Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

Children's sports complexes for the home today are in great demand. For the child, such devices are very useful, because the physical perfection - it is an important part of the development of the baby.

Regular practice helps to work out the muscles, develop stamina, attentiveness, flexibility and instill in children a love for the sport. Modern children's sports complexes for the house turn a boring exercise in a game in which the child shows his own imagination. Kid can be a real captain of a ship or a jungle explorer, imagining, for example, a sports area with ropes and rope ladders - a deck or a dark forest with a lot of secrets and mysteries.

Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

The use of the sports complex

Concepts such as "hypokinesia" and "lack of exercise", have increasingly become the object of concern in today's society. Parents can not always find the time for a focused physical development of the child. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is a convenient and safe children's sports complexes for the home. They help the child to develop physically, and development is not limited only to an increase in physical performance.

Any children's sports complex for home (with or without attachment) has a massage steps that allow to develop the motor skills of hands and limbs sensitivity. All kinds of additional accessories help to improve the work of the vestibular apparatus of the baby. It proved that the movements help to develop mental and verbal abilities of children.

Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

Types of sports complexes

Children's sports complexes for the home, as a rule, have the basic equipment: wall bars, serving as a support, as well as a horizontal bar. The structure itself can be made in the shape of T, U or T. Sports complexes differ in the type of installation:

  1. independently. They are outdoor children's sports complex to house. Such designs are usually designed for the youngest athletes (from 0 to 2 years). In them there are ladders, swings and slides.
  2. Attachments. A simplified version of the structure where there is no wall bars. There is a horizontal bar, attached to the wall on which are mounted an additional ring, swings and ropes. This option is ideal for students, but is not recommended for children younger than him, because the kid can get hurt.
  3. Pristennye. Classic trim children's sports complex for home is available in various versions. Three wheel options require a large area of ​​accommodation, but perfectly replace any outdoor area, and the T-shaped installation enable the use of wall bars on both sides.
  4. The spacers. Such complexes are produced with T- or T-shaped installation. They are considered to be sufficiently functional, but not always posted convenient, because it requires fixing to the ceiling.
  5. , the near-wall spacers. In this case, both the mode of attachment are aligned. Fasteners of this type is more reliable and allows the use of parts with increased load (swing, etc.).
Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

The choice of material

Jungle gym complex for the house must be made of durable and easy to care for. The best embodiments are wood and metal. Some manufacturers in the sales model, where in addition to these materials, use additional pads made of plastic in most areas of wear. Metal complexes withstand huge loads, since they are used for reception (pipes) with about 42 mm diameter and a wall thickness of 2 mm. Crossbar in such models rubberized that the surface was not slippery and maintained a normal temperature. Metal corners are easy to adjust, allowing you to deal with them, not only children but also adults.

Children's sports complex for wood houses are also popular. It can be made from pine, oak, basswood, birch or beech. All these materials are reliable and practical, can withstand heavy loads. To protect children from minor injuries, wood carefully varnished, which is colorless and odorless. Compared with the metal tree looks more aesthetic and safe.

Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews


A child of any age loves to ride on the hill, swing, strives to climb to the very top of the ladder. Therefore, the main sports complex, you can purchase additional accessories that diversify kid leisure. The most common devices:

  1. Disc bungee. It reminds swing in appearance, but the design is fixed only one rope. It can be used for skiing and climbing on a rope.
  2. Skateboard. Quickly mounted on the wall bars and allows you to train your abdominal muscles.
  3. Basketball accessories. Shield, the basket and the ball will help develop baby precision, accuracy and speed.
  4. Gymnastic rings. Secured by ropes and allowed to swing or just to catch up, developing strength and coordination.
  5. Tractor-mounted horizontal bars. Guaranteed develops endurance, agility, arm strength, so it forces the kid to move around, working only with his hands.
  6. Pear-ball. Snap-on leg round pear convenient and safe to use.

How are classes?

To begin training at the sports complex of the necessary safety regulations. The child should be educated about the precautions to protect him from injury. The first thing your baby learn to jump properly, spreading on the floor soft mats.

Features of the complex are limited only by the imagination of parents and children themselves, but there are several options for exercise that is recommended to perform a certain age kiddies to develop and strengthen the muscles.

for the smallest Exercises

In the period up to two years, when the baby is just beginning to walk, will be an invaluable aid children's sports complex to house. For kids, this design should include a secure wall bars. It was during this period of life of a child regular attempts to climb the wall bars will develop the entire body. Naturally, in this case it is necessary to constantly monitor the baby, maintaining and insuring from falling if necessary.

Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

Training for preschool children

For children two to six years of age must choose a sports complex with a horizontal bar. The child can begin to learn to catch up, carefully maintaining and bottom.

Girls and boys at this age can already be familiar with the rope, trapeze and a rope ladder. There will also be the way of the ring hanging on a child is able to perform twisting and pulling. Funny exercises help develop muscle strength and improve endurance.

Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

complex for students: what to choose?

After six years of all the rings and trapeze should remove the background, as from that moment begin more serious training, to strengthen the body. The main shells and assistants of the child are: horizontal bar, for bench press, harnesses, bars. All this can be easily attached to the wall bars. Your child will be able to perform all kinds of exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, twisting, and so on).

Popular manufacturers of sports over the

To date, there are many manufacturers producing for sale sports complexes intended for children. The highest quality and reliability of products are renowned for the following companies:

  1. "Leko" (the cost of the complex is 1500-7000 rubles). The most famous Russian producer, whose products can be found in many stores. His children's sports complex for the home, reviews of which for the most part positive, consists of sports mats, Swedish metal walls and other projectiles. Affordable and easy assembly - these are the factors that attract the attention of all parents. Babies also like bright colors and a great location shells.
  2. "Happy Fidget" (the cost of 1500-25000 rubles). This manufacturer is also engaged in production of mats and metal equipment. The main advantages are: a vast range of shells and supplements thereto, cheerful colors, a sufficiently high quality materials. The only disadvantage is the high weight. The complex is easy to pick up on the top floor and set in the apartment.
  3. "Vertical" (price from 1000 to 9000 rubles). Complexes of this brand are designed for the smallest kids, because the distance between the steps is not more than 20 centimeters. The shells are made of shaped tubes, which are quite stable. The complex can quickly assemble or disassemble.
  4. "Early Start" (price range: 2,000-15,000D rubles). These complexes are intended for children under the age of two years. They are made from environmentally friendly materials and meet European quality standards. The frame of each sports complex is made of stainless steel, and shells - made of wood. Complexes of this type are perfect for preschoolers, as some models there are rings and high ladder.
Children's sports complexes for the house: types, location, reviews

All models are, of course, differ from each other as are made of different materials, and their cost varies widely. Product Reviews aforementioned positive companies. Parents say the convenience and safety of sports equipment, and prices in the sports corner not too high. The children are delighted by the new multi-functional toys.