Diego Milito: biography and personal life

Diego Milito - professional soccer player from Argentina, who made his name in Europe. This football of his career was winning tournaments in the "Inter" and mother "Racing".

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Diego Milito was born June 12, 1979 in Buenos Aires city. He, like many of the guys from Argentina, began playing football. For the club "Racing" this player made his debut in 1999. In this club he played until 2004. This Argentine footballer of his game proved that he can play in European teams. Younger brother Diego is also a professional footballer.

Diego Milito: biography and personal life

Moving to Europe

In 2004, Diego Milito has decided to move to the Spanish football championship. At that time the club "Genoa" played in the Italian Serie B. He spent this team 2 successful years. During this period, it was noted by 33 balls of 59 matches. His departure from the club was due to the fact that the club "Genoa" because of participation in contractual matches was launched in a series of TS1. Then Diego Milito has signed a contract with the club "Real Zaragoza", where at that time spoke of his younger brother. Milito's career began to gain momentum. This was the striker to score the most prestigious in the Spanish league. Diego Milito, footballer, scored 4 goals in the gates of the royal club "Real Madrid". As a result, the club "Real Zaragoza" won his eminent opponent with a score of 6: 1. Diego made a great contribution to the defeat of the "Real", which is still fondly remember the fans, "Zaragoza". At the conclusion of the regular season, Milito scored 17 goals.

Diego Milito: biography and personal life

to continue a career in the club "Real Zaragoza"

In the season 2006-2007 Diego Milito was awarded the captain's status. Up to this point these powers at the "Zaragoza" exercised his younger brother, who continued his career in the "Barcelona". This season, Diego scored 23 goals. He was the second scorer of the Spanish examples, scoring 2 goals less than Ruud van Nistelrooy. Thanks to his goals from the team "Real Zaragoza" took 6th place in the championship. But after this success, the team started having problems. In 2008, the club was relegated from the Spanish examples. Diego talent was already known throughout the football world. Milito once said that he was not going to play in the second to the prestige of the Spanish league.

Diego Milito: biography and personal life

to return to the club "Genoa"

In 2008, Milito became the new player in the club "Genoa", despite the fact that this player would like to see in their as part of a solid club. At Diego had no time to lose, as the first opponent of the club "Genoa" was the big-name "Milan". The "Genoa" won the meet with a score of 2: 0. Diego scored a goal and an assist. In November, the Argentine footballer made his first hat-trick for the club "Genoa" in the game against the "Regina".

Diego Milito: biography and personal life

Continued career in the "Inter"

In 2009, the entire football world was discussing the transition Diego Milito in the club "Inter". Everyone understood that this is a great club with Milito will be able to achieve great success. While this was the best for the Milan club for a long time. Diego thanks to a goal in the gate "Roma", the club "Inter" won the Spanish Cup. Then, the Milan club in the same year he became the champion of Italy. In the 38 round was Milito scored a goal, "Siena" and brought the club championship. May 18 club "Inter" played in the Champions League final against eminent "Bavaria". In that match, Diego scored 2 goals and brought victory to the Milan club. Prior to that, given the Italian team for 45 years, could not win the most prestigious club trophy. December 7, 2011 the Argentine striker played the 100 th game for the "Inter".


The "Racing" has decided to retire footballer Diego Milito. Matches, stats which was great for many seasons came to an end. He returned home June 18, 2014. This football player helped the home team to win the Argentine championship. His last match Diego held May 22, 2016. In this game, he scored 1 goal and showed in general a great game. Fans in the stadium shouted the name of this player.

Life footballer

Diego Milito is married and has wonderful kids. The family was present at the stadium and supported Diego in his last match in the Argentine championship. After completion of his football career Diego would often spend time with my family.

Footballer Diego Milito, whose biography has developed very well at the moment ended his sports career. He has experience of big wins. His works were often undervalued by the leadership team, but despite this, he continued to always show effective football.