The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

Smell ... short words, but how much memory it has and sexuality in itself is fraught. Some scents affect people, the second give the happy moments, and still others to conquer the hearts of men. And if you want to enjoy success among the stronger sex, you just need to find their smell. When a man likes a woman, the scent, he said it was continuing. And what it will be, it depends on you.

The list of standard flavors to create a women's perfume

  • Flower.
  • Fruit - quite fresh, but sometimes sweet.
  • Citrus - give a sense of lightness.
  • Wood - for a sense of relaxation in the wild.
  • Fresh - aqua flavors of the ocean and fresh air.
  • Culinary - often include notes of chocolate.
  • green - relieve fatigue and relax.
  • Spicy - ideally affect the brain of the opposite sex.
  • Leather - require special care. Not suitable for everyone.
  • Oriental - for an exotic mood.
  • chypre - for those who love nature.
  • Fern - there is bitterness.
The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

5 best women's fragrances, in the opinion of men

1. Chanel №5 of Chanel - the most popular women's perfume, which do not lose their relevance has been 90 years. Bergamot, notes of citrus, neroli, delicate lily of the valley, iris, rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine. It remains to wonder how so many flavors, combined with each other, became the basis of spirits, underlining your status and self-confidence. 2. Opium by Yves Saint Laurent - the same sweet poison, but in the eastern interpretation. Spicy and fruity notes, consisting of vanilla, orange, musk, cinnamon and mandarin. Heart notes are given in the tender authority of flowers - roses, jasmine and iris. Fragrance, popular among the ladies of mature age, are associated with passionate oriental nights, full of warmth and fabulous pleasure.

3. Anais Anais by Cacharel - most delicate aroma with floral notes, consisting of a plurality of components, lavender, orange, lily, bergamot smoothly and naturally pass into odors rose, iris, lily and jasmine. For spices and light wood plume perfumers have added a bit of sandalwood, patchouli, incense and white cedar. The most popular women's perfume among girls under 25 years have positioned themselves as a romantic and light floral scent.

The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

4. Poison by Christian Dior - woody notes, spicy cassia, raspberry and black currant can poison sweet poison the mind of any representative of the stronger sex. With the scent of any man will not be able to resist you.

5. J'adore (Dior) - its floral, musky and woody fragrance, it seems, felt through the screen due to a successful brand advertising campaign. At the heart of the perfume tucked gentle notes of musk sensual, delicate jasmine, iris, rose and sandalwood. According to men, the smell of perfume unobtrusive, but memorable.

We named the most popular women's fragrance. Spirits are actually a lot of - a gentle, sensual, alluring, seductive, sophisticated ... please everyone is difficult, because each person has their own preferences. Then we'll come back to the issue of rating, but for now let's talk about how not to spoil the impression of yourself.

What men do not like women's perfume in the

According to the stronger sex, the scent emanating from the ladies should not be too cloying and sweet. It is desirable that the smell was unobtrusive, invisibly present beside his owner.

Also, men prefer to fragrance (popular or not - does not matter) is not associated with the girl, who by chance has poured out on more than half of the vial, and with a woman who knows all over the measure. How to do it, read on.

How to apply perfume

  • On a clean, freshly washed body.
  • In a small number. If the bottle is not provided for the spray, it can be done using your finger.
  • zones which are applied perfume: the neck, wrist, hair, shoulders and earlobes.
  • Do not spray perfume on your clothes, unless they are designed specifically for this.
The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

The most popular women's perfume: aromas rating that will drive crazy

1. Dune by Christian Dior

Oriental fragrance where top notes are bergamot, peony and mandarin. In the depths of the perfume lies floral trio: rose, lily and jasmine, harmoniously combined with patchouli, amber and sandalwood. A mystery fragrance adds sweetness of musk and vanilla.

