Shops "baone" in Moscow: the address for those who want to look stylish and fashionable

Baon ( "baone") - a fashion brand, which today is on hearing from many fans of high-quality, comfortable clothing and accessories. Over the years, the brand specialized in the issue of clothing for sports and active pastime, but today Baon - a stylish casual for men and women, does not leave anyone indifferent, who has ever tried on him.


are becoming increasingly popular shops "baone" in Moscow, the addresses of which can be found in this article.


Although today "baone" is a Russian brand, the beginning of its history, it takes in Sweden. In 1976, three brothers, Nelson set up its own business by tailoring practical and comfortable sportswear. The name of your business the brothers came up with, taking the capital letters of their names - B, A, O (Björn, Anders Olaf) and adding a final letter N, which was the capital letter of their last name. Is to say, the name turned out pretty good and sonorous.

First brothers sewed all their orders manually, but very soon their products began to be in great demand, and the production had to expand. But the most simple things sports also launched and other models sportswear and outerwear.


Already in the eighties clothing production was adjusted so that the new line, which is very popular among enjoyed fashioned clothes at the time, free and casual style casual were launched. Products "baone" is becoming increasingly popular. In 1992, the brand is expanding its horizons and find their consumers in Russia. Comfortable, stylish casual clothing is so like the Russian buyer that the company focuses almost all its attention on the market of this country. Shops "baone" in Moscow, the addresses of which are found on the Internet more and more, become a starting point for building a business in Russia (1996).

What Baon like in Russia?

From the very start of trading on the Russian market of clothes Baon beginning to enjoy great popularity, aided by its extremely good quality, convenience for daily wear, and unique style, which is different every product.

In 1996 came the first shops "baone" in Moscow. The addresses of these stores were at the hearing, many fans of stylish clothes. In 1999 in Moscow, opened the first big boutique brand.


The advertising campaigns Baon have participated Russian celebrities such as Maria Berseneva Ivan Ohlobystin. Since 2010, the management of the company focuses on the production of stylish casual wear, which became very popular. To date, all over Russia, there are about one hundred and twenty brand stores.

Where can I find Baon in Moscow?

Today is not a problem to find one or another brand store in such a huge city like Moscow. Shops brand "baone" are no exception. For those dandies and ladies who are looking for shops "baone" in Moscow, address (phone, as well as more detailed information about each of the offices can be found on the official website of Baon) are listed below:


  • South Street, 75, the SEC "Golden Babylon", Art. m. ENEA.
  • Pr. Andropov, 8 shopping center "Megapolis", Art. m. "Kolomna".
  • Str. Prishvina, 22, SC "Alexander Land", 1st floor, Art. Metro "Biberevo".
  • Leningradsky Prospekt, 52.
  • Pr. Mira, 211, the SEC "Golden Babylon", the 1st trading level.

Shopping "baone" in Moscow, as listed above, offers a huge range of fashionable casual and sportswear, jackets, down jackets, all kinds of accessories, among which everyone will find something bright, stylish and original. In the aforementioned stores are constantly appearing more and more new collections that will please even the most discerning fashionistas and fashionistas. The quality and appearance of the clothes are always at the highest level.

Discount - Save on as

Almost all the fashion brands of clothes practice system, when in special stores of branded items can be purchased at prices with big discounts. Baon company management also does not deprive the attention of their customers, as evidenced by the "baone-discount". Addresses of stores in Moscow, where you can buy branded stuff from Baon at affordable prices are as follows:

  • Butyrskaya street, house 9;
  • Shabolovka Street, house 40;
  • Olympic Ave, Building 16, shopping center "new coliseum."

We have provided you with complete information about one of the most famous clothing brands in Russia, and now you will be able to on their own experience make sure that the clothing brand may be not only fashionable, stylish and beautiful, but also affordable!