot. Throughout the season, he has worked across the width of the field, moving from flank to flank, great feeling and the right and left.

However, after the new coaching change, when the mentor was Sam Allardyce, James Milner again began to experience problems with trust.

Birmingham period

Footballer could become a player, "Aston Villa" even during his rent in this club. But finally become a player in the Birmingham club he managed in 2008. The new team, James Milner has spent two full seasons. Replaced in less than six years, 13 coaches, then he would call this the most stable period in his life.

James Milner - midfielder the club

The "Aston Villa", he was able to step to the next level and grow into a full-fledged star of English football. In 2009 it finally attracted to the matches for the national team.

In 2010, James Milner moved to the "Manchester City", which collected the best players in Europe, in order to achieve the championship and built a new powerful team.

The player superclub

It was playing for the "Manchester City", James Milner was able to realize their full talent in matches at the highest level. After the average people of the Premier League, he was able to fight for the championship, to take part in the Champions League matches. Especially suited James Milner game model of the new club.

"Manchester City" preferred speed, attacking style of football, with the active participation of all players in the attack. Fast and technically Milner is the best fit into the team and brings a lot of benefits, giving many assists.

Five years of fierce competition

However, the game involves superclub and rabid competition for a place in the lineup. Arab sheiks, former owner of the club, do not skimp on the means and "Manchester City" in batches purchased most star players. Milner had to fight for time on the field with players such as Yaya Toure, David Silva, Aleksandr Kolarov, Samir Nasri. Here he rescued cool universalism, the ability to regroup and play in any position. In the case of an injury the first important player of candidate to close the resulting gap was just James Milner. He was able to play on the left and on the right, both in defense and in attack.

It is in the "Manchester City" Milner won all their trophies in club football. Among them two wins in the league, the FA Cup, League Cup and Super Cup English.

James Milner - midfielder the club

However, in the end, the midfielder lost his place in the starting lineup, and only had the opportunity to enhance the game, leaving the replacement. In 2015, he accepted an offer of "Liverpool" and went into the camp of the "red".

Career Restart

For a player like James Milner, "Liverpool" was a great opportunity to remind ourselves and start playing with renewed vigor. In mersisaydsky club he came already experienced the established player, and it is not surprising that he immediately became one of the leaders.

James Milner - midfielder the club

Soon after he was appointed vice-captain of the team.

In "Liverpool," he also had to exercise their universal qualities. James Milner even ironically remarked that he was ready to play goalie, as in all other positions of the central defender to the extreme forward, he has said.

Jurgen Klop gladly responded to the proposal Milner and used it in many areas of the field. For a while, the attacking player has spent time on the wing back position.

In the national team

The talented footballer was constantly in the area of ​​attention of British coaches teams of all ages. The most important achievements of the youth team of James Milner got, playing in the final of World Cup 2009, where the British ceded their peers from Germany. A full-fledged player in the national team midfielder began, speaking for the "Manchester City".

James Milner - midfielder the club

He has speech at the 2010 World Championships, where he was a player base and scored assists. Milner was summoned to the national team in the future, however, has been insufficient time for the "Manchester City", he lost his place at the base and, as a rule, strengthened the game, leaving the replacement.

Whatever it was, James was marked by the participation in the 2012 European Championships, the World Cup 2014. Not so long ago, he announced his retirement in the national team, citing a desire to focus on the game of "Liverpool".

James Milner has spent many years in football, has sixteen years playing the first game in the Premier League. Despite the numerous problems associated with coaching reshuffle in the clubs, it has become one of the best midfielders in England the last ten years and still holds its matches at the highest level.