2. Tresor by Lancome

Spicy seductive aroma, which will be felt by your presence. The top notes of presented pineapple, bergamot, peach, rose, lily and gentle lilac. In the depths, as usual, are hidden flowers and spices: rose, sandalwood, jasmine, musk and vanilla. 3. Vendetta by Valentino

Perfume, guaranteeing full control over your man. It found the harmony of Italian passion and southern temperament. Aroma open drain, hyacinth, orange, peach, bergamot and rose with the lily of the valley. The heart notes of orchid, jasmine, marigold, ylang-ylang. For attraction meet sandalwood, musk, vanilla and patchouli.

The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

The most popular women's perfume (rating): sweet scents

What next - the more delicious. In the 70s were popular chypre fragrances, but, unable to withstand the competition, they yielded the palm fruits and flowers. Despite the fact that the most popular women's perfume 80 at the peak of fame lasted a full two decades, in 2000, they were replaced by the smells, more relevant in a candy store than in perfume stores. Sounds weird? Nevertheless, it is. Here is a popular women's fragrance perfume, created specifically for the sweet tooth:

1. Miss Dior Cherie, Christian Dior. Another creation of the famous brand perfume (women), popular thanks to their slightly perceptible hint of popcorn. Since 2005, the "Miss Dior Sherry" was published several times and almost lost his "corn flavor", but the trend remains.

2. Angel, Thierry Mugler. Angelically sweet perfume from Olivier Cresp. It seems that during the creation of the fragrance perfumer did not regret reserves synthetic caramel and gave us the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness without compromising figure.

The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

3. Nina, Nina Ricci. Rating "The most popular women's perfume" can not be imagined without this masterpiece, which began with the era of perfume, dominated by notes of praline. Impossibly luscious aroma of French dessert refreshing juicy green apple. The resulting mix was so successful that within a few years the brand has released 8 flankers famous throughout the world, "Apple". 4. Prada Candy, Prada. Despite its popularity, "Prada Candy" - one of the most delicate flavors. Neighbors rated it features a quiet intelligent character, pronounced creamy caramel, is shaded hint of benzoin and musk undertones. The result was not cloying, but "edible".

5. La Petite Robe Noir, Guerlain. Soon, in May, which means that it is time enough to enjoy the lush and golden cherries. But when there is no power to eat, you can just enjoy its smell. The aroma from "Guerlain" - a real ode to the sweet cherry: frivolous, frivolous, but a cheerful.

A sexy scent: the smell of lust

Truly passionate perfume on the perfume market is small, and it's not the individual perception. Dull mixes and regular "some water" from underwear brand - it's not the right thing to an adult woman. For her, everything seems impossibly dull and tasteless.

Sex is not considered a fragrance that starred in an advertising campaign of a beautiful model without underwear, and the smell that man's heart beats more often and the heat from the place where he had suffered a perfume, divergent waves throughout the body and causes trembling elbows, propels the chills and launches easy chill under your knees.

The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

Fracas by Robert Piguet - Vintage perfume (women), popular in the 50s. 1998 were published and not in the least lost its relevance. Popularity flavor is harmonious and sensual floral composition which opens notes of bergamot, mandarin and lilac.

The heart reveals a bouquet of white flowers, which merges with tuberose jasmine, narcissus, gardenia, lily of the valley, iris. At the base are sandalwood, musk and vetiver. About the flavor Fracas by Robert Piguet, as his favorite, not just talking the stars, well-known in the world of their sexuality: Kim Basinger, Madonna, Stella Tennant and Courtney Love.

of Guerlain Shalimar by

And finally, I want to tell an interesting story of the creation of the cult French masterpiece. The first oriental fragrance in the history of the brand was created in 1925 by the grandson of the founder of the fashion house - Jacques Guerlain. Fascinated by the Indian love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal princess, he decided to create a perfume variation Oriental fairy tale called "Shalimar" ( "Temple of Love").

The most famous fragrance. Popular women's fragrance: description, rating

The result is a fragrance, conquered women of different decades and generated a lot of interpretations, including the Angel by Thierry Mugler, Must de Cartier, and Chanel Allure.