Arturo Vidal: a true football warrior

Versatile players who can work in the defense and both terrify opponents defenders, coaches valued its weight in gold. Arturo Vidal, whose biography is typical of South American players, just one of these wagons. He consistently plays in Europe for almost a decade, adequately protecting the colors of the national team of Chile.

A boy from the San Joaquin

Childhood Chilean superstar was not cloudless. Arturo Vidal was one of six children in a family of working communes of San Joaquin, which is located in Santiago. The father left the family when he was only five years old. Football was the only opportunity for Arturo shine.

The sports school boy was sent at an early age.

Arturo Vidal: a true football warrior

was the first children's team "Rodelindo Roman". It was there, according to the player, began the fulfillment of his dreams. However, a major Chilean team was the legendary "Colo Colo". Soon, a promising young man attracted to a part of constant champion of the country.

The strength of Arturo Vidal was the lack of weaknesses. Sturdily built, well developed physically, he perfectly handled the ball. Vidal was able to work out during the match at full tirelessly selecting balls and distributing partners transfer.

Lacking in the arsenal of spectacular tricks in appearance, now it works great with the ball at a speed that is highly valued in today's fast football.

The first season of "Colo Colo" Arturo Vidal, whose photos are with fans, spent so productive that next year he became a regular player base Chilean giants.

Moving to Europe

European scouts constantly scan the South American space in search of new superstars. Game Vidal for "Kolo Kolo" has caused such delight in Leverkusen, that the athletic director, "Bayer Leverkusen" personally flew to Chile to sign a contract with the talented midfielder.

Arturo Vidal: a true football warrior

In the first season, the player gradually come near to the main structure, giving him playing time, and the following year he became a full-fledged player in the basic structure. His first goal in the European Championship, he was able to score in the third match for the club.

It is in the "Bayer" Arturo Vidal has established himself as a versatile player. Acting as a real bulldog, he repeatedly took away the ball from an opponent, do not lose and quickly developed an attack exacerbating Paz.

Receiving the transmission near the front of goal, Arturo Vidal was never lost and found an opportunity to strike at goal.

An indispensable warrior "Juventus"

In 2011, the Chilean midfielder bought Turin "Juventus". Thus Arturo Vidal got the opportunity to play in this European superclub. The legendary grand time was at the stage of restoration of his good name after major upheavals associated with corruption scandals in Italian football.

Arturo Vidal: a true football warrior

The Chilean midfielder was supposed to be the player who has been called to help the team "Juventus" in the Champions League. Truly impact turned out to Arturo 2012/2013 season, when he was voted the best player in the club. During this time he scored 10 goals, handed out 8 assists and was the author of a hat-trick in the Champions League match. For the player who locked up on defense, it's just a fantastic performance to a greater extent. Arturo Vidal has become a real favorite of Antonio Conte. Excellent football player physique allowed him to work for the full 90 minutes of the match without the slightest fatigue. He even trusted to hold athletic for football players, "Juventus" to allow them to achieve its shape.

Largely thanks to Vidal, "Juventus" in the 2014/2015 season of the year has achieved the best results in the Champions League over the past decade, beating in the semifinals of the current holder of the title - "Real".


In 2015, the return of Chilean held in the German championship, where he started his European career of Arturo Vidal. Photo "Bavaria" proudly shows other leading Superclub - that this player had to strengthen the defense team in Munich.

In Munich midfielder continues to show a stable game.

Arturo Vidal: a true football warrior

He still chooses balls distributes transmission and scores goals.

Caps for Arturo Vidal valued very highly. He is proud to introduce their country and work out at the international tournaments, so that is considered the best player on the team, despite the presence of such a talented team attacker Alexis Sanchez.

Arturo Vidal is married and has two children. Wife Maria Teresa and children Alonso and Elizabeth each time looking forward to a loved one home.