Viktor Tikhonov: biography and personal life

Viktor Tikhonov has dedicated his life to the sport. After completing his hockey career, he moved to the coaching position. This outstanding hockey player and then a coach for his long sporting life has won a lot of trophies. He was always focused on winning. Even when the team began to occur scandals with big-name players, Tikhonov was able to motivate the team to victory.

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Viktor Tikhonov was born on June 4, 1930 in Moscow. As a child, she was sporting a baby and was actively involved in team sports. Conditions for training was not at the time. Therefore, the basics of sports the legendary hockey player and coach trained in the yard. His first job was as a mechanic at a bus depot. In 1943, Viktor Tikhonov went on to study at the school. Sports this hockey began to actively engage in the army. It was there that Tikhonov has evolved from an amateur to a professional athlete. He progressed quickly, and all the hockey experts noted his talent.

Viktor Tikhonov: biography and personal life

Professional career

For the club VVS MVO Viktor Tikhonov played from 1949 to 1953. This talented defender then transferred to the "Dynamo" (at that time one of the strongest teams of the USSR). For the club "Dynamo" he performed for 10 years. During this time, the Moscow club 4 times champion of the country. In 1950, the hockey player was awarded the title of Master of Sports. In 1963, Viktor Tikhonov (ice hockey) completed his playing career, but remained in the sport.

Viktor Tikhonov: biography and personal life


Upon completion of career Viktor Tikhonov briefly worked as a sports instructor in the Air Force. But then he returned to the club "Dynamo" to the position of assistant coach. There this last star defender spent 3 seasons. Only in 1968 he finally entrusted yourself to train Riga "Dinamo". In this club Tikhonov managed to realize himself as a mentor. At the beginning of his work from Riga club playing in the second league. Tikhonov Viktor their work was able to collect a decent composition. Under the guidance of coach Riga "Dinamo" took the 4th place in the league. Thus, the club repeated his best result of all time team. Guide Riga club wanted to leave this coach, but he had other plans.

Viktor Tikhonov: biography and personal life

Job in "CSKA"

After success in the Riga "Dinamo" Tikhonov began to call in the "CSKA". But Viktor Tikhonov (coach) initially refused to hold this prestigious post, because I thought that it is not entitled to come to the place Loktev, who won this championship in Moscow USSR team. However, after talking with Yuri Andropov, he still decided to head "CSKA". At the same time Viktor Tikhonov became the coach of the USSR national team. As a result, he has worked in CSKA Moscow for 15 years. During this time, he and his team won the championship 12 times of the USSR, two-time USSR Cup 13 times and won the European Cup. In the season of 1983-1984 under the leadership of CSKA Tikhonov has lost only 2 points in the national championship. In this club while working Viktor play many stars of Russian hockey, such as Vyacheslav Fetisov, Sergei Makarov and others.

Viktor Tikhonov: biography and personal life

Coaching the national team

Under the leadership of our team Tikhonov many times won the World and European championships. USSR national team in 1981 won the Canada Cup, and also won three Olympic games. Prior to this triumph in 1980 Tikhonov's team surprisingly lost the final group of the US team tournament. In 1994, the Russian team, headed by Tikhonov, remained without a medal at the Olympics. This failure was the first in the history of Russian hockey. After that Viktor Tikhonov left office, but continued to work in CSKA club.

Then the team began in the bad times. Our team in several international tournaments, remained without medals. Withdraw the national team of the crisis was to 73-year-old Viktor Tikhonov. However, even after the return of the legendary coach of the Russian national team at the World Cup in 2004, he has acted very badly. Tikhonov after the completion of the tournament left the hockey team.

Viktor Tikhonov: biography and personal life


Viktor Tikhonov had married in 1953. With his wife Tatiana, who a lawyer by training, he spent the rest of his days. May 13, 1958, the couple had a son Vasily. He's just like his father loved hockey. Vasily Tikhonov ballplayer did not, but he is known to all as a coach. He has long worked abroad, and then worked in the club system "Avangrad", "Ak Bars" and CSKA. August 7, 2013 Vasily Tikhonov died in an accident. The tragedy in the family, of course, affect the health of Viktor Tikhonov. Hockey dynasty Tikhonovs currently continues grandson Victor. This sportsman playing hockey club SKA. He played at the 2014 World Championships. Our team won the gold medal in the tournament. On awarding players attended his legendary grandfather. Victor congratulated his grandson to the applause of the assembled athletes and journalists. November 24, 2014 did not become a great coach. Hockey world mourned the departure of this incredible man who has done much for the Russian hockey. All matches KHL began with a minute of silence.

Viktor Tikhonov, whose biography has developed successfully, will remain forever in the history of Russian hockey. Victor, training clubs and the national team, won a large number of trophies. Many hockey experts, as well as the players themselves, the coach was criticized for excessive strictness. However, it is possible that because of it the USSR national team was the strongest team in the world.