Amphibian Man - swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

A famous Russian swimmer - Alexander Sukhorukov - famous not only records and brilliant performances for the national team, but also hard work, openness and simplicity of soul.

Amphibian Man - swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

How it all began

Sukhorukov Alexander Nikolaevich was born in Ukhta February 22, 1988. He was born a large baby -. More than 4 kg and 59 cm increase in Quite baby accustomed to water his mother Svetlana, who works with children in the city pool. Little Sasha tempered mother first, and then started learning to swim along with their wards.

The first victory was at the age of five - boy sailed the first 25-meter track and received a commemorative badge. In parallel, he is doing the kid and the fight, but the love of the water was stronger than the craving for everything else. Study at school was easy thanks to a good memory.

However, Alexander became seriously engaged after 10 years. From the beginning, the boy was distinguished by good swimming technique and showed excellent results. He wanted to win at the Olympics and becoming famous.

The first successes of

A great desire to be first, perseverance and hard work have led to the fact that Alexander Sukhorukov in 11 years set his first record. It happened at the city competition. District starts did not do without the swimmer - each of them he became the prize-winner. These brilliant achievements have led to the fact that the boy went to study in the children's sports school and began studying under the supervision of a recognized coach - Sergei Petrovich Fedorov. Already in the 13 years young swimmer gets the first rank, and a year later becomes a candidate for master of sports.

Amphibian Man - swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

Among the young men Sasha differed not only strong-willed character and desire to win, but also the abolition of physical data -. Sturdy, well-built, and with the growth of more than 190 cm Especially liked him a short distance. He abruptly started and finished by a wide margin. These qualities have allowed the young man to get the master of sports in 16 years.

In the national team

Bright performances of a talented guy had seen the coach of the national team, and in 2004 Alexander Sukhorukov - swimmer of the Russian team. It has become a landmark for the first performance in 2006 at the European Championships in Spain. It was then came self-confidence on the international competitions. Since 2008, it begins a dizzying success. Silver in the relay team in Europe, own world record, the highest podium in the combined relay and, finally, the first place and record the world championship.

2010 athlete brought several high titles. This 2 victory at the European Championship and the world title in Dubai in conjunction with the record. It was at that moment Sasha becomes a national pride of the country and trains with even greater zeal.

Amphibian Man - swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

In the Russian championship athlete and to build on momentum. He was able to establish a record of Russia three times, 5 times to win internal competitions and the champion of his home city became a 21 times.

Sukhorukov Alexander is a Merited Master of Sports of Russia. He was awarded the II degree medal "For Services to the Fatherland", Honorary Diploma of the President of the Russian Federation.

Life without sport

As he said in an interview with Alexander Sukhorukov: "Swimming for me, first of all, a favorite thing, and then - a job." This charming guy with a big smile lives in St. Petersburg, is engaged in the Olympic Training Center and ends up teaching at the Technical University of the city of Ukhta. He believes that the economic diploma will help after the departure of big-time sports find their place in life.

Alexander Sukhorukov loves cars and computers - provides them with all my free time. Just loves sweets, especially bars of chocolate. For completeness, he is not inclined, why not treat yourself after a hard training day! Mom distressed swimmer only on one occasion, that is rarely the son of the house, especially on his birthday.

Personal life of famous sportsman was undetectable until 2013. It was then that he met his future wife - Rita Mamoun, which appeared for the national team in rhythmic gymnastics. In December 2016, Alexander Sukhorukov, a photo of which are presented in the article, made an offer to his beloved at the Olympic Ball.

Amphibian Man - swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov

Sports achievements talented guy, his outstanding personal qualities allowed to enter the name of the athlete to the elite of Russian and world swimming.